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Kelsey Grammer Wants to Separate Kids

6/3/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer is denying it, but TMZ has obtained black and white proof that he wants to split up his kids, taking his son to live with him in Chicago and leaving his 9-year-old daughter behind in California.


TMZ broke the story ... Camille Grammer wanted custody of the former couple's 2 kids because Kelsey wanted to split them up.  Kelsey's lawyer told us her story was "inaccurate."  But we've obtained a letter Kelsey's lawyer sent to Camille's attorney which says exactly what Camille claims.

The letter, dated April 29, 2011, says "Kelsey proposes ... Kelsey shall have primary physical custody of Jude and Camille shall have primary physical custody of Mason."  The letter says Kelsey wants to enroll 6-year-old Jude in a Chicago school.


The letter also outlines very specific terms of the custody agreement, including when each parent gets the kids on holidays.

Camille filed for primary physical custody yesterday ... and we've learned she wants custody so the kids aren't separated from each other.

As for Kelsey, his rep, Stan Rosenfield, tells TMZ, "Despite the fact that those connected with Camille Grammer seem to be hand delivering confidential documents to TMZ and other media outlets, we will continue not to make public statements about their private matters which can and apparently does beg for misinterpretation."

Rosenfield continues, "There is no valid reason to drag the Grammer children into any media spotlight."


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The daughter is older and knows the real Kelsey. The son is still young enough to be manipulated.

1203 days ago


Joey_I love TMZ til ya piss me off - You are one long-winded person. We all knew that stuff. But thanks for the complete biography of Kelsey. You sure you don't want to include the Declaration of Independence or maybe Websters dictionary???
Kelsey, you are a real jerk! Make your own babies with your new teen age wife.

1203 days ago


@mag 35 minutes ago

You can feel so alone when your parents split up, and it can be comforting to have a sibling when your are in that situation. You have another person who shares that loss of family, as you have known it since birth. Someone to talk to by just walking into their room or giving them a hug. I think it would be devastating to those children to split them up.
thank you
you speak as someone who may have been there

what an eloquent way you have of stating things

I totally agree that these children..any children ..should not be divided like the spoils of war or property during a divorce

1203 days ago


Doesn't he work and live in New York? So, he wants to take his son from his mother and then send the kid to Chicago? I wonder what he'd say if Camille's people shot back "you can have Mason and Camille will keep Jude?" I know she won't do that because she cares about her kids, but is it really just that he loves his so more than his daughter? He is a total a$$!!!

1203 days ago


You can pick and choose your wives, Kelsey, not your children.

1203 days ago


SELFISH LYING FOOL, KELSEY! I hope you lose custody of them both--you've done enough damage.

1203 days ago


This guy is a complete bas tard! What parent in their right mind wants to split up the kids? And they're already living with Camille, so that's even more trauma to them. Oh, and I guess his daughter is expendable because she's a girl, huh? This is all kinds of wrong. The judge should kick this case to the curb but who knows if he/she will, cause Kelsey's got $$$$?

Team Camille all the way on this one!

1203 days ago


No six year old should be asked who he wants to live with. He doesnt have the mental maturity to make that choice. Its cruel to make him choose one parent over the other. it would be different if he was sixteen. If Kelsy goes to court he will lose. Big time.

1203 days ago


What a selfish jerk!

1203 days ago


Kelsey Grammer is a selfish, cheating B-A-S-T-A-R-D!!!

1203 days ago


As an extra in his new series "Boss" filming in Chicago, I can attest to the fact that Kelsey has been very professional, very nice and engaging on the set with cast and crew alike, quite likeable and works very hard at his craft. His new wife has been in the background and frankly, she seems extremely nice and grounded as well. I see nothing wrong with bringing one child to Chicago with him, especially the young boy. He's filming here for quite a while and why not let his son enjoy an extended vacation in our beautiful, well-grounded city? Remember, there are always 4 sides to every story....

1203 days ago


What a jerk, he doesn't deserve to have have them.

1203 days ago


What a DOUCHEBAG. Vile egotistical excuse for a man.

1203 days ago


Why on earth would any judge allow siblings to be seperated when the mother is stable and wants to continue raising both her children. I think it shows just who Kelsey Grammar is that he would even want to seperate his kids. His daughter must just feel awlful. Having a parent not want you is the pits!

1203 days ago


Beth/Wife #3 or #4/Kayte, I'm sure you're bored, sitting there while Kelsey films and you think you're all set now that you've successfully broken up a family, and you are excited about twisting the knife by taking her youngest child from her, but know that Karma has a way of equaling things out. And you'll have no sympathizers when it does.

1203 days ago
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