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Lenny Dykstra -- Handcuffed in Court, Held on $500K

6/6/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lenny Dykstra was handcuffed in court and locked up with bail set at a whopping half a MILLION bucks -- after the D.A. slapped him with 25 criminal charges.


Dykstra was taken into custody in L.A. County Superior Court at the end of his bail hearing. He did not enter a plea -- and is scheduled to be back in court Friday for bail review.

As we previously reported, the D.A. charged the former baseball star with 23 felony counts and 2 misdemeanors including auto theft, identity theft, and possession of coke and ecstasy.

The prosecutor said Dykstra's $500,000 bail amount represents the amount of property he is accused of stealing.

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So, where is Charlie Sheen with his checkbook?

1232 days ago



1232 days ago


yeah, auto theft = BAD, identity theft = VERY BAD. How can you, rob someone of hard earned THOUSANDS, you must be DESPERATE, Go try making $1,000, its HARD! Money is hard to MAKE and hard to FIND. "The difference between men and boys are the size of their toys"... Stealing money is WRONG, parking tickets are TOO MUCH, (example), Don't you see a SCALE of FAIRNESS? Don't you have a Moral COMPASS? Did you know there is some planet that rains diamonds? NO, BECAUSE YOU CAN'T PULL INFO OUT OF NOWHERE, you have to be informed. CHANGE! "PATRIOTS PAY TAXES"

1232 days ago


Come on Sheenius, forget hurricane relief (oh, you already did), your main man has fallen on hard times. Bail him out and get a stand on the corner and sell your e-cigs!
What's 25 criminal charges amongst good friends, anyway?

1232 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

I almost feel sorry for him. He's just a total idiot who earned a lot of money. If he had better advice, and a tad more self-control, he would be sitting pretty instead of heading for a long prison term. He is an object lesson for other idiots (which idiots will completely ignore the lesson, 'cause they're idiots).

1232 days ago

Big Daddy    

He can't be that stupid. Go help your freind Charlie.

1232 days ago

who dat    

Great video, he's a lifelong douche. Where's his boy Charlie now. Bet if you ask Sheen about him, he would say who? He is gonna do 3-5 even with a plea bargain. No way he will get acquitted.

1232 days ago


This is what happens when you neglect to have Shawn Chapman Holley represent you.

1232 days ago

sloppy seconds    

lmao! had life by the balls, was too arrogant to appreciate it, now you're lower than one of my floating turds in a public toilet.

lmfao! have fun having NO LIFE for the rest of your miserable life moron. lol.

1232 days ago


Just another dumbass loser.

1232 days ago


ATTN; "who dat" -

If Dykstra has no criminal history, he's not gonna do any state time. At worst, they'll give him a suspended sentence, and probation... to include some county time.

1232 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Aanonymous 22 minutes ago

ATTN; "who dat" -

If Dykstra has no criminal history, he's not gonna do any state time. At worst, they'll give him a suspended sentence, and probation... to include some county time.


I really love your optimism, but I think 24 felony charges trumps a life free of criminal history, I may be wrong, but I hope not......

1232 days ago


@ Rogue Warrior

It is called a "plea bargain" ...2/3rds of those charges are probably overlapping and/or difficult to prove and are there just for show and to prejudice the jury by the sheer number of counts.

He'll probably plead guilty to the slam dunk ones in exchange for a VERY reduced sentence.

Of course, then he will spend the rest of his life in court facing civil suits.

1232 days ago


As far as I'm concerned this means nothing. The court system is always making it seem like these celebs will be going to jail for a long time but once they get a top notch lawyer, the charges are magically dropped down to a misdemeanor, the celeb get 2 minutes in jail, 800 hours of community service, restitution and probation. The end.

I'm not even following this BS.

1232 days ago

Pete Beau    

sounds like a major coke binge gone awry

1232 days ago
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