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The Sun: Botox Mom Is Lying!!!

5/19/2011 10:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

U.K. newspaper The Sun is ADAMANTLY denying it scripted a fake Botox Mom story for Sheena Upton aka Kerry Campbell -- and claims they only published the story after a reporter WATCHED the woman inject her daughter.

Kerry Campbell Botox

A rep for The Sun tells TMZ ... the paper "strongly denies any suggestion it solicited or knowingly published a false story regarding Kerry Campbell and her daughter."

We broke the story ... Upton gave a sworn declaration claiming The Sun approached her and paid her $200 to "play the role of Kerry Campbell" -- a mother who injected her 8-year-old daughter with Botox for beauty pageants.

But The Sun says it didn't even break the story -- claiming they received it from a "reputable UK news agency" -- and the reporter from the agency "watched Ms. Campbell administering what appeared to be Botox to her daughter and provided compelling photographs."

The Sun says it is considering legal action.


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Who cares who is lying. They are both A-holes.

1251 days ago


Whether she is lying or not, this could give other SICK mothers the idea to inject their children with botox.

1251 days ago


I believe her and UCLA over trash like "The Sun". It is pretty much guaranteed that they won't take any legal action over this story and they are just trying to spin it.

1251 days ago

Bad Partenting    

It gets even weirder:

1251 days ago


No one from UCLA has commented. It was the mother who claimed she took the girl to UCLA.

I can't believe I'm defending The Sun, but they didn't come up with the story - it originally appeared a couple of months ago in the UK magazine, Closer. It doesn't look as if the magazine posted it online, but people commenting online had definite opinions about it.

Radar posted ain interview earlier today with the writer, who said that she was originally contacted by a relative of Botox mom. If the writer is to be believed, the mom was paid $800 at the time, and has been trying to extort more money ever since.

Shameful. That poor little girl.

1251 days ago


The Sun is notorious for spreading lies and made up crap just to sell more newspapers. They have been doing it for years. Just google it, and you'll see.

1251 days ago


All I know is The Sun is just one hackneyd story away from being The Weekly World News. Their business is lying. If you can't believe their stories, (and if you do, you should seriously rethink your educational status), then how can you believe anything they say? As for the mom, I will reserve judgment pending further corroboration and information. You all should do the same.

1251 days ago


This STUPID & unintelligent B!tcH needs some physic help STAT! That kid should be taken away from her because she is immoral, unethically and mentally challenged to be a sound-minded parent. Plus the hag looks like Fiona (with downs on crack) from the Shrek movie!

1251 days ago


The Sun recently published this article about some 7 year old getting Botox and the quotes given are RIDICULOUSLY similar to those quotes that were in the Sun article on this Kerry Campell person.

Hard to believe the Sun isn't the one lying here. What's up with these fake articles that they are allowed to publish?

1251 days ago


the sun is not a credible news source, and is largely considered tabloid/checkbook journalism at its worst.

ucla concluded no botox was administered. the mom is quite messed and should undergo some guidance counseling for sure; however, it really is not unbelievable--with the sun's reputation--that the whole thing could have been scripted.

1250 days ago


No child, no matter how good of an actress can make a strained/agonizing face like that. This child was really being shot! This is not made up. The mother is just back peddling so she doesn't lose her child for good. She's worse than "Balloon Boy's Dad"!!!!! Get a grip people! If we wanted you or me or anyone else for a reality show, I'm sure we can find a # to call you on. Until then, we have enough stupid reality shows!!!!! And hey, if Octomom failed, then YOU surely don't think that YOU can get a show do you? Stupid skank! I hope you lose your kid for good. She deserves a happy, healthy home, not some deranged nut job who is seeking attention from the media!

1250 days ago


There are a lot of women who don't deserve to have children; the Octo-mom, Diane Downs, Susan Smith, and this jerk, Botox-Mom.

1250 days ago


The Sun is this not the same newspaper that had the phone tapping scandal?

1249 days ago


Can't they do a lie detector test? I mean, this is important... a child has been taken from her home and it might be for "no good reason". Authorities, find out the truth quicker, please. Is the mother an abuser or is she just greedy for money? If she's greedy, give her back her kid... that's not a crime, but it she actually gave her botox... hey, I don't know the law, but I will leave that up to you.

1247 days ago
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