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Dodger Assault Suspect Loses Bid for Freedom

6/3/2011 3:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Giovanni Ramirez -- the guy who is suspected of beating a San Francisco Giants' fan to a pulp outside Dodger Stadium -- just lost a big round in his fight to get out of prison.


Ramirez was thrown back in the pokey on May 22 for allegedly violating his parole by being a felon in possession of a firearm or ammo.

Today Ramirez had a hearing before the parole commissioner, who ruled there was not only ample evidence to keep him behind bars, but that he should accept an 11-month sentence for having a gun.  Ramirez rejected the offer, so now he'll stay in prison until he gets a full hearing.

Interestingly, the commissioner had information about the Dodger Stadium attack but dismissed that part of the case.  At first blush, it looks like the commissioner may have felt there wasn't enough evidence to pin the beating on Ramirez.  But we're told authorities presented virtually no evidence about the beating of Giants' fan Bryan Stow because the firearms violation was clear.

Ramirez claims he wasn't at Dodger Stadium on the day of the attack.

Authorities are determining whether to prosecute Ramirez for the Dodger Stadium attack.

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No Avatar


This guy is going to be right at home in prison. Hopefully he will get what's coming to him while in there.

1147 days ago


This sure looks like the s*** bag, glad they got him , tattos are so ugly! dont understand when celeberties get them espcially visible ones gross!! The only thing he'll even be famous for is being a s***bag.

1147 days ago


He wasn't at the stadium or in the game so they say- but what does that matter- the attack happened outside the game.. and you don't have to have been inside the stadium or even boughten a ticket to be in the location of where the attack took place.

1147 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I heard his wife/girlfriend is pregnant too!!!!

1147 days ago


Many of you should never be on a jury. Your stupidity proceeds you.

1147 days ago


judging by the tattoos, this guy is MS-13. Mara Salvaturcha.

1147 days ago


He's now representative of far too much that is America now. Far far too much. Wilding, Flash Mobs, disrespect to any and all, not just authority, but to basic manners, customs, and simple politeness. Its an Entitled Society. A welfare state. Surrounded by violence. Its not the Country any of us know anymore. It will continue until the madness cant be supported any longer and an absolute Revolution takes place. Until then, expect more individuals like this one with the senseless violence.

1147 days ago

Dragon Tattoo    

He should be on house arrest at the Lohan compound! Who would escape first!

1147 days ago

I KNOW    

TMZ Is full of Shizz. This does not mean that he is going to stay in prison. He will have his hearing in a few weeks, and the outcome of that hearing will determine his future. What I want to know is how TMZ got this information, as the results of his parole hearing is confidential!

1147 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

freedom is overrated anyways...meh.

1147 days ago


He has a tattoo of a tear and his tattoo is ridiculous. Guilty.

1147 days ago

right straight    

Looks like an upstanding gent!

1147 days ago


This is obviously not a classy guy, but from what it seems everyone is eager to charge this guy with the beating without having access to any of the evidence. The L.A.P.D., like so many police departments around the country, are more willing to tirelessly force a person into confessing instead of properly building a solid case against a suspect.
If the L.A.P.D. is so sure he is the guy, then why haven't they caught the other suspect and the woman driver who was supposedly wearing an Andre Ethier jersey. A good detective is able to follow the trail of assh*les from the main suspect the last.
Put it this way, if this guy really isn't guilty, then the person who is really responsible is going to be walking free with a big smile on his face. That is the consequence of putting the wrong people in jail - a poor schmuck spends years in jail while the guilty roam free without paying for their wicked deeds.
I don't have any love for gang members and violent criminals, but the L.A.P.D. is not doing the family of the victim any justice by just putting any dumb ass they find in jail, while the truly guilty are left to roam free.

1147 days ago

Go Giants!    

Does anyone know the name of this Parole Commissioner? Always been
weary of the word COMMISSIONER in a job title… Especially, in the L.A. Court System…
Commissioner = Wannabe - BAR Flunky. Most Court/Parole Commissioners cannot tell
you The Statute of Limitations pertaining to Criminal or Civil matters.
This guy is toast anyway. His tear drop tattoo = murder (187)
He is advertising the fact that he taken someone's life.
Is that not the sweetest thing? Come Hell or High Water -
This **** is going to stop. If the law and the courts can't handle it, there’s plenty of pissed
off vigilantes to the job done.

1147 days ago

Miss Bu    

he has a teardrop for a reason poor baby will that proudly but whines when he has to do time.

1147 days ago
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