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Steve-O BOYCOTTS Charity Event -- I'm Outraged!!

5/31/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Jackass" star Steve-O WALKED OUT of a charity event benefiting the American Diabetes Association this weekend because they served meat for lunch ... claiming, "It's like serving alcohol at an AA meeting."

Steve-O was set to compete in the Celebrity Go Kart Tournament in Gardena, California this weekend -- but once he caught wind of the menu, he BOLTED.

On his way out, Steve O expressed his outrage with a woman named Helen from Children's Hospital -- saying, "I came here because I thought this was about promoting a plant-based diet as diabetes prevention and they're serving MEAT there ... so I'm outta here."

After asking a few kids if they wanted to take his place driving his go-kart in the event ... Steve-O added, "It's kind of an outrage to me ... it's stupid."


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Wheat is much more of a problem than meat for diabetics, since Type 1 Diabetes is linked with celiac disease. If he really wants diabetics to help themselves with diet, he should support celiac screening.

1250 days ago


Since when does being diabetic turn you into a vegetarian?? I think he better study up on what he is supporting before he starts running that jackass mouth of his!!! How stupid can some people be?? Really????

1250 days ago

Steve-O has been doing appearances for a long time now. I'm sure he was told that this appearance was to promote a "Healthy Plant Based Diet" and when he saw the meat being served, he made a conscious decision to leave. Good for him. Steve-O obviously has first hand experience with whatever he decides to appear for and therefore, has every reason to leave if he felt mislead. This is not about "Meat" or "Diabetes" specifically but, about being misinformed about the venue.

1250 days ago

Rob Base    

Hey Steve-ho why all the haters he was just promoting his new charity. Raising awareness for people that have done to much nitrous oxide in there life and can't understand that raising money helps the charity. Not what they eat at the event. Maybe afterwards he went to the other veagan event for Diabetes. Oh wait there wasn't one!

1250 days ago


Steve-O is a moron. He's not in the least bit intelligent. His brain is fried from years of abuse and he is too freakin' stupid to realize how stupid he really is. "uh...hit my balls with something hard...uhh...wait, what am I doing here again?...Gridlock!...uhhh"

1250 days ago


Was he supposed to be at some other benefit but got lost?

1250 days ago


Does this idiot knows that fruits raise blood sugar, and meat doesn't? I wonder what prevention does he has for my 16 month daughter diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. But what can you expect from a jackass

1250 days ago

There's a problem here    

Meat to a diabetic is like alcohol to an alcoholic? News to me. Sounds like this azz-whole just wanted an out. This was sponsored by a children's hospital. It wasn't about him was it? Die.

1250 days ago


This "Jackass" has never been known for having brains. What could an organization with such integrity want with him to appear at its' event? I hope the organizers sue the pants off this "genius."

1250 days ago


First off all, if he was told one thing and got there and they were doing something different, he has a right to be upset. Upset enough to leave? Maybe, maybe not, but if it violated his beliefs then I don't blame him. If you're a member of the ASPCA and you're at a cancer benefit and you get there and they have a dog fighting ring, you might leave too.

Secondly, in regards to the FDA and big pharmaceuticals keeping peopel sick, i'm not a conspiracy theorist, but if there was no diabetes, cancer, AIDS, etc., how much money would the FDA be out? Just something to think about.

1250 days ago

Paul York    

He is right. Diabetes II can be cured by going on a raw vegan diet. That has been reported on by Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. The for organizers to include meat on the menu shows that they are ignorant of the cause of Diabetes II, the eating of animal flesh, dairy products and "dead" processed food loaded with sugar. It's like serving cigarettes at a cancer fundraiser. The connection between diet and disease is an obvious one to anyone with a brain, but not obvious, it seems, to those who are addicted to meat and wish to justify it to however they can.

1250 days ago

Just My Thoughts    

Deliver us from preachy vegetarians.

1250 days ago

Samantha Herrera    

really? i can see why he was upset because it was a plant based event, but saying serving meat at a diabetes awareness meeting is like serving alcohol at a AA meeting is ridiculous. there are people that go on the Atkins diet to lower there blood sugars. what a dumb ass.

1250 days ago


Steve-O, why don’t you shut your stupid ugly face if you have no clue what you are talking about? Guess what? I am a diabetic and MEAT DOES NOT AFFECT DIABETES. It is sugar and carbs that diabetics have a problem with. Meat has neither of those so it’s fine for diabetics to eat. If they were only serving cake and ice cream sundays then I could see his point. It sounds like his lazy ass just didn’t want to do it and was looking for an excuse.

Oh and for those of you who were saying he bailed because the ADA was supposed to promote a “plant-based diet as diabetes prevention” he is so full of ****. What the hell good would a plant-based diet do for diabetes prevention since meat does not affect diabetes? I’ll tell ya: NONE. A low-carb diet would be much more effective at diabetes prevention. He’s just a MORON.

1250 days ago


Awesome!!! for those who don't know the link between diabetes and meat, please watch " Forks over Knives" or maybe read "The china study" book, meanwhile if you are oblivious to the link don't criticize Steve-O.. he is 100% right on walking out of the event.

1250 days ago
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