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Diabetes Group to Steve-O: Don't Hate on Meat!

6/1/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The American Diabetes Association wants to teach Steve-O a lesson ... after he BOYCOTTED a diabetes benefit for serving meat -- telling TMZ, eating animal flesh isn't necessarily bad for diabetics.


As we previously reported, Steve-O walked out on an ADA benefit when he found out meat was on the menu -- claiming serving meat at a diabetes fundraiser is "like serving alcohol at an AA meeting."

But a rep for the ADA tells us, there is no rule that you can’t eat meat if you have diabetes -- every person is different, and should be on a meal plan that works best for them.

0531_steveo_boycott_mini_vid_launchThat said, the ADA still welcomes Steve-O at their events with open arms -- telling us, "The doors are always open."


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Why would any one want this guy at a benefit? Meat same as alcohol at aa meeting. wtf

1242 days ago


This is coming from the Jackass that snorted wasabi!

1242 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

???? Who knew there was something he WOULDN'T eat....

1242 days ago


It's always funny when former drug addicts become clean and suddenly seem to care what they put in their body - Steve-O became a vegetarian or vegan, and 2 years ago he was so blitzed out of his mind on pills and from huffing fumes, he couldn't even tell you his name.
All for saving the animals, but come on Steve, PUT IT IN PERSPECTIVE man. Diabetics have issues with SUGAR. Not protein.
You had an opportunity to raise funds for a good cause and blew it because you didn't understand? That sucks. Do some vegans campaigns to balance it out and call it a day.

1242 days ago

BB in CA    

"...eating animal flesh isn't necessarily bad?" It isn't good for anyone. ADA had the perfect opportunity to feed people a good healthy meal and blew it.

1242 days ago


I am a diabetic and meat is low carb! You have to be smart about the low fat meats and you don't get to eat a a heaping side of mashed potatoes or drown it is sauces (etc., ketchup), but seriously?

It shows how uninformed celebrities can spread misinformation. Listen to your doctor!

1242 days ago


Sounds like a doctrinaire veggie putz to me-my way or the highway. Screw him and the banana he rode in on.

1242 days ago


He is an idiot. Diabetics have to watch their carbohydrate intake and pair carbs with lots of lean protein in order to keep blood sugar levels down and stable. WTF does he think diabetics eat, cardboard????

1242 days ago


What a dumba*ss. Eating meat or any protein while you eat carbs or sugar will slow down how fast the sugar gets into the bloodstream. That HELPS diabetics.

He is so dumb and misinformed.

1242 days ago


Steve-o your an idiot if they served slurpies and candy i might understand but it was Meat protien which diabetics need more then a carb.

1242 days ago


Dr. Steve-O and Professional Researcher Dr. BB, Two morons from the pop medical wasteland. Maybe they should hook up and give each other hot Crisco enemas.

1242 days ago


steve o is nasty, he sticks things up his hiney for a camera, this is all for attention cause his career sux....

1242 days ago


I'm diabetic. Meat has no carbs. Carbs are what kills diabetics. Carbs are in everything BUT meat and a few vegies, as most vegies and all fruits are carbs. Get informed before you misinform.

1242 days ago


Stop with the vegan agenda already. Animals eat other animals and it's never supposed to be a political thing.

No one says eating meat means eating nothing BUT meant viking style or that every single person and eats meat also gorged themselves on high fat high sugar chemical additive laden processed food.

I personally have not met very many vegetarians who WOULDN'T stop preaching about this supposed health benefit while they themselves do not posses.

1242 days ago


Moron. Diabetics shouldn't be eating carbs. Period. Decades ago -- back before big pharma made billions selling insulin (and companies made billions hawking milkshakes and cereal (!) to diabetics) doctors told diabetic patients to remove carbs from their diets to stunning effect.

I had a co-worker who was at least 75 pounds overweight (and a type 2 diabetic, natch) who would inject himself before his morning Dunkin' Donuts run. Lunacy.

Oh, wait -- and we're taking medical advice from a guy who did so much meth his teeth fell out? Most celebrities are idiots -- most didn't even graduate high school.

1242 days ago
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