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SF Giants Fan's Family to Sue Dodgers Over Attack

5/24/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family of the SF Giants fan who was brutally attacked at Dodger Stadium is gearing up to file a lawsuit  against the Dodgers ... claiming the fam needs roughly $45 to $50 million in order to give Bryan Stow a good quality of life.


According to reports, Stow's family will claim in the lawsuit that it took stadium personnel 15 minutes to respond once they were notified about the attack.

Of course, Stow suffered brain damage at the hands of two attackers -- and is currently listed in critical condition.

Stow's family is not asking for a specific dollar amount in the lawsuit ... but they claim it will take between $45 and $50 MILLION to provide the level of medical care necessary to ensure Stow has a good quality of life.

The suit is expected to be filed sometime today.

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In it for the money? Not concerned about the public?

Their first and foremost concern is for their CHILD! WHy should they get the short end of the stick and be stuck with a $40M bill???

Charlie. Please send me your addy. I'd love to talk to you. I'd like to show you "my side of the story"

1219 days ago


it is the Dodgers fault they have a responsibility to people who enter their park. there is an expectation of safety and security. this should never have happened.

1219 days ago


Sorry to say this...but I hope they lose their case. If anyone should pay, its the people who beat the hell out of this guy.

1219 days ago


Yes, the Dodgers should pay. The Statium is so small and isolated that it's ridiculous to think that it took minutes for someone to respond. Also how did these people get away? Anyone who has been to a Dodgers game knows the traffic is a nightmare.

1219 days ago

Monty Gordon    

Sad thing is.... reports are Mr.Stow has a violent criminal record. He has a record of driving under the influence, beating his boyfriend (yes he's gay so what) and possession of narcotics. Who's to say he didn't drive drunk there, high of narcotics with man beating ways that ended up leaving him in a coma? Seriously... information is coming out that this man is violent. Can TMZ PLEASE PLEASE PLASE confirm that? People seem to be quoting a public court record from Santa Cruz. Any truth to this? This would be groundbreaking for TMZ to find out this man is VIOLENT! Why sue the Dodgers? Should I sue LAPD over that day I was jumped in the street cause they weren't there and they didn't respond fast enough? A family that sues for that overwhelming amount, so quick, before the suspects are EVEN CONVICTED screams this family probably knows Mr.Stow wasn't the victim and LAPD is beginning to find this out. This is getting INTERESTING.

1219 days ago


Who didn't see this coming? Typical Calf mentality, no one knows what happened this guy could have said or done something to set this in motion. While I feel his medicl bills should be covered and lost earning surely, what was his annual income before this happened? Limits really need to be set in this sort of thing.

1219 days ago

moe l.    

OK, I'm the first one to say I'm happy that this guy is fortunate and is still alive and acknowlege he will live the rest of his life with brain damage....but geez!
$45 - $50 MILLION?!?!?!? Is that $10MM for him and $35MM for the attorneys???

1219 days ago


I've been to Dodger stadium. Once. Couldn't really watch the game because I spent the entire time dodging (is that why they're called the Dodgers?) the beer bottles being thrown towards the Giants.
I understand that someone should be held responsible for whatever care the man may need, but how on Earth could they possibly know at this point what that will be? Are they hoping for the worst?

1219 days ago


jo 34 minutes ago You guys are so stupid that your comments are laughable. Do you know how much it costs for Bryan to be in a hospital room?It's not $1k per day! It's roughly around $30K per day. Keep in mind he had body guards AND the "best" care LA could provide b/c of the negligence of the dodgers stadium. I, a Giants fan, have been going to your sh*thole of a stadium since 04. Do you know how many times I've almost been jumped? 4. Do you know how many friends of mine who have been jumped? Plenty. Oh, your so-called "brothers" also threw hot dogs and popcorn at my friends daughter, WHO IS 4 YEARS F*N OLD!!!!!!!!!!

The family deserves every penny, although I dont think they'll get any of that. For you to blame the family is pathetic. I hope you rot b/c if this was your KID, I'm sure you'd probably do the same. BTW, someone said something about the dodgers took accountability from the get go. Oh, is that right?! Why did it take McCourt over 4 days to apologize and why did it take almost 2 months for the Dodgers organization to donate to the fund when Tom Leykis, baseball players and random people donated.

The dodgers have been and will always be a classless fan base. I've never seen so many dumbsh*ts in my life. You guys ALLOWED this type of behavior for so long and you know it. You know the gang problem at chavez ravine has been here since the early 90's yet you havent said sh*t or stood up for your beliefs. YOU, dodgers fans, are somewhat to blame for this as well.


Hey Jo...what a brainless fart you are...The Dodgers did not send those Jerks to beat down the man...that was the choice of the two that did the beating..NOT DODGER STADIUM...so why should they pay for his care and upkeep....People everyday get beat down and killed on Public Streets...does that make the crime the citys fault...No and no way will a City pay up...same here with Bryan Stoew....Parents are suing and suing the wrong people....they went after money...Now I hope they dont catch the other guy and woman! and you blaming the stadium is more pathetic than that greed the Stowe Family has. We all take our chances when we go out...Bryan took his and lost!

1219 days ago


love how people say this family is only out for money! this poor man and his family are out how much in medical expenses alone! when you go to a stadium you expect security, there is more security in our local non professional stadiums! of course dodgers are at fault, no security, taking 15 minutes to respond! oh and of course it wasn't the first incident there! to all who think the family is out for money, put yourselves in the families shoes, could you pay for medical bills upwards in millions of dollars? i think not! if you were in this families shoes you would do the same!

1219 days ago


Rodney King, I mean Bryan Stow, deserves enough money to take care of his medical issues. But the Dodgers are no more to blame than my chow chow. They can only patrol humans so long. Go after the guys who actually caused the harm. Oh wait, they dont have long money like the Dodgers. Its a secret strategy to bankrupt the Dodgers so the Giants can take over...

1219 days ago


This is totally the Dodgers (owners) fault. First they opened the gates at 1:30pm for a 5pm game and started selling booze at 1:30pm. Secondly they own the parking lot (hence why the parking prices are now $15). And for the people saying $50 million is just the family being greedy, remember it was costing around $200k a day at county USC for the guys care while he was in his worse state. Being sick is not cheap in this country.

1219 days ago


"C" you are so right, the father and husband is brain damaged but the family is overjoyed because they will get a payout from the Dodgers. On what planet does that makes sense.

1219 days ago


Ultimately it is the fault of the people that attached him and no one else. It is crazy how many animals there are out there. They should be killed for what they did. That said no life is worth that much money to maintain. It is a waste of money and resources.

1219 days ago


Go Stow family. I would be filing suit, too. The Dodgers promote this kind of behavior and they love it. They don't care that the ticket money comes from thugs and drugs. All they care about is that it comes! Screw the Dodgers

1219 days ago
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