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'Smallville' Star -- Having a Ruff Week Before Prison

5/29/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Smallville" star Sam Jones is less than a month away from being sentenced in his major drug case and he's spending one of his few remaining weeks of freedom in Holland ... looking for dogs.

Jones goes in front of a judge on June 22 to be sentenced for conspiring to illegally sell THOUSANDS of oxycodone pills and he could get as much as 70 months in the pokey.

But before that happens, Jones is going to spend the first week of June in Holland, where he will handpick dogs for a canine-protection business he owns called Platinum K9.  PK9 sells personal protection dogs to high-end and celebrity clients ... as well as to police K9 units. Ironic, no?

Jones got permission from Uncle Sam to head overseas, according to court docs filed this week, and will have his passport returned to him for the trip. The docs say Jones has to submit his itinerary to court officials before the trip and report back to them within 24 hours of his return ... or else.


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How does this brotha do it? Dates a playboy model, sells thousands of oxy pills to undercover agents, and yet they give him a stamp on his passport anytime he wants to leave the country after committing such a huge felony. And yeah, thousands of oxy pills are a huge felony.

1210 days ago


What a dumbass, he probably could've retired after doing Smallville and he effs it up. I sure feel sorry for him, NOT!

1210 days ago


Why is it taking so long to sentence him? Didn't he plead guilty at least 6 months ago?
Why are these people, who are either pleading guilty or being found guilty, being released on bail?
Why is someone who's on bail, especially one awaiting to be sentenced to at least 6 years in prison, being handed his passport and told it's okay to head out of the country?
I'm tired of hearing about people being released on bail to await sentencing. What happened to someone being taken immediately into custody? This is disgraceful.

1210 days ago


I don't understand how these things work.Yes, Wesley Snipes and Sam Jones committed crimes and should be in jail, but how do they end up in jail and others don't.

How does Lyndsey Lohan, who is a drug addict, drunk driver and a thief constantly escape prison?

How does Lawrence Taylor, who had sex with a 16 year old girl, gets probation and only has to register as a low risk sex offender?

What about Paris Hilton?

Again, Jones committed a crime and should be in jail, but how can you justify sending someone to prison for selling pills to people who want them, but people who have proven themselves to be actual dangers to the public get to walk.

1210 days ago


From the looks of his moist lips He'll blow through that sentence in no time.

1210 days ago


'Smallville' Star? How many years has it been since he was even on that show?

1210 days ago


So let me get this straight. This guy was convicted on felonly drug charges and is awaiting sentencing and they are returning his passport to him and allowing him to travel out of the country, AND HE'S BLACK!? WTF!?!?

Oh hell no! Black people are not going to stand for him being treated like a rich white celebrity! How dare 'the man' try to take their anger and racial justifications for hatin' away from them like this! How dare they treat him like a white man! He's black, he's supposed to be thrown under the bus so they can all indignantly whine about "if he were a white man..." like they always do and play the race card.

What will they do now? LMAO

1210 days ago


What could possibly go wrong with this plan? Does Holland have an extradition treaty with the United States? Was he a drug mule for Rush Limbaugh?

1210 days ago


He should ask for the Lindsay treatment! A bit of time sitting at home watching tv and doing some photo shoots!
He hasn't committed nearly as many crimes as she has so he shouldn't have to spend any time in prison! Hope he has a good lawyer, that gets him off. ;)

1210 days ago


Handpick dogs my a**! Wanna make a bet this is a ploy by Jones to flee the US and his jail sentence? Just watch it all unfold folks!

1210 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Who? Maybe you should be a little more sparing with the "Star" tag, TMZ.

1210 days ago


man he is screwed he should clean out his accounts and go 2 pac and move to mexico of panama

1210 days ago


its kind of a coincidence he was busted with oxy and is now working on a k9 business since some oxys actually say k9 on the pill....he just cant remove himself from the tie to oxy lol

1210 days ago


What better place to go over one's canine inventory wish list while relaxing in a quaint litte Holland coffee shop complete with marijuana menu's.

Judge wake up!

1210 days ago



He is going to jail unlike white cele's or did you just want to skip that small fact.

1210 days ago
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