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Arnold to Maria -- Smile With My OTHER Family

5/26/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger dragged his wife and their children to the christening of his love child back in 1998 ... and forced them to smile next to the secret family he was hiding in plain sight.

Through the years, Arnold spent some serious quality time with Mildred Patty Baena and their kid ... even engaging in tender father-son moments -- like when he taught the little guy how to golf.

Click through the gallery and check out all the family pics.


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Year - a Facebooksite of mildred:!/pages/Mildred-Patricia-Baena-Fansite/216217228402546?sk=wall&filter=2

1193 days ago


I dont think his other childrens faces should be shown. They didnt ask for this. Why arent their privacies respected?
Imagine if it were your family pics being shown and you had to feel your whole life was a lie just cuz your dad was a mega man whore.

1193 days ago

who cares    

TMZ coin that term for me start calling him "Multi Dad Arnold Schwarzenegger"

1193 days ago


I can't wait 2 see the other women that come forward...Just wondering if they were a part of the staff as well. Probably worked 4 him in his office when he was governor. Hes clearly not shallow when it come 2 the looks of his long as they open there legs, its alright.

1193 days ago


I feel sorry for Maria. I bet she wasn't opening her legs enough, so Mr muscles was loaded with milk and it happened that his maid to be there, the result was baby.

1193 days ago


Any of you imbred gossip mag reading yokels still BELIEVE Maria didn't know? HaHa.

That ugly looking scarecrow knew for a long long time she has been around this child from the first day that Mildred brang the child around to show off and she seen him grow up there is no way possible she didn't know.

She's a liar and nothing more then a fraud,The whole I didn't know BS was the worst excuse. She should have told the truth that she knew but for whatever reason she wanted to try and make the marriage work but ultimately it didn't work out.

Her lies to me seem much worse the her husbands as far as I'm concerned.

1193 days ago


Arnie the woman-groper deserves all that's coming his way right now.

The only good thing about this, is that he was present in his fifth child's life (if he has been so in a good way, that is), and that the half siblings got to know each other.

1193 days ago


Ahnulld had lots of enablers or he couldn't have gotten away with so much for so long. Lots of suckers here, including everyone who voted for the AS.

1193 days ago


Maria served as a nice doorstep for 25 years. Can't wait for the rest of the mistresses to surface.

1193 days ago



1193 days ago



1193 days ago


I really don't care to look through the picture gallery thank you very much. I don't understand how Arnold could do this for almost 25 years. I don't get it. How could he love Maria and do this?

Arnold should be glad her uncles have passed. I would love to see how they would handle Arnold if they were still alive.

1193 days ago


She is ugly....I wonder how HE could like this "peace of meat"...Yuuuuk

1193 days ago


Wow. I'm a very jaded former journalist, and even I find this highly offensive.

1193 days ago

Grandma of Four    

Oh my gosh! This is so troubling at so many levels. Maria needs to make a decision about her marriage to Arnold and get on with her life. At some point, ALL this foolishness needs to come to a STOP! These two have kids in school who are no doubt trying to study for finals. WHO in the world can even think straight will all the commenting, picture posting, TV interviews, YOU NAME IT! Arnold is just BEYOND Redemption in my opinion! He is 63 and probably will not change! UGH! Gives me the shivers just thinking about how gross all of this is! :~ (

1193 days ago
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