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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Son Patrick Burger Down

6/2/2011 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger probably would have tried a beer summit with his son Patrick, but since the kid is just 17, Arnold settled for a burger today in Santa Monica.

Arnold and Patrick showed up separately and chowed down at Umami Burger less than an hour ago, and the conversation must have been interesting.  They're still inside the restaurant.

You'll recall ... after Arnold's love child scandal broke, Patrick tweeted with the last name of Shriver, not Schwarzenegger.  So Mr. S clearly had his work cut out for him.


UPDATE: Arnold and Patrick just left Umami TOGETHER -- and got into the same car.



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No comment    

The illegitimate kid looks the most like Arnie,than any of his kids with Maria.

1247 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I think I could forgive Arnold's behavior much quicker than physical or verbal abuse in the family.... Juicy burgers makes for juicy gossip though......

1247 days ago


My heart goes out to Maria's children. They might be smiling on the outside but they are hurting on the inside and it's only going to get worse. They don't deserve this. Who wants a parent who is an adulteror?.

1247 days ago


In the photo with Patrick in the gray T-shirt, looking toward our left, he really has the Kennedy look!

1247 days ago


Arnold has betrayed his family in the worst way and this is too little too late!! Patrick is a class act Something his father never was or will be!!

1247 days ago


Dont take his "Some days you feel like s***..." thing too seriously people...he's referencing a song by Fort Minor (hip-hop project of Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park) and the song 'Where'd You Go'...morons.

1247 days ago


He changed his pants and shirt while in the restaurant?

1247 days ago


TO all you males commenting about the kids sound like a bunch of nambla pervs.

He's just a kid and you are exploiting him in the MOST vile way.

1247 days ago


He's kind of got Gay Face.

1247 days ago



Why do you assume I am addressing posters and not TMZ/the media/ paparazzi?

1247 days ago


Re: "Was he set up? Did he expect the burger to include his father?"

Good point. Look at this video. The boy doesn't even want to be photographed with him. Look how he moves to the back while the other kid, who is not his brother, shakes Arnold's hand.

1247 days ago


You would think the son of 7 time Mr. Olympia would be all Jackked up... "Will someone please get mr. skinny some steroids!!" And maybe some trim cause he looks like he likes schlongs... Come on Arnold, sprinkle some D-Bol on your kids cereal or something

1247 days ago

Poster/not always viewer    

Why are you guys picking on Patrick? He didn't do anything wrong!

The environment Patrick lives in and the kids in his school and he hangs around with have many adulterers amongst their parents.
They just don't get it in TMZ or news everyday b/c their mother didn't decide to tell the world in an attempt to vent. I'm not 'blaming' Maria, b/c she was hurt to her soul, it is human to want to swing back. But the blowback is like you read above with people taking shots at the kids for no reason except entertainment and b/c they can. Logistically speaking, it is not realistic to air dirty laundry and then ask everyone not to talk about it or give them privacy. It invites criticism all the way around.

1247 days ago


He looks gay in that stance. The son mind you

1247 days ago


Re: "It shouldn't only be the 'love child' who is allowed some privacy."

That boy has privacy because Midred isn't using him to stage photo-ops. This photo-op wan't even that good because Arnold's son wouldn't even stand next to him.

1247 days ago
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