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Ron Artest

Peacemaker in

L.A. Nightclub Attack

6/1/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Los Angeles Lakers star Ron Artest helped break up a ferocious man vs. woman fistfight in front of an L.A. nightclub this weekend ... and TMZ obtained footage of the entire incident.

Artest had just left a club -- and was walking down Hollywood Blvd. when a woman and a man began to throw punches at each other RIGHT NEXT to the NBA superstar. 

After some bobbing and weaving, 6'7", 260 pound Artest stepped in and quickly separated the two combatants. Once both fighters were restrained, Artest got into a waiting vehicle and went home.

TMZ spoke with Artest who told us, "Unfortunately there was a situation at the club and some people had too much to drink, and got unruly and aggressive. I tried to diffuse the situation. Some people just don't think clearly when they've had too much to drink -- it's an unfortunate reality. "

We also spoke with the female fighter -- who admits she was "wasted" ... but insists the other guy instigated the violence.

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@lander. No, Lander. What I mean by "man enough" is - a man should be able to think and react logically and morally. He should realize that by nature he is much more physically stronger than a women, and consider it beneath him and walk away.

1178 days ago



he was DEFENDING himself from her blows. he didn't have time to walk away in that moment.

and it doesn't matter if a woman is weaker than a man - she can still hold a knife or a bottle or a glass and kill or seriously injure her victim. there was no knowing if she had a weapon, or even if one of her blows would have broken his nose. so he raised his arms to protect himself - and that makes him a not a real man.

you talk about logic, but you are without the use of it.

1178 days ago


Lander, you don't understand. Women in this society have the freedom to hit any man she chooses at any time. If you look at her wrong, she has the freedom to slap your face to worse, and as a man, you need to take the hit and walk away. Even raising your arms in defense is a hostile action, and can get the man arrested.

All of this is because society views women as having the same level of control over their actions as children. Women accept this because they know it's true, and Janine is just trying to explain this: women are children. 40 years of feminism has created this cultural malaise, and you need to accept it or suffer the consequences if you ever cross a woman for any reason whatsoever.

Avoid women at all cost, and you won't be forced to walk away in shame when one of them chooses to attack you because she's having a bad day, or is S-faced drunk.

1178 days ago


good man for stepping in.

1178 days ago


lander 5 hours ago
>>At the end of the video is the woman that was getting beat up

the woman wasn't getting beat up - she was the one throwing all the punches, including the first one.

the btch should have been arrested. pssy pass in action again. and women think men should respect women? lol.


Judging from your comments I believe you are an ******* that beats on women because you believe it's your right to do so!
If you watch the video you can clearly see at the beginning that Artest already had his arm accross in front of the man! We are not seeing the whole video. There's been an altercation that took place before someone started filming.
The point of my question was (although worded wrongly) is the girl in the video the one attacking his truck after??
It appears to me as if the other guy that Artest had his arm in front of, that was fighting with the woman, may have got into his truck? I was wondering if that's why she was pounding on the truck and if the guy was a friend of Artest! As for who threw the first punch I can't really tell from this video since I believe it's incomplete!!!

1178 days ago


I am a woman. I agree with Lander. This woman is out of control. She feels protected because she thinsks its okay to abuse this man and everyone will feel she is the victim. If this were your son or brother would you like someone to abuse him in this manner. In the video all i see is the woman's arms throwing blows and the man trying to protect himself. Women need to behave in a respectful way if they want to be respected. Cause if a woman hits a man he has every right to hit her back.

1178 days ago


>>As for who threw the first punch I can't really tell from this video since I believe it's incomplete!!!

if there was video captured of the man throwing the first punch, TMZ would have put it up. TMZ loves to man-bash. the video was edited because it probably showed the psycho screaming and throwing things at him before she went in with her punches.

your shaming language is typical of your average fembot, so there's really nothing that i can write to penetrate your brickwall mindset that all men are violent aggressors.

1178 days ago


Whamo: You totally read my mind. Or should I say:


1178 days ago



Finally, a woman with common sense. The other females posting on this show lack of class and virtue!

1178 days ago


Good article! Great change for Ron Ron. Did anyone see the funny story about the Laker's pick up game???


1178 days ago


realist is right, Artest did the decent thing and should be commended for it. Nothing more disgusting then people cheering on voilence. I can not stomach blood lust in humans especially when its a woman. These women that like seeing guys battle and damage one another are replusive. Nothing more disgusting then a women with blood lust. It seems so unnatural to me.

1178 days ago

Shane D.    

Superman 30 minutes ago

Finally, a woman with common sense. The other females posting on this show lack of class and virtue!

@ Superman, and you show class and virtue by calling someone a black bitch. Not only are you a bitter POS, but you are a hypocrite.

1178 days ago


Tired, you wouldn't know class and virtue if it bit you on your fat ass and cleaned your filthy kitchen. Now speaking of kitchens - get back in there and make your man a sandwich before he rearranges your ugly face.

1178 days ago


First of all this video doesn't capture the entire incident....only a quarter of it. Ron...peacemaker?? Ron rushed my boyfriend when out of nowhere his idiot friend sucker punched my boyfriend...thats why I got sooooo pissed. So Ron hangs out with quetto guys the sucker punch people and fights girls...cool :)

1178 days ago


adlgurl, i see. so if you get sooooo pissed, that's justification for attacking someone. it's justified because you wanted to do it. perfect fembot logic - makes no sense.

lay off the booze, you drunk btch!

1178 days ago
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