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Arnold's Baby Mama -- 'Self-Hating' Hispanic

5/23/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mildred Patricia Baena was not well-liked by the rest of the staff in the early 90s, when she worked as a maid for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver at their L.A. home -- and we're told the big reason was that she trash-talked Hispanics.

Sources who worked with Baena tell TMZ ... she was a "self-hating woman" who would tell members of the staff that "white people were better" and she did whatever she could to become friendly with Caucasians. 

One staffer told us ...  most of Baena's peers disliked her because she was a social climber, adding, "She felt like she was better than the rest of us,"

This photo was taken in 1992 at Arnold and Maria's house, several years before she set her sights on Schwarzenegger and began the affair.  Rich Austrians apparently posed no problem for her.

So, on a hotness scale ...




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her hotness (or lack thereof) is but a shadow compared to Arnie's ego . . . in the very same bed his wife just got out of, he's the one that cheated, the one that broke promises, the one who has no honor.

1252 days ago


I have to wonder how much it's costing Arnold to keep Patty from talking?? The media is running her into the ground and silence on her part? Where's Gloria Allred? Isn't she all about helping women that are being taken advantage of? Is she silent in defence of Patty because she's friends with Maria?
This reporting is so biased it's nauseating! TMZ is reporting it's friends of hers from 20 years ago saying these things. LOL!!!! You can bet they are not friends and they are jealous because this woman actually had a job! (People will say anything when offered a few thousand dollars. Yes Harvey we know you don't pay for interviews so they had to provide you with this picture in order to get paid for the "picture".) ;)
TMZ you're starting to look silly now. First you were duped by Alley the reporter from The Sun and her fake reporting of Botox Mom, and now you've been duped into believing these are "friends" of Patty. How much did you pay these so called "friends" for your exclusive?
Dig your heels in Harvey and run with these stories but keep in mind you're site is losing credibility fast.

1252 days ago

Studley Buck    

Miss Mildred kinda cute back in the day. Much hotter than skeletal Shriver. Can't blame Ahhnuld, not at all...

1252 days ago

Oh no!    

Mildred makes Alice from The Brady Bunch look smoking hot.

1252 days ago


It's so true about Hispanics wanting to look 'white', lighter skin tone/complexion and believing their better for it! It's so pathetic. I'm Hispanic and I'm amazed at the Hispanics I meet or know who make such a fuss about Hispanics they know or family members who are light-skinned with fair hair or eye color other than brown. It's like their ashamed of their ethnicity or it's okay as long as they're light-skinned. What they shoul be more concerned about is how ignorant they are!!

1252 days ago


It's so true about Hispanics thinking being or looking 'white' is so much better. So many Hispanics I've known or met - mostly Mex-Amer. honestly make sure a big deal if one of their own is blond or light-skinned with eye color different from brown. It's rather pathetic. I believe they are ultimately ashamed of their ethnicity and basically ignorant - which is ultimately what they SHOULD be most embarrased about!!

1252 days ago


Those of you that are saying that hispanics are causcasions, you need to go back to school and start over from the 1st grade. Hispanics are not caucasions, that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. You may want to be caucasions, but wanting does not make it so. Hispanics are hispanics or Latinos, no direspect, but for those that do not agree you are as delusional.

1252 days ago


Jealously much? The funny part is that I was discussing with my white friends how so many hispanic women are walking around with bad bleached hair, tons of make-up, fake colored eye contacts, tc. all in an effort to look white. Of course hispanics deny it but it's a terrible secret. As a white person, I am quite flattered. Hispanics aren't the only ones who do it. Look at blacks and asians. I know so many nonwhites who used to be 100% black or hispanic or whatever but now they're walking around saying that they are 'mixed' even though they're not. I don't see why we should hate on her for denying her race or for wanting to be white. As a white person, I would never want to be any other race. I know there are going to be some white people who will try to contradict what I am saying but let me tell you that they wouldn't want to be any other race either. Those whites feel guilty.

While you and your white friends were sitting around patting yourselves on the back about how people from other races are trying to look white, I guess you somehow failed to notice all the white women walking around with artificially tanned skin, collagen injected lips and butt implants. If looking white is as desirable as you are trying to make it out to be, why do so many white women spend so much money trying to "erase" their whiteness in order to look more ethinic? Or does it somehow mean something different when it's a white person attempting to mimic another race's natural physical attributes?

1252 days ago


what if she could suck the chrome off a tow hitch bar? ugly don't count when you are drunk

1252 days ago

common sense    

Louis majority of people in Cuba are Black they not White, but they mostly would rather put White Cuban on TV.

1252 days ago


wow so many people on this site are uneducated, majority Hispanics have spanish last names meaning they have ancestry of Spain the country in Europe, some are black, asian anything else

1252 days ago


Not the most attractive. There are a lot of hispanic/italian females who are gorgeous, this is not one of them.

1252 days ago

ms jackson    

There are only 3 human races Mongoloid(Asian), Caucasoid(White), and N e g r o l d(Black) what does she think she is? colour skin doesn't have anything to do with race.

1252 days ago


Looks like someone has paid money behind the scenes for a smear campaign against this woman. We have terrible pictures, accusations of racism, etc,.. all from (unreliable) sources. The next thing we'll hear is that she abuses her children. Need it be said that someone who is "self-hating" typically doesn't possess the confidence to pursue such a powerful man?

By repeatedly trashing this woman you are only garnering sympathy for her in the long run. Keep it up and more will like her. Exactly what wasn't intended, no?

1252 days ago


This story is total hearsay, and you follow it up with "How ugly do you think this woman is?" Seriously mother****ers, you have now crossed the line into just plain evil and from the bottom of my heart, I hope you get what you deserve...

1252 days ago
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