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Camille Grammer Wants Custody of Kids

6/2/2011 2:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Camille Grammer has fired back at ex-hubby Kelsey Grammer and is asking for primary custody of the couple's two kids ... this according to court documents obtained by TMZ.


In the docs, Camille's lawyers Neal Hersh and Judy Bogen grouse that Kelsey made a "bad faith" media play when he asked the judge last month for primary custody of Mason and Jude.

The lawyers note that  the kids live in California and have needs that will go unfulfilled if they leave the state.  According to the public documents, Camille is particularly pissed off that Kelsey wants to take the kids out of California for part of the summer, since Jude has had learning problems, repeating kindergarten twice, and Mason wants to go to a local camp.

The documents make it clear -- it's war.


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Sienna Sacha    

only a complete lunatic would allow this women to have custody of a child. . . .she is after more money, no more, no less. . .. she's just a old looking ho who is about a month away from being on the pole and finding her nightly place on some corner. . . . .KEEP this women away from any kid. . .anywhere. .. .

1185 days ago


Kelsey started the BS by asking for sole custody, while she wanted joint (the way it shoud be), so I'm okay with her filing.

1185 days ago


Men make me sick they only ask for custody when the getting or get devoiced to hurt the women. Give me a break kelsey.

1185 days ago


Negotiating tactic only. She doesn't want the responsibility of the kids, she just wants more $$.

1185 days ago


I'm on the prowl for a new sugar daddy. I'll spread my legs, hold my farts in, and let him have me until he marries me. Then pfffffffffffffffffffffffffttttttt. I win.

1185 days ago


I know he played one on TV, but maybe Kelsey should consult a real psychiatrist to get to the bottom of his apparent unresolved rage against Camille. If he was thinking of the best interest of the children, instead of himself, he wouldn't uproot them and would stick to his already-committed-to deal with her. And, the way he dealt with leaving her - geez! Man Up.

1185 days ago


can't say who the best parent is out of these 2 because I have never seen them with their children

but I do know that it isn't fair to uproot young children
it's upsetting enough to the kids that daddy is no longer there with them and mommy
they don't need to be taken away from all things familiar and secure on top of it..their friends, school, teachers, neighbors -even their familiar bedrooms and backyard etc.

what I do feel is that Kelsey is all about himself and his ego and I don't think he has the childrens best interest at heart

first he chose to do Broadway (probably as a way of putting distance between him and a wife he decided he no longer wanted so he could live the single life and find the next young blond)

he didn't need the money and he didn't need to go that far away form his children for such a long time

and now wanting to uproot them...and making them try to cope overnight with not seeing their mother on a daily basis, but instead their new "step-mother" who they have never met before

when he's done Broadway, if he gets another TV show (producing or acting in it) it will probably be out of LA not NY
so then he'll have to uproot them again

unless there is something terrible about Camille that none of us are privy to, she should have primary physical custody

and Camille should drop out of the Real Housewife show NOW..even though it was Kesey's idea for her to do it
not best for the kids and anything she accidentally does/says there is on tape and Kelsey will use it against her

1185 days ago


Has anyone noticed that Kelsey's new wife kinda resembles Jack Nicholson as the Joker from the 1989 Batman movie? No one? Just me then.

1185 days ago


I wonder if she ever served up Tossed Salad and scrambled eggs?

Barry's Conspiracy World

1185 days ago


Kelsey is a troubled & unstable person & should not have custody of his children. He only wants custody so he won't have to pay child support.

1185 days ago

Law Lover    

Kelsey is a jerk. He should think about the kids and not himself for once! I hope after the assets are divided that Kayte then takes him to the cleaners! He will be left broke.

1185 days ago


I hope Camille retains custody. She was the primary caretaker while he was in NY. This is Camille's 1st marriage while Kelsey is on #3 or #4 with a baby mama to boot.

Those children do not need that type of instability in their lives at this point.

kelsey just doesn't want to pay child support.

1185 days ago



1185 days ago


Camille deserves custody of the kids. They have always lived with their mother. They deserve nothing less now.

1185 days ago


I don't like Camille. Having watched her on her show, I've seen how shallow & self-absorbed she is, to the point of having five nannies take care of her kids, so she can socialize with the Beverly Hills crowd and not have to do the every day things that normal mothers do. She actually called upstairs to her nannies to see how one of her children was doing, when the child was sick. She couldn't even bother to go upstairs and check up on her child. She didn't even have her own kids, she had surrogates. That being said, they have always lived with her, so that is what they are used to. Perhaps the kids are not doing well with her, and have asked Kelsey to let them live with him. Who knows. None of us really know what is going on between them, so it's hard to say which parent is best. But, for Kelsey to go to the extreme of asking for full custody, it makes me wonder if things are very wrong in Camille's home for them because that's an uphill battle, taking kids away from a mother.

1185 days ago
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