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Brooke Mueller

Cry for Help

On Paris Hilton Show

6/2/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller had a dramatic emotional break down on Paris Hilton's reality show -- literally crying for help during a real-life confrontation with Hilton's mother.060211_paris_mueller_still

The clip ran during a tease for next week's episode of "The World According to Paris" -- and it's unclear if Mueller was referring to her ongoing substance abuse issues.

Shockingly, the show seems to contain some very real moments from Brooke -- including a fight with her assistant over Mueller's struggle with alcoholism.

She also mentioned her turbulent relationship with Charlie Sheen several times throughout the show.

As TMZ previously reported, during the time Brooke was shooting the show, she was in a nasty custody war with Sheen over their twin boys ... and eventually fell off the wagon. She checked into a rehab center following the relapse in April.


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t jam     


1135 days ago

Jack DaCarup    

Actually I was putting Charlie down because he disappointed me so. I'm one of the ones who wishes him well. I do believe he needs help to achieve it tho. I'm also hoping that realizing by admitting he messed up will be his first step in his journey.

1135 days ago

Jim in Cali    

I watched this show last night, it was so frickin awful. There wasn't anything that was interesting or funny on it. Kim K does the fame whoring reality show so much better than Paris.

1135 days ago


I saw enough to agree with everything that has been written about her. I especially like how the Hiltons are using Brooke for ratings - great friend.

1134 days ago


Is anyone able to give me an synopsis here?

I live in New Zealand and this Paris/Brook show hasn't been screened here. I would be interested to know what was portrayed, what your thoughts are.

I did watch TMZ's video on Paris' show, however there were alot of screaming females and I couldn't actually tell who was who etc.

I'm not a big Brooke Mueller or Paris Hilton fan, but I'd be interested in hearing a big-picture opinion from someone who knows the background to this and who has formed an opinion based on many sources.

1134 days ago


Why does Sheen constantly pay for such ugly women?

1133 days ago


I was excited about the new show.... But after watching it,,,I dont think I will bother again... It shows Paris to be a person who thinks she is better then others, that her ****s doesnt stink, it shows she lacks integrity, her morals are low, and she is a big complainer, not to mention her disrespect for her sisters house and her moms house, she disrespects others and talks down to them, and she is a big phony, she disrespected her boyfriend also. and she has filthy dirty dogs and is dirty about her house, and lazy, and mean to people. I think she needs to find out what its like to be treated this way. Plus she didnt even care if she showed up on time to do community service, and wore those expensive high heels to show she is a rich bitch and has no regard for others, also she was tired afterwards? that was wierd, and she parties like she is a teenager and throws temper tantrums like one and treats her mother like **** and her sisters home like it was a dump or something, and who wants to see you take a bath. Your not a very nice person and the show, shows that, you are a self centered pig of a person and should have gotten alot more then community service for the stunts you have pulled, and by the way your mom looks better then you do.

1131 days ago


I guess being a mother now and getting 50 grand a month in support just doesn't matter. Brooke wants her drugs and booze. I could see if she was young. She is 34 years old. I had an alcoholic father. No he didn't beat or molest me. He just was never there for me. He ended up broke and having my mother take care of him. And I can tell you from experience that sometimes with these people, it's ALL ABOUT ME! This ex-wife of Charlie Sheen should have NEVER had any children. I shudder to think what awaits these two children down the road with these two very selfish parents who don't care about anyone but themselves.

1128 days ago


Brook Mueller - What a selfi******tle loser. I feel for her two little boys. I understand she is getting 50 grand a month support from Charlie Sheen. And she STILL can't get her act together. My father was an alcoholic and children who grow up with substance abusing parents have life long scars. There does seem to be a selfish quality to these people. She needs to be in serioius, long term therapy.

1128 days ago
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