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Dodger Beating Suspect -- I Was Babysitting

5/24/2011 10:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man accused of beating a San Francisco Giants fan to a pulp at Dodger Stadium says he was doing domestic stuff at the time of the incident -- babysitting his young daughter and another child.

Giovanni Ramirez

Giovanni Ramirez -- who was arrested Sunday for allegedly beating Bryan Stow so badly he suffered brain damage -- claims he was at home with the girl and, as we previously reported, has 3 alibi witnesses to prove it ... so says his lawyer, Chip Matthews.

The 3 alibi witnesses are his ex-girlfriend, who left Ramirez at the apartment to go to the game, along with 2 friends.  Interestingly, the ex-girlfriend is a suspect in the case -- cops believe she may have been the getaway driver.

Matthews tells TMZ ... there are several pictures of the group at Dodger Stadium and Ramirez is not in any of the photos. 

And, a source familiar with the case tells TMZ, Ramirez had a highly-visible tattoo removed from his neck after the incident, and cops believe it shows a guilty state of mind so he couldn't be ID'd.  But Ramirez says he removed the tattoo of his ex-girlfriend's lips because his new girlfriend didn't like it.

Attorney Matthews adds ...  Ramirez is covered in tattoos so removing one wouldn't make a difference.

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What stupid puta would have a kid with this taco.
MsMe did. And I'm sure she popped out more than just one kid.

Remember each kid is another welfare check on the backs on working people.

1248 days ago


TIM - I don't have to sit here and defend myself for the way you portray me. I feel it is very unfortunate the way you "think" and "assume". You want to talk about real POS people, they resemble your attitude. The mole in the sketch is on the cheek, not under the eye. How can you even compare if Ramirez's photo hasn't been released? And I know your type TIM, you use blogs such as these to really let the world know how you feel, because in the "real world" you're just another quiet person walking with their tail inbetween their legs because you're too afraid to speak up to anyone....so go on and vent all you wish to do so here....if that helps you feel like more of a man...then whatever tickles your pickle! The news just reported a flying pig in the sky....go Run Tim Run!! Go see it, because you believe everything you read and hear. And don't bring education into the mix...because the way you respond on this post, you seem like you were born and raised in the ghetto...no education, manners, or respect. You're not God, so what you say....is just your very own opinion....doesn't mean that you are correct.

1248 days ago


Surely Not.

1248 days ago


@little dum- dum

There is a difference?

1248 days ago

little dum- dum    

heard of google? most people have already seen giovannis picture.

1248 days ago


Who "babysits" their own child?? Ugh. People like this shouldn't be allowed to reproduce.

1248 days ago


MsMe is an apologist. Little does this chola know is that 3 witnesses ID'd(!!) ramirez from photos.

You are so stupid MsMe. You stupid f*t chola :)

1248 days ago

little dum- dum    

yes MsMe there is a difference between latin and mexican. do some research.

not sure why you feel the need to defend this idiot. im mexican and i have 0 tattoos, hair and no criminal record. its helped me live a productive life.

1248 days ago


Simone, for your information, I do not have a child with Ramirez.

little dum-dum his picture is NOT on google. What you see is not even him. I speak because I know for a fact and you speak just because you jumped on the wagon.

Continue to sit here and judge all you want.....this one is for the judgemental people that only speak because they can and think they know it all and can talk crap here to people they don't even know!

"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone"

1248 days ago


I'm rich and highly educated, yet I too think you're not too smart.

Just thought I'de throw my 2 cents in, lol

1248 days ago

Tim S.    


If it walks and quacks like a duck most likely it's a duck.

BTW. I've seen his new glamor shot and it's different than the shots out there.

FYI. I'm a white male with a college degree in IT and grew up in Monterey Park and saw my friends like yours turn into gang bangers and waste their life away. Some are dead now and the rest are in prison. Any thinking person would choose to have a meaningful life but some such as yourself are unable to see the forest through the trees and unfortunately will lead a life full of excuses and blaming others instead of raising above the gang mentality.

1248 days ago


little dum-dum...I love your name, suits you well as you respond to someone else's question and yet place my name on your reply. I didn't ask if there was a difference!

Jo, far from a "chola" but I just love how everyone is SO BRAVE on a "post". =) Half of you would just keep your mouth shut if we were in a real environment.

Knock yourselves out! You say he's guilty, I KNOW he's innocent! LAPD knows very well that a lawsuit is coming there way for accusing Ramirez and putting his business out there without convicting him. So at this point, LAPD will do anything to convict him and charge him with a crime HE DID NOT DO....but they gotta wipe their hands somehow....

1248 days ago

little dum- dum    

it is on google. its not the one everyones talking about but it is. hes got a cute lil teardrop and a neck tatted up 100 percent.

i hope he rots in hell.

1248 days ago


Honey, you go to the game I go t the kids. Thats what gang bangers do. LOL

1248 days ago

Tim S.    

@little dum-dum

Yep, I've seen the same pic. Isn't he adorable?

1248 days ago
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