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Arnold Hires Attorney, Hammers Out Divorce Deets

6/1/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger is pulling out a big gun for his inevitable divorce battle with Maria Shriver ... officially hiring attorney Bob Kaufman -- who's already tackling some touchy issues of the split. 

Sources tell TMZ ... Kaufman's already been in touch with Maria's attorney, Laura Wasser -- and we're told they are "moving forward" with divorce negotiations.

Kaufman and Wasser have gone head-to-head on other high profile celebrity splits -- and both specialize in something Arnold and Maria value right now ... keeping divorce settlements hush hush.


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Maybe Maria was afraid of the vetting process that Arnold would have to go thru if he ran for GOV. Obviously it either wasn't done or alot of people were paid off to cover up. He was elected.

1248 days ago


Arnold, you are a parasite.

1248 days ago


Wouldn't want my kids involved in running for office and Maria Shriver had to resign from her own job because of potential conflicts. As far as I can tell, there was no benefit for Ms. Shriver or her children.

1248 days ago


I hope the lawyers suck them dry.

1248 days ago


I don't think either of them are hurting financially they will all do well in the end for they both have money.Who has more? Well in Calif. it is no fault 50-50 communitive property state no matter who has done what. That is my belief.

1248 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Powerful people using their power to coerce others to all gang up on the person with the least amount of power is utterly disgusting, shameful and sociopathic. And it has always been the Kennedy way.

Never anger a Kennedy - because you will be lucky to escape alive (RIP Mary Jo). Maria is not, and has never been, a victim during any part of her life. Maria's guise of 'empowered woman' is the facade behind which she's always hidden and the veneer is slowly chipping away.

The real Maria is nasty, ruthless, elitist and sociopathic - in other words, a true Kennedy. She will do whatever it takes to get her way - which is what she has in common with Ahnie. It's the glue that holds them together. It's surprising how many people don't realize this. What ELSE do you think has kept them together all these years? Common upbringing? Great sex? Similar hobbies? LOL - more like shared sociopathic values.

The maid is a red herring - offered up to the masses like you would throw a rabid dog a sacrificial sewer rat. Offered up to the masses by the media outlets controlled by Ahnie and Maria.

You are being controlled and don't even realize it.

1248 days ago


"The real Maria is nasty, ruthless, elitist and sociopathic - in other words, a true Kennedy."

I thought she was a Shriver, raised by Sargent and Eunice?

1248 days ago


He is a nasty person. He hangs at Cafe Roma in BH and acts like he's a frigging King. Treats people like crap and will not say hello. She is a witch from a famous family who knew exactly what he was all about from the early days. Boo Hoo Maria....move on and stop crying on everyone shoulder. Give all your $$$ to those who need it (homelss, poor, sick and needy) you greedy , bittier old ugly hag. He found a new car that runs better and he traded you scary butt in. Again, he's the worst and so is she so why is anyone feeling bad for these creeps?
Americans are really stupid some times. lol

1248 days ago


E 3 hours ago
Pretty ironic; he buys off the maid with a house and early retirement, probably bought off other people he had sexual relations with, but hires a lawyer to fight his long-suffering wife.

@ char -- Re 'coverup' regarding the vetting. The Daily Beast pointed out that Arnold owned part of National Enquirer, Radar and other outlets that usually dig for trash like that.

1248 days ago


I hope maria bleeds him dry

1248 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@Harveysmom: Agreed and I wish to add...I hope the REAL truth (and not the Oprah prepackaged truth) comes out about this whole debacle so everyone sees what REALLY went on in the marriage between the "empowered" Kennedy wife and the ex-governor of CA.

The National Enquirer needs to get the real dirt here like they did on Edwards where no one but them had the cojones to get the real story. The difference though is that Elizabeth truly had no clue Edwards was serially cheating on her (she is NO SAINT but rather a narcissist who thought she was the cream of the crop) but Maria has always known about Ahnie's "temptations" which makes Maria much more dangerous to deal with.

1248 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

And, yeah, if the National Enquirer is controlled by EITHER Ahnie or Maria, we will never get the real story.

@Truth: good on you for not being a sheep.

1248 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@middleagedcrazy: RE: "I thought she was a Shriver, raised by Sargent and Eunice?"

LOL. You know as well as I do that Eunice is a Kennedy. Who are you trying to kid? You are so up Maria's ass it's transparent. Oops... I mean "Ms Shriver". Why? Who's paying you off? You obviously need the money. Pip pip.

1248 days ago



Vive le revolution! Death to the aristos! Death to the counterrevolutionary forces!


1248 days ago


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1248 days ago
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