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Alleged Baby Killer Casey Anthony -- The $68,000 Bill

5/26/2011 10:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Accused child murderer Casey Anthony is in more hot water with the feds -- the I.R.S. believes she failed to pay $68k in taxes back in 2008 ... the same year she allegedly killed her 2-year-old daughter.


TMZ obtained a tax lien filed against Anthony in Florida last week -- and according to the document, Casey never forked over $68,520 in federal taxes in 2008.

Casey was charged with first-degree murder the same year -- and is currently on trial in Orlando, FL ... facing the death penalty if convicted.

Calls to Casey's attorney were not immediately returned.


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No wonder this country is in trouble...people who post here can't even read! She made income from selling pictures to the media...READ PEOPLE...READ!!

1211 days ago

Really TMZ???    

Did you really call to try to speak to her attornies when they are going through 8 hours of court each day. You guys are stupid if you really thought they would return your call when they are in the MIDDLE of trial. Geesh!

1211 days ago


What kind of income do you have to generate to warrant a $68K tax bill?????

1211 days ago


She probably owes that money for all the pictures/videos she sold. I believe it was over 200,000 dollars.

1211 days ago


UM, It is very possible to owe that amount. Have you not considered the penalties and interest rate IRS slaps on? And there are atleast three separate penalties. It has been 3 years for Caysee Anthony... Depending on her situation, she could possibly have interest totalling over 50%. And you thought our credit cards had bad interest rates. That is why it is just better to file, EARLY, even if you owe. That amount isn't going to go away because you won't look at it. You can't hide from the IRS forever.

1211 days ago


Already a convicted felon for stealing & then using blank checks from a friend.

On trial for murdering her baby & facing the death penalty.

And now this.

1211 days ago


This tax bill doesn't matter.

This murdering bitch is never getting out to pay it.

1211 days ago


What was she doing to pay that much in taxes?

1211 days ago


taxes and death

1211 days ago


How can she owe taxes when she did not even work ? Unless she had to pay taxes on the $200,00. she got for selling pictures or something like that.

1211 days ago

Kate Kack    

This is BS she didn't even HAVE A JOB! Maybe her PARENTS owe this - not her.

1211 days ago


This makes no sense. How is Casey Anthony supposed to have earned enough money in one year to owe almost 70K in taxes??

1211 days ago


"TMZ obtained a tax lien filed against Anthony in Florida last week -- and according to the do***ent, Casey never forked over $68,520 in federal taxes in 2008."

Judging from most of the comments posted here, this revelation surprises pretty much all of us and just doesn't make sense.

Since TMZ is the ONLY "news outlet" carrying this story, did TMZ learn anything about the SOURCE of the income on which she failed to pay the taxes? She was supposedly fired from Universal on April 24, 2006, so where was she getting the income in 2008?

1211 days ago


I just read some of the other comments and someone postulated that Anthony made mega bucks from selling photos of her daughter after the child disappeared. THAT makes sense and should have been included in the flippin' story!

1211 days ago


How the hell could she owe $68 thousand in taxes? This makes no sense.

1211 days ago
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