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Accused Dodger Stadium Attacker's Photo Alibi

5/25/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man accused of brutally beating a San Francisco Giants fan outside Dodger Stadium in March has photos which he says prove he was not even there the day of the attack.

Giovanni Ramirez has given his lawyer pictures of a group of people who went to see the game on March 31.  The photos show Ramirez' ex-girlfriend and other friends at the park next to the stadium, but he is nowhere to be seen.  Ramirez' point -- if he was there, the pictures would prove it. 

Ramirez claims he was babysitting at his ex-girlfriend's apartment when the attack on Bryan Stow occurred.

We asked Ramirez' lawyer, Chip Matthews, why his client would hang with his ex-girlfriend.  Matthews says they remained close after the break-up.

Ramirez has not been charged and police will put him in a lineup today. 

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Mon123- With such a screwy system someone like you may serve on the jury and put an innocent man in jail for the next 20 years. Stop automaticaly believing everything you read and research the truth for yourself.

1211 days ago

Monty Gordon    

Wow. First they blow the case by giving journalist the mug shot of the suspect before the witness lineup LAPD scheduled for Wednesday. Then he has a concrete alibi of being home, photos of his friends as a second alibi, and a reason to stay home to babysit his daughter and since he was a parolee makes even more sense! The burden of proof lies on the city to put him at the scene, and they can't! He doesn't have a mole, he has a tear drop tattoo. If this guy is set free, he just hit the jackpot and will sue the city for ruining his image (yeah I know) even more and they WILL pay out if he's not charged cause of insufficient evidence, and the terror he lived. He looks skinnier than the mug shot photo. And the assault happened in the dark. Being falsely accused of an assault, is almost as bad as the beating Mr.Stow took. Not to mention Beck referred to the suspect as "the first attacker" instead of "man suspected of being the prime assaulter." LAPD wanted a high profile case, they got it and ruined it. Ha ha ha. Sorry LAPD.... you got the wrong "homie" over there. Poor guy.

1211 days ago


Now Brian's family is suing the Dodgers?

1211 days ago


Maybe he was the one TAKING the pictures!!! No defense!

1211 days ago


He was actually given up by his probation (or parole lol i forget which) office. The probation officer said that he noticed that the guy recently had a neck tattoo covered up, and that it drew his attention to him because the suspect the police were looking for had a neck tattoo and the sketch looked like him.. SOooo a recently cover job on a neck tattoo of a guy who looks like the sketch drawn from witness testimony...is more then just a hunch.

1211 days ago


LMAO that's a terrible alibi... wow he submitted a couple of photos that he wasn't in.. Ok.. well I go out with my friends and I am not in every picture.... loser just submitted the ones he wasn't in and I'm sure omitted the ones of him slamming beers. lol

1211 days ago

Kathy S    

I hope that they got the right guy. I want WHOEVER did this to pay. ALL 3 - beaters & driver should get death penalty. Since Mr. Stow was kicked not sure if there is DNA evidence. Photos mean nada. Can't even prove WHAT park they are at. Sure would like to be on that jury - because I can b fair mainded. But WHOEVER goes on trial is unlucky becuase the few juries that I have served on were half full of dimwits.

MsMe is obviously related or a neighbor - I see she has quit posting for the time being.

1211 days ago


i have a friend who looks like him but he is short ,does not like baseball,was it him taking the picture maybe ,look at the girls sunglass's you will see two images they can blow up this photo and see who took those pictures

1211 days ago


What about the guy in he first pic in the back in blue with sunglasses, that you can see is bald but not much else...How do we know he wasn't the one taking the pictures? Your alibi sucks and I wouldn't be convinced by a 10 year old its pretty easy to get your kids to lie for you when you have no morals of your own...

1211 days ago


When I go anywhere I am usually NOT in the pictures cause I am always the one taking the pictures........so, that doesn't work. BUT, it is funny that there is even a 10 year old involved.

1211 days ago


OK it's opening day for the Dodgers. He is a known Gang member Mexican, on probation and he not at the Dodgers Game...He says that he was baby siting. Come on give me a break...Also the photo are taken before the game, the betting took place after the game..

1211 days ago


the stadium has photographers walking around taking random pictures of almost EVERYBODY as a group and you are given a card to see your picture and buy it online...hope they are checking the site for any candid group photos! if he was there the photos might be too.

1211 days ago


If you live in Los Angeles you know that every Cholo on probation would be at the game or some where drinking watching the game, and not at Home Babysitting..

1211 days ago


Wait, the pictures that he is NOT in proves that he wasn’t there? What. . .is he. . ? Yeah he’s an idiot. He could have taken these pictures and there could be more pictures. What a maroon.

1211 days ago


The attack happened after the game.. outside of the stadium; so the people who actually attacked Brian did not even actually have to necessarily have been inside the stadium/attend the game.

1211 days ago
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