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Arnold's Baby Mama Defaulted on Car Loan

5/22/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger dropped a ton of cash on baby mama Mildred Patricia Baenabut not enough to cover her car payments -- because TMZ has learned she defaulted on her ride back in 2004.


According to documents filed back in 2005, Baena had her car repo'd in April 2004 after she failed to make payments on a 2001 Nissan Frontier.

We're told a collection agency still has an active case on Baena for $17,193.82 in back payments.

As we previously reported, Arnold forked over the down payment on Baena's home in Bakersfield, CA and even picked up the tab on her niece's Quinceanera. 

Think he'll open the checkbook again?


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I agree that no woman and her kids deserves what Arnold did to them, and that goes for the maid as well as Maria.

1248 days ago


They didn't pay her much, did they?

1248 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@Jazz: But isn't that what this forum is all about? For people to have an opinion? You have your opinion, I have mine. And when people don't agree with an opinion they "call people out" by posing @person, right? You do it too. Let's not be hypocritical about this. Thanks for reading my posts and responding to me.

1248 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

When I read about Patty's car being repo'd and collection agencies after her and her mortgage first thought is...why isn't Ahnie taking care of his second family? His legal family enjoys a mansion, spa days, and a condo worth $14 million that "is not good enough", but his second non-legal family is hurting and don't sound like they have a pot to pee in. Why isn't Ahnie taking care of them, especially the boy since he helped create him?

1248 days ago


Maria kept DENYING that Ahnie was groping other women who DID NOT WANT TO BE GROPED BY HIM. She denied it so much that it helped get Ahnie elected. It's POETIC JUSTICE that the very act that Maria Shriveled-up denied came back to bite her in the bum. Because you KNOW Maria knew that Ahnie was groping women constantly - but Maria didn't care and turned a blind eye. She didn't care that other women were being harassed by Ahnie (those who didn't want to be groped) as long as it didn't affect her. Well know it affects her. It's called Karma.

When human beings act in such a despicable manner, they deserve what they get. Ahnie is DISGUSTING and so is Maria. They are two of a kind which is why they stayed married for so long. They are only divorcing now because it's bad for Maria's public image.

It's OUTRAGEOUS that Maria Shrivled-up EVER wrote women empowerment books. JUST OUTRAGEOUS.

@Lilac: agree with you 100%. Isn't that always the way though? The rich marginalize the poor and then blame them for it (while they get pampered and pedicured and their ego is plumped up). Ahnie is actually being touted as GENEROUS. Again, JUST OUTRAGEOUS.

You are correct 100%!!!!!!

1248 days ago


lilac less than a minute ago
I agree that no woman and her kids deserves what Arnold did to them, and that goes for the maid as well as Maria.

Maybe we have all forgotten the personal cost of infidelity -- it is not just two consenting adults (although Arnold v maid and the relative power differential in the relationship -- eeeeeewwww nasty on Arnold) but ALL the children caught in their various parents' selfishness.

IF Arnold had not tried to hide stuff from the taxpayers and the electorate, it would have been a nonissue.

Infidelity (and extramarital procreation) drags unwilling people into it -- most of all the marital and extramarital children.

Putting on my tinfoil hat.

1248 days ago


Mildred Baena is a WHORE!

1248 days ago


Arnold is a douchbag

1248 days ago


I'm sure that if Arnold had his pick he wouldnt have voluntarily decided to get that maid whore pregnant. He's disgusting and stupid for not wearing a condom, plus the STD's he might be spreading. I wonder how many other bastard kids are out there.

1248 days ago

Oh no!    

Baby momma just has to call the local DA's office and file for child support. She will get 10 years of back pay, and a nice payday every month 'till Arnold jr. hits 18 years old. Set for life.

1248 days ago


Maria has known all along but,waited for incompetent Arnold to finish gubberning.

1248 days ago


She's from Guatemala, I guess this is why Arnie didn't want to close the boarders. Arnie and the maid are liars and cheaters. She looks like a troll doll...

1248 days ago


I hope Arnold is taking care of his son, cause it would make him look a complete douchebag if he wasn't.

I'm very suspicious about the other tabloids, I hope TMZ is not owned by AMI- I'd rather rely on them for all the news!

Regarding the smear campaign against the maid. Arnold and the Maid are both responsible! I think what happened was that she knew Arnie for such a long time and developed an emotional bond with him, and basically gave into him because she had fallen in love. I hope he didn't take advantage of her because she was maid, but instead because he fell in love with her and had sex.

SociopathsareSad, I heard that Shriver and the kids preferred living in Los Angeles instead of Sacramento. I think that also speaks volumes of how out of touch they were with the common folk. Shriver and her daughter also left a big mess in the Dressing Room at Saks 5th Avenue from what I heard.

1248 days ago


Please DO stay on this story. People who cheat *count on* everybody else being too squeamish and embarrassed to say anything, and therefore they're free to keep up their cheating in peace. If the cheaters know that NOBODY is going to keep their dirty secrets any longer, maybe they'll knock off their cruel and homewrecking behaviour and just stay single - and not do so much damage.

1248 days ago


Re: "Why isn't Ahnie taking care of them, especially the boy since he helped create him?"

Because Mildred hasn't taken him to court and forced him to pay up. She'd better do it soon because once Arnold is divorced and his career is officially over, he is going to resent that little boy big time, if he doesn't already. There is no way he will pay up unless there is an order of child support from court.

1248 days ago
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