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Conrad Murray Goes Dumbo

5/23/2011 2:15 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

With his manslaughter trial pushed to September, Dr. Conrad Murray enjoyed some downtime at the happiest place on Earth and rode a Dumbo ride at Disneyland yesterday.


He's living the life.



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what i also think is interesting is , in my experience at disney , you can wait in line forever for a seat on the dumbo ride because there are not very many ,and the ride lasts several i guess i am interested to see if anyone there with a cell phone camera has a picture of him waiting in line like a regular joe , or did someone call ahead and give him the v.i.p. treatment?
this is a photo opt in my opinion..kinda like when they would show princess diana show up and get on a ride..they have a whole bunch of underground tunnels (like a city ) underneath that the help and celebrities use to get around without being bothered if they chose..
i will wait for the evidence to come in at trial ...however i wonder ..yet again who is covering this mans expenses..

if it was just mj that hired him,...... i would just have to guess the person who hired him , would be footing the bill ...............,,,,,, i seriously doubt his estate would be picking up the tab for this..
this guy was a nobody deadbeat dad and he is getting treated like a visiting dignitary ..
i hate to judge los angeles but in the northeast where i live the news stations would be all over him, asking who is paying for these perks and why..

1247 days ago


Unreal! What a jackass

1247 days ago


I'm not saying it is, I'm not saying it isn't but take a look at this man's hands. Very odd and familiar other than the color. Are there any pictures of the two of these men together at the same time? I've never seen one. Now they have me talking in circles with all this death hoax stuff but it is kinda crazy. Geez!

1247 days ago


Hi Pearl, I am in China and I can't see youtube here,
is any other channel for us to view the contents?

1247 days ago


Which one is Dumbo?

1247 days ago


mj said hitler was a genius speaker and that joe jackson was a genius manager and warrior.
he promoted malpractice and sharing beds with kids.
he kept the fraudulent beatles catalog, cried racism, cut his face to resemble white bitch liz taylor, tolerated crazy thieves, enjoyed visiting criminals in jail, gave tender loving care to deadbeat jermaine, pedophile elvis and slut lisa marie.

1247 days ago


Thank you Murray,enjoy yourself you deserve it.
Mission accomplished.

1247 days ago


it bugs me the way "fans" worship their tin gods. MJ was simply a talented human being!!!

1247 days ago


When have you EVER seen anyone charged with his charges and he's always having fun? Out in the public and not a worry that some crazed fan will get him!!! It's always the same paps that pic him too. And he don't file for stalking? Tell me..did we see pics of anyone else who "killed" someone out smiling and having fun in public??
OPEN your eyes...this isn't real....

1247 days ago


Well, he did pick the right ride to have a photo op on. the dumbo ride for the dumbass. and yes this was a preplanned photo op. even if the justice system doesn't get him, their is one that he will not get by. I totally despise this man and its not only because he killed MJ and that I am a fan. It was the lie after lie after lie afterwards. The story changing etc.. Just how can you believe a word that comes out of his mouth after the story changed so many times?

1247 days ago


To all you people who are mad..angry that Murray is having a good time...whatever he does after doing this to Michael.
As mad as you mad as millions of people in the world are about this, tell me how NO ONE has lashed out at Murray. How no one hit him..or worse? How does he feel safe? How come he actually IS SAFE? There are millions of Michael Jackson fans worldwide. Why is it this man is out there and not afraid or dead? It is because we don't see it, but he is protected. It is because him being in the public is set up. They are photo ops. There is no way he could be out in public otherwise.

Think how pissed you are!!! Someone who can't handle it surely would've just lashed out at him. Tell me the same photo guy keeps finding him, but no pissed fan has? This is all set up or he'd be a dead man.

1247 days ago

juan lopez    

to all that believe this is a hoax...

its all too outrageous to believe anything else. the stories, all these wonderful, amusing stories of this guy hanging out, MJ being sued for this, that and herpes, as if it happened last month, the so called murder trial set back to 9/11...


1247 days ago
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