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Dodger Beating Suspect -- I Was Babysitting

5/24/2011 10:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man accused of beating a San Francisco Giants fan to a pulp at Dodger Stadium says he was doing domestic stuff at the time of the incident -- babysitting his young daughter and another child.

Giovanni Ramirez

Giovanni Ramirez -- who was arrested Sunday for allegedly beating Bryan Stow so badly he suffered brain damage -- claims he was at home with the girl and, as we previously reported, has 3 alibi witnesses to prove it ... so says his lawyer, Chip Matthews.

The 3 alibi witnesses are his ex-girlfriend, who left Ramirez at the apartment to go to the game, along with 2 friends.  Interestingly, the ex-girlfriend is a suspect in the case -- cops believe she may have been the getaway driver.

Matthews tells TMZ ... there are several pictures of the group at Dodger Stadium and Ramirez is not in any of the photos. 

And, a source familiar with the case tells TMZ, Ramirez had a highly-visible tattoo removed from his neck after the incident, and cops believe it shows a guilty state of mind so he couldn't be ID'd.  But Ramirez says he removed the tattoo of his ex-girlfriend's lips because his new girlfriend didn't like it.

Attorney Matthews adds ...  Ramirez is covered in tattoos so removing one wouldn't make a difference.

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yo momma    

there is no proof this guy did it just a damn sketch and that's all wtf lol the sketch shows no tattoos on his neck and the mug shot shows his neck tatted up C'MON ppl is it so obvious that this guy just looked like the sketch ... there's hundreds of guys that look like the sketch ... white, hispanic, light black guys, asians... wtf lol@dat ....we live in the gang bang murder capital which is L.A. duh what do you expect and there is nothing that can be done like it or not it will never ever change and never has only the date on the calendar so stop bitching IF YOU CAN'T HAND WITH THE BIG DOGS STAY OFF THE PORCH HA HA HA

1255 days ago

yo momma    

looks more like a white guy then Hispanic wtf lol... and just because the guy is a gang member does not automatically put him in a dodger seat you dumb ass.. lol people are just incompetent these days with there non sense....and it takes two not just one duhhh

1255 days ago


he almost looks like the guy. i expected to see a more hard look similar to the drawing, he has a "would not hurt a fly" kind of look about him however.

1255 days ago

David Williams    

They finally got this low life coward. Hopefully him and his type are sent back where they belong.

1255 days ago


no. racist.

1255 days ago

Mighty Mike    

ARTY talks sense. You can't call him racist and you can't say he doesn't even know about gangs.

Yo momma, do you really think the LAPD orchestrated a SWAT raid based off the sketch alone? wtf lol!!! as you say. If you read the wanted posters they mentioned tattoos on the neck also, what should the sketch artist do, just put a tattoo of "I Hate Cops" on it?

I certainly hope he isn't the wrong guy, LAPD will look like the joke of the nation if he isn't. We shall see!

1255 days ago

Suzy Ribas    

This guy is such a LOSER! Babysitting your children? I thought that was parenting. If he is guilty and the truth will come out, he is the greatest POS for not manning up. I used to live in LA, 5 minutes from Dodger Stadium and I've seen the deterioration of the fan element attending. How sad.

1255 days ago


They should lock this punk up in a Bay Area County Jail... End of Story

1255 days ago


Well which story is it??was he babysitting or napping?? His daughter says he was napping when?? before or after he gave a 9 year old 100 dollar bill to go to the store alone to get his lazy ass a drink while he was with his girlfriend?? LIAR!!!

1255 days ago


@idiot, that's exactly what i was going to say. it's called being a father.

1255 days ago

Ave Joe    

Let's just make sure he is Guilty and Get him to Rat on who his Partner was that did it with him..

And? The LA Dodgers organizatons pays for the who Thing.. The Prosecution that is.. Not the City of LA.. They were Negligent

You are Innocent till proven Guilty..

We don't need to convict the wrong guy, then he gets to sue the City for Millions afterwards..

1255 days ago


i'm sorry but i didn't realize you babysat your own child...that comment alone makes him a POS and the fact that his description matches his picture perfectly it's only a matter of time before they charge him with this disgusting crime.

1255 days ago


Think about it people why does a 10 year old witness need a lawyer, so the police won't find out the truth that she was at game with her Dad.

1255 days ago


it's not babysitting when it's your own kid, you POS. rot in hell.

1255 days ago
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