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MJ's 'Thriller' Jacket -- Got $400k Layin' Around?!

6/6/2011 8:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's iconic red jacket from the "Thriller" video is hitting the auction block in Beverly Hills in a few weeks -- and it could be yours ... if you've got a spare $400,000 to blow.


The jacket -- which MJ personally autographed to his former costume designers -- is expected to fetch between $200k and $400k ... though we wouldn't be shocked if it soared past half a mil.

The jacket is one of several MJ items featured in the Julien's Auction event on June 25 and 26. Among the more interesting pieces -- the wig Michael wore at his "This Is It" news conference in London and a glove he wore at the American Music Awards.


The wig is expected to haul in between $4,000 and $6,000 -- and the glove is valued between $20k and $30k.



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For the accident of pepsi, michael solved with a simple transplant not with a wig!

1242 days ago


Isn't that chess set the one MJ & his was playing with?

1242 days ago


Butterfly 3 hours ago
I am glad that some of the money will go to the Shambala Preserve, I think that would be very nice.


Master Po 3 hours ago (AKA) james-317
Come into the future, if you lay down that past which you carry I know you will make it into 2011. Count to 10 and try real hard.

OhWell 35 minutes ago
Did you know that your avatar is from a sketch that MJ did?

1242 days ago

sarah smile    

This is probably another BS story by TMZ, and half the comments on here the BS ones are from TMZ internals. The jacket, glove...yeah...but didn't they already sell these last year? The wig, I doubt it, who would have donated that...who donates this stuff?

YES, MJ wore a wig, he had half his scalp burned (3rd degree) off. Shall we list all the public people who wear hair pieces, check out Steven extensions all the everyday...the list goes on and one. Nice plugs on Travolta and many, many more!

RIP, Michael Jackson!

1242 days ago


More proof that Michael did not want to be black. If he had, he would have opted for a wig that looked like somewhat of an afro. It least it would have looked more realistic.

1242 days ago


Aw, stop being so nasty, I still miss him.

1242 days ago


have a gaegresale

1242 days ago


Michael Jackson's Hair Exhibit in Atlanta - Lynda Parrish (Former Stylist)

1242 days ago


The jacket alone will bring in much more than $400k!!
It wouldn't surprise me if they could get well over a couple million for it.
I remember back when MJ wore it in the video, it wasn't only his fans flipping out over that jacket, but a lot of kids were running out to the stores trying to buy one on the order of it!
I bought my nephew one. Ha-ha!!

1242 days ago

sarah smile    

The Neko Nation 26 minutes ago Why would anyone waste that much money on some drug addicted pedophiles belongings? That money could be used in a much more positive way to help the poor and even abused children. Wouldn't that be ironic if the money for Whacko Jacko's items went to help kids who are sexually abused by drug addicted pedophiles!

Oh please...! You're comment is a joke and a laugh. sexually abused by Michael Jackson, yeah right. The entire court room knew that gavin clan were a bunch of scam liars as did everyone who ever met that family...! Jordan admit that MJ never touched him that's why Sneddon knew supboneaed him during the trial, cause MEZZ had a witness to testify Jorand and his family were money hungry liars. You're comment is hilarious! Write something of substance, or...get lost!

1242 days ago


At least this is a new article. thank you!

1242 days ago


Thank You Phantom, I have enjoyed your postings. Very nice videos of Michael.
Thanks Again!

1242 days ago

sarah smile    

The Neko Nation 6 minutes ago @ sarah smile, STFU you silly *******! You are a sick piece of ******* to condone child molestation. Why pay off someone and give them millions if you didn't molest them? Why? Because Whacko Jacko liked to molest little boys. He liked to abuse drugs. Now he is rotting and luckily for society he is dead and he ain't coming back! So ******* you and your family and the rest of you dirtbags who support and condone child molestation.

OH PLeASE, you're probably an internal writing crap day in and day out to get posts. You're the sick freak, you change your log in name every other post, obsessed with this BS crap. Who gives a crap about what YOU think, you don't do you. You believe he did it, so be it...believe it, is the tooth fairy comin' tonight too, did Santa slide down your chimney last year. Molestation, give me a frickin' break. MJ didn't pay a cent to anyone, not one person, period. We've been over this for 2 years now. Think what you want, you're an idiot. Have some TEA with your PARTY too. Moron! Don't comment back, you're too stupid to engage with. Go save Gavin and Jordan, heee, heee, heee!

RIP, Michael Jackson. You rock!

1242 days ago
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