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Bling Ring Suspect -- I Wanna SUE Over New Movie

6/5/2011 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ironic ... Burglar Bunch suspect Nick Prugo doesn't like people borrowing from him -- in fact, he tells TMZ he plans to sue over the new "Bling Ring" movie ... claiming Lifetime STOLE his likeness for profit.

Nick tells us, “I had no prior knowledge of this and am not affiliated in any way. I want to sue if possible. I’m in touch with my attorneys right now.”

He adds, "I just read the sides for my supposed part. I had to laugh. It's total fiction. They are filming somewhere this weekend for a club scene in Los Angeles. Maybe I'll drop by and surprise them."

But not everyone's pissed -- fellow BB suspect Tess Taylor tells us, she's best suited to act in the made-for-TV movie ... because she knows the truth ... "Where is the casting? I want to audition for a role."

So far, the "Bling Ring" movie doesn't have an official release date -- but you can expect to catch it later this summer.




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lol, you probably have a public defender you loser. You get nothing but a pretty jail cell and a fine upstanding citizen named Bubba

1240 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

Okay..but it's okay for him to steal? This guy is a loser! I hate people like him..Patty Baena gets mad over people not being loyal to her and this guy gets mad over people "stealing" from him..who cares! WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND!!

1240 days ago


Too bad these POS aren't from Singapore, they'd be getting what they REALLY deserve.... skin off their arses.

1239 days ago


If you do stupid idiotic things that garner national attention you just have to expect that someone is going to write about it or make a movie about it...he just needs to sit down and take it like a man.

1239 days ago


AHAHAHAHAHAH, SUE?????????????? Can you even afford an attorney you douche bag robber loser?! I doubt it and even if you could afford one, out of all ppl in this world, what makes you even think you have a 1% chance of winning? If it even makes it a court, judge will laugh and probably book u in jail for a few more years because he/she felt like you deserved more time. Useless piece of trash!

1239 days ago


dont know who he is but he is just dumb- first he says that he is suing because they are portraying him without his consent.... then he says he laughed at the script because it was "total fiction". Which is it?

1239 days ago


Why is he not in jail yet?

1239 days ago


He says the producers/ writers... whomever he is talking about is using his likeness without his permission. The funny thing is that.... not one of those actors look like any of the burglar bunch. In fact the actors they are using to portray the "bunch" are way prettier than the real losers could ever hope to look like. Good luck with that're trying to profit off of illegal activity that you were a willing participant in. Go get a life, and claw your way out of the image you gave yourself. It can be done, all you have to do is take responsibility, and stop looking for an easy way out. It will be a hard road, but everyone around you, including yourself will have more respect for you if you turn your life around the right way. It starts with you! Good luck with that.

1239 days ago


yet ANOTHER example of the CALIFORNIA CELEBRITY BIGOTED JUSTICE SYSTEM at work.. If these kids were from the inner city, their ass would have gone to court, sentenced and doing major, big-boy, poor-folk/minority time. Instead they're on the street ****y as hell, talking chit... then eventually this will go to court and the attorney will play the-"hey this is one of us [white] card, they don't deserve the same outcome as THEM"

They'll do a couple months in prison and community service, movie deal, and their own reality show.

1239 days ago


How are you going to pay a lawyer you stupid, low life THIEF??? You couldn't even support yourself, you had to steal from other rich successful people in order to live the lifestyle you wanted.

Let's get this straight...YOU are "mad" because somebody is making a movie about your crime spree? Those celeb's you stole from should sue YOU. Breaking and entering, grand theft, trespassing, fencing stolen goods, and on and on and on. You will be locked up for quite a while my dumbazz friend. After you get out of the joint, good luck finding legit employment since you will then be a CONVICTED FELON.

1239 days ago


When are these people going to go to trial? Its been like two years since getting charged.........

1239 days ago


A reporter named Ryan Nauuman who works fr TMZ has been texting me over the last two years and he gained a bit of my trust. When I first heard about the movie, from him, I was just venting. After I had contacted my lawyers idealize nothing could be done. Then my good old friem Ryan posted this story. In the two years I've been speaking with him he has never done something like this. Some of those are my quotes but some are not. I wish the cast the best of luck and had no intention of my private rant, to someone who I thought was smart and my friend, being news. Don't believe everything you read. And if your gonna talk shi about me on here try to use some wit, a dictionary, and not be so god damn ignorant. If your so interested in the case why not stop by on the next date? Until then most of you can go **** yourselves straight to hell you gutter trash losers. Stop jerking off I'm front of your computers and get some sunlight. Best. Nick.

1236 days ago


god damn auto correct. iPhone problems

1236 days ago

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