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Ronnie MOCKS Situation -- How Ya Like Them Abs?

5/25/2011 9:29 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

As if kickin' Situation's ass wasn't bad enough, Ronnie then mocked him by stealing his trademark d-bag move of lifting his shirt and flashing his abs to fans on the street in Italy yesterday.


As TMZ reported yesterday, Ronnie beat up The Situation the other day -- leaving Sitch with red marks all over his face and left eye.

GTL now stands for gym, tan, laugh at Sitch.


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Let's see Ronnie come to my neighborhood in south central. He wouldn't last 2 seconds that punk-a$$ beotch.

1244 days ago


the three douches

1244 days ago


I dont get it. Ronnie is like twice his size. Of course he would win in a fight. I dont know why hes acting all proud of himself.

1244 days ago


Idiots. Everyone of them. Doesn't take much intelligence to become famous on websites like this.

1244 days ago


Sitch has a Big mouth but tells the truth to Ronnie. Ronnie and Sammie need to break up!!! ughhhh. Ronnie always looks greasy and gross??? why???

1244 days ago


Ronnie is a b***h. His old lady treat him like c**p and in turn takes it out on others. I'm no fan of the Situation by any means but like somebody else on here said, Ronnie is much bigger an not a fair fight at all.

I wish they would all go away and never heard from again.

1244 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

We have a word for these types of idiot style guys in Italy. We call them .....ummm... 'Douchebags'

1244 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

I only very recently caught several episodes of this guido soap. The sitch is a complete yenta and deserved of a good whooping.

Most of these kids are borderline sociopaths, and Ronnie is one beer away from a long stint in prison.

The most important sociological experiment of our time has mainstreamed antisocial behavior and made heros of imbeciles. Well done.

1244 days ago


HaHa you all are a bunch of haters! Ronnie is the ****! He is hot and now famous thanks to MTV but he is a bad ass and Mike needed to get his ass kicked for being such a "GIRL"

1244 days ago


What a bunch of Dbag trash all of the people in this show are. Why anyone watches this garbage is way beyond me.

1244 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

The Sitch must be at home nursing his wounds.... while sitting on a butt-plug.

1244 days ago


Whats he like 5'2" tall....gimme a break!

1244 days ago

Can be done    

I would do Ronnie in a heartbeat! He is a HOTTIE.

1244 days ago


That roid-raging fidget needs to work his legs once in a while.

1244 days ago


"Let's see Ronnie come to my neighborhood in south central. He wouldn't last 2 seconds that punk-a$$ beotch."

So you're proud that people cannot come into your neighborhood without getting beaten or killed? That's why you'll always be a punk criminal with no future!

So didn't MTV used to have a rule for their reality shows that anyone who laid a hand on another would be kicked out of the house immediately? What happened to that?

1244 days ago
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