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BET Won't Kill Rihanna 'Murder' Video

6/2/2011 1:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

BET is sticking to their guns after airing Rihanna's new "Man Down" music video -- which contains a brutal murder scene -- telling TMZ, they will continue to air it ... despite one really angry group of parents.


A rep for BET tells us the network refuses to pull the video -- explaining, BET "has a comprehensive set of standards and guidelines that are applied to all of our content.  The Rihanna 'Man Down' video complied with these guidelines and was approved for air."

As we previously reported, the Parents Television Council called on BET to pull the video yesterday -- claiming it depicted a "cold, calculated execution of murder" ... and wasn't suitable for television.

0602_rihanna_video_launch2But the people have decided -- the rep for BET tells us, the video has already made today's top 10 countdown.


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If Parents Television had their way, there'd be nothing on TV but reruns of Father Knows Best and Lassie. And they're stone cold silent about all the vicious sexism and abuse routinely depicted in rap/gangsta/hip hop and rock/pop videos. I guess abusing, stereotyping and humiliating women is OK with them.

1202 days ago


I don't see nothing wrong with the video. Parents need to Parent their children, turn off the damn T.V. and read a book. These rugrats watch too much T.V. and play too many video games and their parents sit around with their thumbs up their a** and expect the public to raise or even think about their children. Play the video again, and again and again!

And throw your racist comments at you MTV.... GTFOH!

1202 days ago


First off I think Rhianna makes horrific retarded music but these moral majority parent blah blah blah groups are bull****. 99% of complaints networks get are from these groups not actual offended people. They probably want every music video to be Jesus holding hands with puppy's on a rainbow in heaven. **** them

1202 days ago


The angry people who want to ban this video, what do you think the Real World is the world outside of your safe little homes? Banning her video won't ban reality. B. E. T. knows that There are movies, with killings and blood and violence and cops that shoot innocent people, and pictures of people overseas killing one another, her video pales next to all the other stuff going on.

1202 days ago


What do you expect from BET? Where's the White Entertainment Channel? Oh, I forgot, that would be discrimination.

1202 days ago


WTG BET!!! This is an awesome video!

1202 days ago


I don't have an issue with the content really but I have an issue with Rihanna. For someone who had the **** beaten out of her by her ex, she sure does enjoy sexualizing violence in her lyrics and videos. I guess her standards go out the window when it comes to money and public attention. A real beauty but nothing more than a typical music biz whore. I have zero respect for her.

1202 days ago


Rihanna's a fame whore. Want to see real-life pictures of dead kids? Then go here, to the "Kids Killed" section.

1202 days ago


Of course it "shot to the top 10." The ghetto, thug contingent that love this crap think that guns and murder are just a part of everyday life. Are black Americans not sick of this stereotype yet? I'm white, and I sure am.

1202 days ago


BET should not even exist - they are just as bad as White Supremacists!! All they are there for is to promote hatred against whites - they have turned the tables and are now the racist ones. Hell my wife is Black and she thinks they are racist for trying to promote segregation between blacks and whites.
they should be called "WEDGE" not BET.
Entertainers are entertainers regardless of their colors. do we have a WET or AET for asians? NO. the world has grown up but obviously not the people from BET!!

1202 days ago


Rhinna, when your in the public eye you are a role model for young kids whether you like it or not. If ya don't like that common concept then quit being an entertainer and hang it up. Geez...........

1202 days ago



1202 days ago


Rihanna, you disgust me. How could ANYONE make a disgusting video about killing another human being is revolting. You all must not think too much of yourselves to lower yourselves to garbage.

1202 days ago


Telling it like it is its a sick socity today. I wanna see the real truth though. The mens they be cutting off the heads and putting the on the desk at the police station putn up his hands says take me away. Now he gets three meals a day. Not pretty eneenough

1202 days ago


I think if a KID wants 2 shoot himself or anybody else,that person is going 2 do it anyways with or without this Video...

1202 days ago
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