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Rep. Weiner

YES, the Penis Bulge is Mine

6/6/2011 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NY Congressman Anthony Weiner just confessed ... he IS the owner of the penis in the infamous  underwear pic and accidentally posted it on Twitter while trying to send it to another woman -- and he WON'T be resigning.

Rep Weiner

Weiner addressed the media in Manhattan this afternoon to take responsibility for the picture -- telling reporters, "The picture was of me, and I sent it" ... and he planned to send it to another woman.

The congressman says he will not resign from office because of the scandal -- and plans to return to his work following the conference.

As for his explanation, Weiner says he accidentally posted the pic to his Twitter account last month -- panicked when he realized what he did ... and falsely claimed he had been hacked.

"At the end of the day ... I lied because I was embarrassed."

Weiner adds, "I take full responsibility for my actions ... I have made terrible mistakes. I have not been honest with myself, my family , and my constituents."

According to Weiner, he engaged in several "inappropriate conversations" online -- and exchanged sexually explicit photos with "at least six women."

Weiner adds, "I have never met with these women, nor have had physical relationships at any time."

Weiner says he and his wife don't have plans to split over the controversy.


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i think he's also lying about that being his weiner. he clearly stuffs.

1201 days ago


Shocking! A politician that lies.

By the way he only confessed and took responsibility because he got caught in a web of lies. I would of had more respect for him had he just said no comment rather than lie.

1201 days ago


He may have lied, but it good to have a Congressman who is not technophobic. Don't hang Weiner, because he appears to be well hung enough.

1201 days ago


It is wrong to say it is men period Trish. I have never cheated and never will cheat. There are women who are faithful and women who cheat as well. It would be ill form for me to say it is women period if a story shows up about a woman cheating or sending photos over the internet.

1201 days ago


cody 3 minutes ago
did anyone else here Benji form the Howard Stern show yelling out questions?
there was a question if the Congressman supported Arnold's love-child.
And a question at the very end asking if his penis was fully erect in the picture.

love the stern show!


Yeah we all heard the *******. As a matter of fact Wiener was answering anything reports asked of him until that *********howed up and started yelling over everyone like an immature *******, which is pretty much par for the course anytime someone from Howard Stern shows up to "report on events".

Thanks Howard for sending your heckler in to torpedo an otherwise serious news conference. Hilarious...

1201 days ago

johnny boy    

he lies for ten days and then when he can't get out of it he finally confesses and that is called taking responsibility? responsibility would have been admitting up front NOT after he couldn't get out of it.

bonus for him though is that he won't have to answer the hard hitting boxers or briefs question that journalists like to ask Dem. Presidential candidates.

I would also be concerned that the guy looked at his package for 45 years probably at least twice a day so 32k times or so yet couldn't answer with certitude whether it was his or not. Should someone so obtuse really be in power?

1201 days ago


Well.... at least he "manned up" to his indiscretion.

1201 days ago

Dermatology 101    

According to unnamed sources close to the scandal, the Weiner photo was supposed to be sent to Harvey Levin, but it was flagged as spam and automatically got sent to his "junk" folder.

1201 days ago


Is anyone trustworthy anymore? Nothing but a bunch of creepers! His wife would be stupid to stay.

1201 days ago


Sonya in Tx

Your a Drone. No mater what they do you would NEVER say anything bad about them. Yea if he would have fest up to it the day after i could forgive him in a heartbeat, but to LIE? Say it was not him, he was hacked and it was a conspiracy against him? B.S. Ad were you and the pervert pulling for the other congressman who sent a pic of him with no shirt on? He was forced out.

Wiener has got to go.!!!!

1201 days ago


I wish Rep Weiner would have come out and admitted the truth when this first broke. I'm not sure where his political career will go from here. Hopefully he can come to terms with his actions and work out the issues with his wife and family.

1201 days ago


If this is going back 3 years, I don't tink he did anything inappropriate until after he and his future wife decided to be exclusive with each other. I mean, if two single poeple want to pass pictures, that's between them. I further think that since he was in his home and the blackberry isn't govenrment issued, he didn't do anything on givernment time or use government equipment. I think, like a lot of people, he didn't view his online activity as being unfaithful and saw it as harmless fun because he didn't meet any of these women and *engage* with them. I don't think, as it stands, that this is anything to resign over.

1201 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...omg..his wife is soooooo thing..that bulge must be ouchie for her! eeks

1201 days ago


that repub guy had to step down when he took pic of himself with shirt off.wonder if the dems call for this guys head as well?

1201 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

If that's really his manhood we see in the underwear pics, then it's not connected in the center of his body (based on the angle). I think he put something phallic shaped in his underwear.

1201 days ago
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