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NFL Legend Warrick Dunn -- I'm No Gun Runner!

5/27/2011 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Atlanta Falcons running back Warrick Dunn says he feels "violated" -- after cops pulled him over outside ATL and told him he had the characteristics of someone "transporting drugs and guns."


36-year-old Dunn says cops told him they pulled him over because his tinted windows were "too dark" ... but Dunn insinuates he was racially profiled.

During the stop, Dunn -- who is black -- says 4 white officers targeted him with "a lot of personal questions" and told him "I had the characteristics of people transporting drugs & guns."

Dunn says the cops searched his car and gave him a warning for the tint.

After the incident, the 3-time Pro Bowler went to his Facebook page and said, "Felt violated and I've had my car since '08, nvr been pulled ovr for tint. Taken back bc I think the reasoning was bad. Ruined my day but not my spirit."

UPDATE: Dunn's rep tells us Warrick was frustrated after the incident -- and after cops explained that he was traveling through a high-crime area ... he understood the officers were just trying to do their job.

Warrick, through his rep, tells TMZ ... "As the son of a hard working police officer, I understand the stress that police officers are under."

Dunn adds, "The real lesson in all this is that Twitter is a powerful tool but what happened to me is the same thing that  happens to a lot of people every day. I’ll take care of it through the appropriate channels just like everyone else has to."

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I was pulled over once for tinted windows and I'm caucasian, so was the cop, it happens to everybody...

1246 days ago


ahhhh poor baby..let me cry a river of tears for you...if your windows were tinted so dark how could they target you for being a black man...dumbazzzz

1246 days ago


All cops pull over dark tint windows, dbag.
Its the law and a safety hazard for cops.
Man, do the bangers ever stop using the race card?

1246 days ago


Wait a minute, "Too Dark"? come on......

1246 days ago


Here we go again, play the race card when it had no par in it.

Hey idiot, how could you have been racially profiled if you windows were tinted so dark that you couldn't be seen?

Thats because you weren't racially profiled.

Oh by the way, who do you think pays your salary? A white man perhaps.

1246 days ago


he didn't get pulled over to tinted windows and you all know it. That was just the 'excuse ticket' they gave him. You don't question and search a car if you are just handing out a ticket for tint.

1246 days ago


"During the stop, Dunn -- who is black -- ..."

Thanks TMZ for clarifying that. From the pic, I was confused.

Who ever wrote this must be a Cronkite graduate.

1246 days ago

Bob Cratchet    

One of the classiest guys ever from the NFL. I think he still owns a chunk of the Falcon's and runs a charity helping single mom's buy homes in Atlanta. Sux.

1246 days ago


Everytime a black NFL players has opened their mouths lately, they have made me lose some resecpt for the game.. sad sad sad. If cops were looking for someone that fit my description, and they checked me out, Id be thankful, they are trying to keep the area safe.. DUH, Dunn, is LOSING!

1246 days ago


Might have had a legit reason to pull him over...but what's up with that line of questioning? Oh you have "characteristics" of gun runners? What kind of chittz is that?

1246 days ago


How do you get racially profiled if your windows are too dark to see what your racial profile is?

1246 days ago


How can it be racial profiling if the cops pulled you over for your tint being too dark? Wouldn't that mean the cops couldn't see inside the vehicle?

1246 days ago


ACE, did the cops ask you if you were a drug or gun dealer? Did you have 4 cops questioning you ?

1246 days ago


This is so stupid. There are laws regarding the darkness of your tint, BECAUSE of the fact people doing illegal things try and hide themselves from view. You got pulled over for doing something ILLEGAL, not because you are black. Let me play the worlds smallest violin for you......and then maybe you can get over yourself.

1246 days ago


This is especially painful for him because his mother was a police officer who was killed in the line of duty (think it was a detail assignment) during a robbery just a few months before he graduated high school.

1246 days ago
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