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MJ's 'Thriller' Jacket -- Got $400k Layin' Around?!

6/6/2011 8:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's iconic red jacket from the "Thriller" video is hitting the auction block in Beverly Hills in a few weeks -- and it could be yours ... if you've got a spare $400,000 to blow.


The jacket -- which MJ personally autographed to his former costume designers -- is expected to fetch between $200k and $400k ... though we wouldn't be shocked if it soared past half a mil.

The jacket is one of several MJ items featured in the Julien's Auction event on June 25 and 26. Among the more interesting pieces -- the wig Michael wore at his "This Is It" news conference in London and a glove he wore at the American Music Awards.


The wig is expected to haul in between $4,000 and $6,000 -- and the glove is valued between $20k and $30k.



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Poor Michael, he owned so beautiful things and now they're getting sold.Just like that. We shoud never count on anything in this life.Its better to have a good soul than a Mountain of possessions.I LOVE Michael, he was a good kind man.How I truly wish I could change our world to a perfect one.(I believe there is a God and he will set things right).

1203 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

awesome. a 'michael jackson' garage sale!!! imma go get me a roll of quarters. i am sure i'll walk away with some real good deals!! yeah, baby!!!

1203 days ago

JLo on Steroids    

@Brigha from UK thank you, Glenda in texas I completely the nobody get a clue he was never convicted "The DCFS says there was NO evidence against Michael Jackson."

1203 days ago


Thanks Phantom of the Opera for all those great videos of MJ.

His Music, and talent, humantarianism and beautiful lyrics he wrote are his Legacy. People all over the world enter contest to see if they can Dance like him.

The hateful commentors "can't take that away from him" or all the awards he recieved for his talent.

To those who say MJ was wierd, they need to read the history of Mozart, and VanGogh, or Beethoven! The Tea Party has Polititians that have been to the Betty Ford clinic, and the Tea party still re-elects them.

Like Ness said, DCFS had NO evidence on Micheal and even the FBI files released after Micheals death showed they could not find anything on Micheal to support any the DA's allegations.

The Thriller Video is now in Library of Congress.

RIP Micheal.

Your Fans now and in the future "Will Be There for you."

1203 days ago


I wish I had the money. I'd LOVE to own that iconic red jacket. Well done to the lucky person who buys it.

1203 days ago



Are you sure you are a fan?

1203 days ago


susie 6 hours ago


Are you sure you are a fan?


I know I am.

But what are you?????

1203 days ago

kathy 40    

Even MJ's costume designers betray him. These items belong to his 3 children or in a Hall of Fame or better yet: a Michael Jackson Museum. The Thriller movie is inducted in the Library of Congress. It's American cultural history. I'm sure the Shambala Reserve will benefit from the 20% MJ left to charity, so they don't need this money.

1203 days ago


He was so refine!!!

1203 days ago


Its very sad how so many of his so-called friends instead of giving back some/most of MJ's belongings to his children they are selling them to make a quick buck. It just shows how Hollywood/show business and money is so dirty. OK fine the selling of his iconic Jacket is one thing. Everyone knew he owned it and wore it. Its nothing private or his many iconic gloves he wore during his concerts.But give me a break his wig?? Wow people have no regards to this mans privacy at all. His families feeling expecially his childrens??Its something that he tried to keep private and away from the media. I have no words to describe how upsetting this is. Michael once said that he tried to hire those that steal the least from him. He knew that it was like finding a needle in a haystack to find a honest real person in his business. He was not stupid at all but he did many times get ill advise from those who were suppose to have his back. He was human like you and I. He cut, bleed and cried like you and I. He was not superman or characpicture. That people can throw daggers at and would never get distroyed. People seem to forget that he was human!! He has children that love and loved him. Do you not have any respect for them?? I am so sick and tired of the mean moronic comments!!
I am not blinded by the media, or the spotlight!! I know Michael J Jackson was not perfect. Neither am I !! But I will not lie underneath it all, I will always love and respect him. R.I.P MJJ

1203 days ago


Michael Jackson collection at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame featuring the Thriller Jacket.

There are two Thriller jackets in existance.

1203 days ago
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