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Charlie Harper's

Exit From 'Men' --

Dee Plane!!!

6/3/2011 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Harper -- Charlie Sheen's character on "Two and a Half Men" -- will probably get a "French kiss off" from creator Chuck Lorre.  Worry not ... we'll explain.

During the last original episode that aired February 14, Harper and his stalker/neighbor Rose were headed for the airport to catch a flight to Paris.

Sources connected with the production tell TMZ ... it's likely Lorre will use the flight to rid the show of Charlie Harper once and for all.   And get this -- the flight was never intended to be a cliffhanger -- it just happened that was the last episode shot before Charlie Sheen melted down.

Of course, the obvious scenario is a plane crash.  But our sources say that's not going to happen because producers are not going to make the other passengers sacrificial lambs -- even though they don't really exist.

As for what Lorre is planning ... we're told it's not in cement, but Charlie Harper could bid adieu to Malibu and say bonjour to Paris.


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How cute Charlie is posting here on several screen names. Not winning?

1203 days ago

John dowser    

You guys giving Charlie crap are a bunch of idiots. Kutcher is a kiss ass scab. And his wife Demi, who has been friends with Charlies brother Emelio is a disloyal has been who's looking for the $ with no integrity. Kutcher is a frickin dope and I hope this show nose dives hard into the ground. I wont watch 1 minute of it. You Charlie haters are losers/ trolls...

1203 days ago


Paris is the home of face transplants. So plane crash or some mishap in France and the character could eventually come back played by a different actor.

1203 days ago



Go fetch a 7 gram rock, Chuckles wants you to be his bitch!

1203 days ago


Bye-bye, Charlie. Missing that $1.8 M/wk.yet??? Oh how the high
and arrogant have fallen!!! You have no one to blame but your
sorry spoiled self. You are totally irrelevant now. And your
agent's phone is eerily silent, too, right, Big Boy!!! You've
REALLY shown Mr. Lorre, who is SO happy to be rid of your antics!!

1203 days ago


Ashton's character is Rose's brother.

He moves into her Malibu Beach home now that she's off to Paris with Charlie. Maybe she's knows about it, maybe she doesn't.

Keeps Rose in the show, if just for cameos or periodic appearances.

Gives easy intro for Ashton into the 2.5 men scenario.

Ashton lives off the family money, surfs, chases women, etc., etc.

This could work.

1203 days ago


Charlie is as big a dirtbag as they come, no different than 99.9% of all actors in LA he was just doing and saying publicly everything they keep on the low.
Warner right to stand up to him and when he wouldn't listen to reason they were justified in breaking him off.
Nobody can dispute the show was a success because of Charlie and to think Ashton Kutcher can carry the show the way charlie did is absurd.

1203 days ago


It's best just to say Charlie and Rose loved Paris so much they decided to stay. Sadly, this means the end of Rose. Unless she visits to sell her house for a minute.

1203 days ago


LOL now does Kutcher look like he would fit into a Paris environment? HA....Try moving him into a 'country atmosphere' where he could be a school teacher, teaching 2nd graders. After all he comes across to me as if he's about 12 years old.

1203 days ago


LOSING!! Good riddance sleaze.

1203 days ago


I've never watched the show so watched the clip. That's supposed to be funny? For that he was paid $2M or so an episode? The movie Idiocracy is looking less and less like a spoof, more and more like a prediction.

1203 days ago


Someone may have already said this, didn't read the comments, but it sounds to me like Lorre wants to leave the door open for Charlie to come back after the show tanks without him as we all know it will.

1203 days ago


Poor Melanie loses her job too? I guess no Charlie, no need for a stalker....
That's the same thing I was thinking. Rose will be the only one out of a job, at least for next season.

1203 days ago


Well it looks like Charlie has been hitting either the pipe or the bottle again, or did he ever stop? Dude looks high as a kite on here. lol

1203 days ago


After this new season tanks, they have an easy way to bring Charlie back. Plain and simple, they're covering their backs without saying it. Don't be fooled, thats why Ashtons contract is for just one year. Charlie WILL be back. After everyone checks out the first episode this season the ratings will decline weekly until they have no choice but to bring him back.

1203 days ago
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