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Kelsey Grammer: Let's Go to Trial, Camille!

6/2/2011 3:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer has just filed legal docs that make it clear ... he's given up hope that he can settle his custody battle with Camille Grammer and he wants a judge to settle it once and for all.


In the documents, obtained by TMZ, Kelsey's lawyer, Lance Spiegel, notes that a child custody expert is evaluating Kelsey, Camille and their 2 kids, to determine how custody should be parceled out. 

Once the evaluation is in, Kelsey wants a trial ... so it looks like he doesn't hold out hope he can strike a deal with his ex.

According to the docs, a temporary arrangement is in place until July 2 -- one month from today -- so the clock is ticking.


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This man is an idiot ! I hope the judge kicks his dumbass round the block . The last thing he cares about is the kids , he just wants to cause her grief. Using kids like that is unconscionable but then that is him through and through . World class jerk !

1209 days ago


Kelsey, you made your bed in NY now live with it and leave the kids alone.

1209 days ago

Fidel's niece    

..."so the clock is ticking."-

on his marriage #4.

Dumbazz is stuck between the ex/gold digger
and a present one.

Stuck between the rock and a hard place...

1209 days ago


Kelsey is a real piece of work. He cheats on his wife, gets his girlfriend pregnant, insists on a divorce so he can marry his mistress, then after he does all that crap, he tries to take his kids away from their mother. What an a-hole.

1209 days ago


Wait, I thought white people were perfect?

1209 days ago

tony gee    

Kelsey, you are not dressed for suckcess. You look so butch in this pic. You could try on that Treacy Philip hat and that scarf, dear Jesus! My my, you should know better than that. Get something silky around the neck and the blouse, my goodness. You should wear something like the color of your eyes. In this pic I cannot tell whether you are wearing a stilleto or any Loubotins.

Kelsy, you cannot win with that attire. Now go home and change to something demure.

1209 days ago


Camille is a train wreck. Those kids would be better off with Kelsy. Did anyone see her on HWOBH, she is so unstable! Just because he dumped her doesn't make him a bad guy, it makes him smart.

1209 days ago


Camille met him when he was nearly bankrupt and recovering addict just out of rehab. No pre-nup becasue there was nothing but Cheer's residuals and an yet-to-be syndicated Frasier, which isn't much to someone with a drug problem, just ask Charlie Sheen.

He can't claim the RHOBH is bad for his kids because he's the one that signed Camille up; to keep her occupied while he cheated in NY. He didn't need or want his kids while he was in NY shacking-up with a flight attendant.

It's California, she get's half of everything earned while they were married, which is most of his current net worth considering he was living check-to-check when they met.

Child support is less of an issue for someone that about to get 50-60... million dollars! He'll probably have to set-up or continue to contribute a certain amount/percentage of his future income to a trust fund for his kids.

I agree with earlier comments that this is just a cheap ploy to excuse himself when he loses; he can then run off with the new bride and not feel guilty about abandoning his kids. Suicide by cop theory - he forces a custody battle that he knows he'll lose, so he doesn't have to do the dirty work of explaining ti his kids why he abandoned them!

BTW, they had 4 nannies on (RETAINER), like people do with lawyers, because Kelsey travelled and Camille and his kids went with him.
They couldn't call some neighborhood kid to travel to NY and watch the kids while they went to the Tony Awards. The nannies have lives and familes and aren't always able to travel at the drop of a hat, which is why they had 4 on retainer, they didn't all work at the same time.

1209 days ago


She should have known something was going. It seems that he left her for another woman (sign). Then the fiance is pregnant before he is divorced. Next he wants to go ahead and settle so he can move on and marry the fiance.

I'm not a big fan of Camille but I would not have agreed to that fast settlement. She should have known something was going on and this is it.

1209 days ago


Wonder if Camille regrets saving his life in Hawaii when he had that heart-attack?

He's an typical right-wing hypoccrite:

Drug addict
Sex Perv

He should run for office with Trump!

1209 days ago

D. Bos. of Balt.    

I like how you idiots are Judge and Executioner!!!

1209 days ago


Shame, shame Kelsey. What kind of a man would do these things? Leave your family like that and then try to take the children away from their own mother? Sorry, money can't buy you everything, and it sure didn't acquire you a heart.

1209 days ago


She's not much of a mom from what I have seen on the housewives show.She uses 3-4 nannies-what is she doing? I never saw her talk about the kids-who were carried by a surrogate. If I went to that much trouble to have kids, they would always be with me. He must have some proof that she is unfit. Why do the moms always get custody? Sounds like their marriage was over for some time before he went to NY. She is having a difficult time gving up the money. She should get a few million and move on. He made that money acting/working-she did not earn it.

1209 days ago


Good luck with that one douche bag!

1209 days ago


I'd rather take her to bed myself. I don't care what's man made and what ain't. She's got a body built to f...!!

1209 days ago
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