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Justin & Selena -- The Maui Make-Out Sessions

5/27/2011 6:20 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Teen lovers Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez didn't let jet skiing or parasailing get in the way of their very public displays of face sucking in Hawaii this week.


Justin got frisky grabbing Selena's ass and kissing her every chance he got while on vacation in Maui.

They've come a long way since their first public peck at the Billboard Music Awards just this past Sunday.


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Awww!! This is so cute but I dislike both of them. :L

1249 days ago


Ughh,,i find this gross i still remember him as that bushy hair little boy from One Time. It's not gonna last it looks all fake anyways

1248 days ago


he's like 6 years old..just saying

1248 days ago


lol oh give it a rest. KISSING does not (always) equal SEX. She's 18. He's 17. What's the big deal? Two very young, very famous, very successful teens in love... And don't tell me they're "TOO YOUNG" to be in love. I'm sure more than half the population would say that they had their first love around their age.... lay off!!!! if you don't approve, click the little 'x' on the top right corner of your screen. DUH

1248 days ago


You are adults, leave the damn kids alone. I'm really sick of the greedy paparazzi sticking their long warted noses into the relationships of young people, just to make money. It's vulgar.

1248 days ago


Does anyone not remember being 17 years old! They are kids, teenagers! Let them kiss and play! My god it is not like they are getting to have a normal childhood, atleast they can have what would normally be considered a "High school romance" and their behavior would be completely acceptable! Again were you not kissing and being silly at 17 and 18 years old?! Cute couple, I think it is sweet!

1248 days ago


Selena has a movie coming out. She's just doing it for the publicity. Like she did when she dated Nick Jonas when the Jo Bros were really big. She dated Taylor Lautner when Twilight was out. She even hooked up with Cory Monteith to ride his Glee fame coattails. I've been with my guy for two years we dont have millions of eyes on us and lord knows he isnt allowed to grab my ass in public, it looks HOE-ish Sel. Get it together. We know you're just trying to say F*CK you to all of Justins fans. Just have more dignity. Its like what kinda kid did her mom raise?!

1248 days ago


and they say they r not having sex, yea right! this is how babies happen!!

1248 days ago


Seriously? What a bunch of moronic hypocrites. Like none of you grabbed an ass at 17. You guys are jealous he's tappin' the hottest young legal ass on earth, and you girls are jealous Selena's got the Biebs. Hell I hope he is nailing that little hottie!

1248 days ago


selena is such a wHORe

1248 days ago


casal lindo parabens

1248 days ago


You all are crazy if you think your 17 yr old is not doing the same thing. Kissing does not mean they are intimate. They are not posing for pics...the paparazzi never leaves them alone. I think it is cute they are living life despite what people think because that is the only way famous kids can stay sane.

1248 days ago


I'm a parent of a 13 yr old daughter who fancies herself in love with justin bieber. since all these pictures have started hitting the internet my daughter wants less and less to do with buying magazines with him in it and dvd's and cd's of his. justin without his teenage girl fans is just another has been. he needs to be a little more discreet or he wont have any fans left. IMO

1248 days ago


Justin is 17 & Selena is 18

1248 days ago


LOL...I guess robbing the cradle is being 1 year older ... give me a break - I guess you idiots sat around a tree trunk hoping someone would talk to you..wishing upon a STAR your teenage years you were vacationing in Hawaii...HATERS keep it up...LMAO - All negative comments only indicates you want to be in their spot light...

1248 days ago
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