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BET Won't Kill Rihanna 'Murder' Video

6/2/2011 1:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

BET is sticking to their guns after airing Rihanna's new "Man Down" music video -- which contains a brutal murder scene -- telling TMZ, they will continue to air it ... despite one really angry group of parents.


A rep for BET tells us the network refuses to pull the video -- explaining, BET "has a comprehensive set of standards and guidelines that are applied to all of our content.  The Rihanna 'Man Down' video complied with these guidelines and was approved for air."

As we previously reported, the Parents Television Council called on BET to pull the video yesterday -- claiming it depicted a "cold, calculated execution of murder" ... and wasn't suitable for television.

0602_rihanna_video_launch2But the people have decided -- the rep for BET tells us, the video has already made today's top 10 countdown.


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And, what the hell kind of guidelines are they, BET? How would she like to be on the receiving end of a gun? Murder is not OK.

1218 days ago

Mulholland Drive    

Rihanna walks around with her ass visibly hanging out of every seam of fabric she EVER wears, gyrates on stage like a porn whore, on every t.v. show she's ever appeared on.

Gets her ass slapped around for bullying up on Chris Brown and then to top it off...

She makes a video about shooting a man after he rapes her.

What a dumb broad.

She will do anything for shock value.

An attention slore.

It's the lowest of the low.

1218 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

My kids will never listen to her. She's got no talent and will never be a role model.

1218 days ago


I just heard the song and for a pop song it's not half bad. I like roots reggae and this style, although leaning more toward dancehall is not disappointing at all. Maybe I should get myself to a hearing doctor but that's how I feel about it.

1218 days ago


Kudos to BET, these people need to pay attention to what is going on in their own house, and stop worrying about what is on television, if that is the case they need to protest all of these cop shows that come on regular network at 8 pm and 9pm every night with way more graphic scenes than this. It's a d*mn video, I am sure their children see much worst on their video games. Please. Stick to your guns BET.

1218 days ago

J Anglin    

Just hope she doesn't get compared to a Dove Bar - THAT would certainly need to be stricken from the air waves.....

1218 days ago


There is absolutely nothing about that video that hasn't been seen in 100 different tv shows every bloody night. Tru Blood depicts scenes of people eating one another for goodness sakes!If parents don't want their children watching the video then shut the tv off! She's a rock star ergo not responsible for parenting our kids.

1218 days ago


Anybody remember Garth Brooks' video for "And the Thunder Rolls"? That one got yanked!

1218 days ago


im not a big fan...i just watched the vid to see what all the hype is all about...i don't really like the song much either but my goodness...really?? its not anything to be complaining about....i think there are much bigger things to be bitchin about rather than a video...i don't see it as violence...

1218 days ago


This is an artist that has chosen to market herself at such venues as Nick's Kid Choice awards. Criticism of her video is fair game from parents.

1218 days ago

Palm Beach, FL    

Now this is the reason why Negros should not be in charge of anything. Those coconut heads are just idiots.

1218 days ago


Rihanna sucks. This video is lame and the song is too. That being said, it does not need to be pulled for violence. First of all, turn on network TV any night of the week and there are far worse scenes of violence and murder. This is totally tame compated to that. Second of all, this is by far not the first person to ever be shot and killed in a music video! This isn't anything new. Music videos are violent and very sexual and it's been going on since the 90's - so why make an example out of Rihanna? Absurd.

1218 days ago


Why is there no WET?

1218 days ago


bet is a very racist channel and they only care about blacks,heck its in there name,why is bet on the air but to promote racist agenda

1218 days ago


I am a grown woman and I think shes a sick violent b@@@h Just like Chris Brown!! See you on your way down honey!!!

1218 days ago
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