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Blake Lively:

Nude Photos NOT Me!!!

6/1/2011 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The photos circulating around the Internet purporting to be Blake Lively are fake, phony, Photoshopped, fabricated, fictional, false ... so says Blake and her people.

Sources with intimate knowledge of the actress' physical features tell TMZ ... it's simply NOT Blake's body ... and there are definitive markers proving the pics are fake.

Blake Lively Leaked Photos
Blake has hired a lawyer who is sending threatening letters to anyone who publishes the pics and implies it's her.

We did notice a 2008 photo of Blake holding the exact same phone as the one shown above, but the phone is pretty common.


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oh bull **** it's definitely her. I always knew she was a little ****. They try to cover it up like she's all innocent. Please, that's definitely her. There's no denying it. You gotta face what you did girl. I mean it's obvious it's her. Yeah, it's a really common phone. But the phone cover isn't. same, phone, same blonde hair, same mole on her cheek. it's definitely her. so, stop lying don't want anyone to see you naked. then don't take naked pictures,simple as that. maybe, if she had some brains. she wouldn't do that. oh, yeah. i just have to stay. Audrina Patridge, has a way more beautiful hot body than this tramp. Audrina is just gorgeous. Blake, has a body of a 16 year old girl. lol just go look at audrina. damn, she's hot.

1238 days ago


What'd be interesting is the EXIF data. If they hadn't said 'no' to location data when they set up the iPhone 3Gs it's more than possible there are GPS coordinates in the EXIF data. As well as a timestamp, which'd be there even if location data is turned off.

I am assuming TMZ or others have access to copies of the original files and can view EXIF data. That'd get a date, and, best case, a location for the photos. EXIF data can be faked but it'd be hard to argue with location data. Needs to be the originals though because Photoshop (and others) strip EXIF data when "saved for web".

1238 days ago


I agree. She's fat and needs to go on a diet. I can't see rib bones yet.

1238 days ago

Buddy Lee    

No matter who it is, these are definitely boner material!

1238 days ago


Why is this bitch getting all this press lately?!?! Because she's dating Leo?!?! I don't get it. Just another slut not worth the ink.

1237 days ago


totally her. who else can afford a bathroom like that.
nice turd cutter, blake.

1237 days ago


BTW, funny how the real Blake Lively google pics have the same 2 moles on her face as the nude "fake" pics!

1237 days ago

Sheriff Dewey    

After looking closely, I have determined that without a doubt the woman in these pictures is Blake Lively. If you need more evidence, compare her facial moles against the first picture.

1237 days ago


The only thing I'm sure about is the $$ she paid the plastic surgeon for her implants.

1237 days ago


Meh, don't really care if it's her or not. She shouldn't care either, there's so much of it now that it's not shocking! These pics will be old news by tomorrow.

1237 days ago


she is a horrible actress.
leo is going to hit it and move on

1237 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

Who is she trying to fool by saying it isn't her? Does she think the public is blind? She should have sent those pictures to playboy..I mean isn't anyone who poses nude for pictures aiming for those kind of magazines? Come on Blake!

1237 days ago

Not all naked Blondes are created equal lol

1237 days ago


Now, where are the clowns that are saying that it's fake?

I think she should get over it. She's hot!

1237 days ago


She didn't totally lie. Her tatas are "fake, phony, fabricated, fictional, false"

1237 days ago
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