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Ashton, Angus and Cryer

It's Raining 'Men'

5/18/2011 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After the storm they've weathered ... a little rain couldn't stop Jon Cryer, Angus T. Jones and their newest castmate Ashton Kutcher from finally appearing TOGETHER at a CBS party in NYC today.

The gang hit Carnegie Hall to celebrate the upcoming season of "Two and a Half Men" ... sans Charlie Sheen

During the party, Ashton posted a photo of the new threesome sporting their celebration faces. 

Still no word on what kind of a role Ashton will play on the show.


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AK will be playing the "Half Men" part...

1192 days ago


Not sure the age of the ladies commenting on how Charlie is more attractive, and is a "real" man. Do "real" "classic" men act as immature as he does? I mean, taste in the people we are attractive to is completely relative and every has their own tastes, which is to be respected. Perhaps it is a question of age. As 26 year old female...Charlie icks me out, not only with his conduct in his personal life, but just in general - too old, wrinkly, drug-addict, violent against women, and his body is well, as I already said...too old! Whatever floats your boat, but both young and older women alike find Ashton physically attractive. I would venture to say that mainly older women find Charlie attractive.

1192 days ago


Very Exciting. My whole family is thrilled. We'll definately be watching!!!

1192 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

to Lori, page one - Charlie is that you?
Just Checkin'
I have worked for the entertainment (?) industry for years and I just want to let you know that not every exec. producer is a peach. I don't know Chuck Lorre at all, but I have worked around many. Some are absolutely amazing and others are s***.
Let me preface this by saying, 2 1/2 men has been a fave since day one. Repeats the same. I grew up around guys and enjoy the humor. I was pissed at Sheen for ruining his return chances because I wanted everything to be back to some kind of normal. Before 2 1/2 men, Charlie Sheen was known around this circle of having been in a few HIT movies and a Spin City Gig.
The first year of sampling done by someone in industry, found that a lot of people were not familiar with Charlie's overall body of work. They remember his name being connected to Heidi Fleiss (sp?). As the show went on to become in the top 10, besides his extracurricular activities, Charlie was now known with a Hit Show. Regardless of Charlie's & Chuck's relationship, Charlie was receiving a huge amount of money. Charlie, having a show in the top ten, gave him a lot of flexibility and sense of security as far as accomodating him when it came to serious issues with his life. Most Studios will do that if your show brings in that much money. But as greedy as the industry can be, no matter who in the hell you are, there comes a breaking point that reaches a limit. It took a hell of a lot a people to support the decision to fire Charlie, especially when the money is flying in.
I have worked with huge stars, academy award winners who have been fired for thinking they can't be replaced. Granted, I didn't want Charlie to leave either. The dynamic among the characters was priceless! Basically, if you personally know Chuck Lorre then I apologize to you, but if you don't or haven't worked around the Studios, this is the crap that goes on.
I don't mean that in a condescending way at all also, I don't have anything to do with that particular production or that studio. Any other bloggers out there that do work for Entertainment companies know, from experience, what I am talking about.

1192 days ago


Still don't know how he's gonna do Alan's older brother, he's like 10 years younger.

They will ruin the show without Charlie

1192 days ago


He looks terrified in the first shot...Then again, I guess I would be too if I were signing up to be on "Two and a Half Men". Maybe he can take consolation in the fact that it wasn't funny *with* Charlie Sheen, so the only direction it can go is up. Either way, everyone else on the cast seems to be decent, so it's nice that they didn't all lose their jobs because Sheen is a crackhead that can't take responsibility for his actions and remember that he's not the only person that matters. Must be a great feeling of relief for John Cryer and Angus Jones to know that they at least have a castmate they can depend on...Ashton Kutcher isn't my favorite actor, but at least he seems professional enough to show up at work on time instead of locking himself in a hotel room in Vegas with a bunch of hookers and a suitcase full of coke.

1192 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

When I said I apologize to you if you know Chuck Lorre, I meant that you would have personal knowledge of what he was like, and not apologizing just for knowing him.

1192 days ago


With so many other actors who could of taken on the roll, you wonder why the current one accepted, it just seems were paying to watch someone get paid as a replacement, it's just to see the season out, if it does well, great, but as long as they complete a season, it'll help rerun deals around the world, I think a 9th season is worth alot of money, they just need to get through a 9th/10th season, and the reruns will do the rest.

Still though, the show was doing extremely well, nothing had to be changed, I've never seen a show do so well and lose a star for off tv bahaviour which in the end is one of the reasons why the show is popular, Sheen's lifestyle! It's a EGO decision by Lorre and WB, 8 seasons and they couldn't continue on what a winning team. This will go down as one of tv's biggest creative disasters.

1192 days ago


Ashton was far from being first choice. Chuck got turned down by the good actors.

1192 days ago


This show will bomb and die soon enough.

1192 days ago

weird al yankovich    

I feel bad for these guys. They're being used as pawns in Chucks little game of who's got a bigger **** ... Of course we all know thats Chuck, judging from his actions of insecurities.

Chuck you're wack son ! I guarantee the show will fail and then you're gonna look like the biggest loser so go ahead and put everything you got into the promotion of the new season because that's the only forseen card you have to play .



1192 days ago


Ashton is about to jump a shark.

1192 days ago


Hopefully he does not get the big head and there were rumors about him ALLEGEDLY cheating before, just hope with all the money he makes he decides to get a younger companion. Money changes a lot of things and is the root of all the evil.

Charlie is really irreplaceable, too bad that he was not given any more chances.

1192 days ago


oops meant to say that for Demi's sake that he does not go out and get a younger companion,because he will be making a lot of money a whole lots of money and well, he's been rumored to allegedly cheat before.

1192 days ago


Charlie Sheen is the one thing I never liked about the show. The rest of the cast is fantastic. John Cryer is hilarious. Let's give that guy some credit! He's kept the show going while Sheen's one dimentional character has been dieing a slow death. Good riddance. Congrats Ashton!

1192 days ago
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