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Arnold's Baby Mama -- 'Self-Hating' Hispanic

5/23/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mildred Patricia Baena was not well-liked by the rest of the staff in the early 90s, when she worked as a maid for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver at their L.A. home -- and we're told the big reason was that she trash-talked Hispanics.

Sources who worked with Baena tell TMZ ... she was a "self-hating woman" who would tell members of the staff that "white people were better" and she did whatever she could to become friendly with Caucasians. 

One staffer told us ...  most of Baena's peers disliked her because she was a social climber, adding, "She felt like she was better than the rest of us,"

This photo was taken in 1992 at Arnold and Maria's house, several years before she set her sights on Schwarzenegger and began the affair.  Rich Austrians apparently posed no problem for her.

So, on a hotness scale ...




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This woman's life is ruined. Hope jumpin Arnie was worth it.

1252 days ago


Are you kidding me? Could you possibly trash this woman any more if you tried? Give it a rest.

1252 days ago


TMZ, how about an Arnold is a slimbag, doucheanotor thread. You guys are really showing your colors with the smear campaign. This is worse than your Mel Gibson threads.

Everyone hate Patty but love the doucheanotor again.

1252 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

After having Arnold be the Governor here, in California, we've trashed him since the day he didn't do what he said he would
(Politician's Anthem). It's not that we love Arnold again....after two terms, I think we have called him about everything we can think of so it's just her turn.

1252 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

This woman is trash. Goes to prove that Arnold would bang just about anything with a hole.

1252 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

And is it just me or did this woman get implants?..or maybe it's that with age, since she's menopausal (age 50) that because of the extra weight her breasts look bigger now that she's not in her prime. A racist immigrant-smh

1252 days ago


TMZ really has it out for this woman!

And her hotness level must've been around 10 for Ahnold, lol.

1252 days ago


We have people like that in all races. Nothing new about that but she sure as hell went about it the wrong way.

1252 days ago


question is... who gave her a 5??? LMAO She came in and voted for herself probably. Arnold and her son gave her the 3's That said. I really don't blame him all that much. Women, such as this horrid example, are capable of doing just about anything to get their way, get pregnant and get in on the money. Had he been more conscious of when to and with whom to the "act". Yes, he is guilty as charged. Then again, who doesn't wake up horny?? And what? Run from the woman who probably woke you up by giving you a BJ.. The reasonable sense would say yes. But you can never know what she used to play him. Plus I'm soooo sure this came out and about NOT by accident but in need of money. She probably was extorting him and now.. well at least in the public eye its less possible.

1252 days ago

Gloria Unread    

This poor woman's life is ruined?!? She's been getting plenty of money and likely will be getting more if she sues for child support. Plus, she'll be completely forgotten about in a year.. although, that might be 'ruining her life' because she does seem to want fame, in banging Arnold and having his kid, and the sick 'I want to be Maria' issues she has.

I also think she might have threatened to come forward about the love child for more money, and that's why Arnold preemptively struck with him releasing the news. Why else would he come forward?!?

Arnold is the one getting screwed the most in the deal, and in the press. It takes two to f*** around. She originally lied and said her husband at the time was the father of the "love child". She also lied to the child, not telling him who his dad was. That's seriously screwed up!

I'm not saying that Arnold isn't to blame for any of this. He hurt his family - bad. But she takes equal blame in that, being a trusted family acquaintance who was in the home every day. She is not an innocent victim in this, or has been victimized by Arnold. TMZ, maybe, with the ugly poll (but that's why I love TMZ! Remember the "Whose hotter, Kim or Khloe?" poll and the only option was Kim! Classic...)

1252 days ago


Is 5 a lower rating than 1, or is it the other way around?

1252 days ago


Criss 4 minutes ago Is 5 a lower rating than 1, or is it the other way around?

other way around

1252 days ago


You're doing a story on people that supposedly worked with her in the 1990's. I would agree that TMZ is getting desperate to find anything to smear this woman, to making her into a racists against Hispanics. I wish this woman would come out and tell her side of the story. Although most talking heads(attorneys) I've seen on TV say Arnold probably had her sign a settlement when the child was born and in that settlement she agreed not to talk. I've heard on this site she has an attorney now. I havn't seen or heard who her attorney is but I hope she will be able to tell her side.

1252 days ago


Great job TMZ!!! When she kills herself you'll have another awesome story. Way to go

1252 days ago


If I looked like her, I'd hate myself too!

1251 days ago
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