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Accused Dodger Stadium Attacker's Photo Alibi

5/25/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man accused of brutally beating a San Francisco Giants fan outside Dodger Stadium in March has photos which he says prove he was not even there the day of the attack.

Giovanni Ramirez has given his lawyer pictures of a group of people who went to see the game on March 31.  The photos show Ramirez' ex-girlfriend and other friends at the park next to the stadium, but he is nowhere to be seen.  Ramirez' point -- if he was there, the pictures would prove it. 

Ramirez claims he was babysitting at his ex-girlfriend's apartment when the attack on Bryan Stow occurred.

We asked Ramirez' lawyer, Chip Matthews, why his client would hang with his ex-girlfriend.  Matthews says they remained close after the break-up.

Ramirez has not been charged and police will put him in a lineup today. 

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Looked at the "Dodgers" photo's and one caught my eye, the photo of the woman wearing sunglasses by herself....... Who are the two other people in the reflection?

1210 days ago


I'm rarely in pictures because I am always the one taking them. Does that mean I wasn't at the event?

1210 days ago

john wayne gacy    

let's see;

prior convicts; check

his own parole officer fingered
him as the perpetrator; check

got some tattoos recently
altered since the event; check

happen to have friends who were at dodger
stadium on opening day & he wasn't there; check

will have several eyewitnesses
i.d. in a line up ? check

the alibi;

stayed " home " to babysit an ex-girlfriend's
baby from another man; really dude ?

wasn't in any of the photos taken at dodger
stadium on opening day; purely cir***stantial ?

guilty to proven innocent ?

1210 days ago


Look at her sunglasses. There is a short, shirtless guy and a taller one in a white wife beater T in the reflection. Neither of those guys are in the other pics.

1210 days ago


So he shows these photos, and I bet they are already deleted on the camera they came off of, and there probably were pics with him in them...but they're deleted now I bet? They hand pick a "hand picked" bunch of photos and bring them in. Come on you fools who think he's innocent. His mom was on TV last night and funny she didn't offer the lie detector test this time. They've had over three weeks to sit around (since he couldn't go outside for fear of being I'd) and they came up with the specific pics they wanted to present. As for the tat, when you are getting the **** beat out of you, you probably would spot a tat on the neck of the guy who's kicking the **** of you. As for the other tats his lawyer says he has... HE'S WEARING A SHIRT, so how is anyone supposed to see them..The neck tat isn't covered... HELLO? And then over the last 3 weeks he changes the tat...HELLO...Mothers lie for their kids, ex-girlfriends (if she even is an ex) lie for their boyfriends...He's got a record...he's already an idiot...so this idiot had over 3 weeks to think of a way to cover it up..he got these bull**** witnesses, took some of the pics for proof, and came up with a LAME excuse for the changing of the tat...He had plenty of time to think this **** up..But there are two witnesses who were right there, and by now they've probably picked him out of a line up...I doubt they forget his face...so all of you who are dumb enough to think he's being set up...Get a clue...lets see the girlfriend was at the game in a dodgers shirt, with his friend...what about the car. I bet the car is the same make/model as the girlfriends..Oh is that just a coincidence, he looks like the photo, he had a tat on his neck which he recently changed, his friends were at the game, the car id matches, and he's been hiding out in his apt for the last month.And he's probably been i'd in a line up..Oh I'M SURE he's being set up...Ya that's it...What does every crook, felon say...That they were set up...Hello?

1210 days ago


lol people and tmz look at the pics real good theres a bald guy with glasses in the back round what makes u think thats not him what a lames lol

1210 days ago


LOL WHAT A DUMB @$$ES IT HAS DODGER STADIUM written all over doesnt proof sht they need to stop talking that only proofs they had to be there

1210 days ago


They are wearing Dodgers gear !!! i mean its obvious they went there after or before the game

1210 days ago


I wonder who is taking the pics??????

1210 days ago

Frederic M. Douglas    

Who took the photos? Probably the perp, which is why he isn't in the photo.

1210 days ago


Sure, everyone is at the park next to the stadium having a good old time and you are sitting in an apartment babysitting your ex-girlfriend's kid? Great Alibi for a complete idiot!

1210 days ago


hmmm… I wonder who took the pictures?

1210 days ago


DUH he was TAKING the PICS

1210 days ago

john wayne gacy    

by the looks of gio's crew & former beech,
this little wannabe homeboy could NOT have
beaten anything into submission without help;

btw, how can this dude have several EX-
girlfriends, let alone produce babies with him ?

who would even consider him man
enough to even bother sleeping with him ?

1210 days ago


15% of the voters are mexican.

1210 days ago
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