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TMZ Live -- Will Facebook Make You Cheat?

6/6/2011 2:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is social media to blame for Congressman Weiner's escapades? Plus, Harvey and Charles go at it over Reese Witherspoon's attack on sex tapes -- is she a hypocrite?

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(2:10) Congressman Anthony Weiner came clean today -- admitting he sent dirty pics to multiple women! We cut LIVE to his press conference. Awkwarrrrrd.
(5:20) Mike gives a blow-by-blow of Weiner's announcement.
(8:10) Max says Facebook is the enemy if you're in a relationship -- because it's a "meat market."
(9:10) Nina thinks Max is DEAD WRONG ... then somehow compares Facebook to a homeless person throwing something at you. Let the argument begin!!!
(21:30) Reese Witherspoon rips into the Kim Kardashians and Paris Hiltons of the world  ... but does the fact that she's done nude scenes make her a hypocrite?
(23:10) Harvey says the only difference between having ACTUAL sex ... and PRETENDING to have sex for a film ... is "penetration."
(26:20) BREAKING NEWS! USC was just stripped of their 2004 football title! Evan explains.
(39:45) Cheryl Cole officially out at "X Factor" -- Charles thinks it could all be a publicity stunt.
(42:50) President Obama chows down on chili dogs -- right after Michelle makes a push for healthier lifestyles. Once again, Harvey and Charles don't agree.
(47:40) Max says Barack has more important things to worry about than being a health food role model ... Harvey couldn't disagree more.


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Mr, Know it All    

There is nothing wrong with Obama having a chili dog. Jesus, find some decent stories.

BTW, last Friday was the worst TMZ Live ever... thanks Harvey!!

1235 days ago


I really think you are missing Reese's point entirely. She's just trying to make the point that contrary to how it SEEMS sometimes, it's possible to be recognized for having actual talent rather than for inappropriate behavior. Rather than thinking of this as a dig at Kim K or Paris (not that they are undeserving of it), could you not just see this as a call to young women who feel they have to degrade themselves for fame? And considering all of Paris and Kim's protestations and tears when these tapes came out, I doubt you could argue these tapes aren't degrading (or at least that these girls want us to believe they are).

1235 days ago

C. Wilberding    

Tomato is a fruit, chili counts

1235 days ago


the man caught osama i believe his reward should atleats be 2 chilly dogs with fries and a coke.

1235 days ago


let obama be he has personal cheff and gets to eat what ever and what ever he wants its more like do as i say not as i do

1235 days ago


To me, the difference between sex tapes and sex scenes in movies is a simple one - sex tapes are created to titillate the prurient reactions of viewers, and their focus or theme is solely sexual behavior. It may or may not be done in an artistic fashion, but that's a separate issue. A sex scene that occurs in the context of a scripted story, and is intended to develop the contexts of that story, is an integral part of the whole piece or film. While it may titillate some viewers, chances are there was a broader intent or purpose by the creators.

1235 days ago


My gut, no pun intended, is Reese made such an outrageous speach b/c is prego and we are talking about her speach and not her baby bump!

1235 days ago


I eat pretty clean 99% of the time but part of keeping a good diet is knowing that it's ok to indulge occassionaly. Not one thing wrong with Obama eating a chili dog and fries. Look at him, do you think he eats this crap every day? Don't be stupid Harv

1235 days ago


I don't think it's wrong if Obama eats a hotdog, the problem is I don't think Mrs.Obama should be telling us what to eat when her own family is not following her health plan.

1235 days ago

Steve Claussen    

There is an election coming up.... He is deliberately not isolating himself from the vast audience that is not eating healthy. Everything is planned out at this stage including Mrs. Obama's releases..

Damn good looking Dog thou


1235 days ago


Reese Witherspoon is perfectly OK unless she has sex with Jay Leno and it results in a child...

Chili Dog with cheese, ketchup and onions + French fries = healthy food plate.

1235 days ago


I absolutely disagree with Max! Facebook is perfect for keeping in touch with old friends and family. You don't have to have strangers "friended" on your facebook account! There are controls in place to keep people at bay.

1235 days ago


I think its okay for Obama to eat a freakin Corn Dog. Geez.
Also Anyone else think Andrea and Shevonne look like each other?

1235 days ago


After watching this installment of "I win every argument because I am the boss" in its entirety, I have to say:
Please stop giving Harvey coffee, chocolate or whatever else he was on today because it makes him just plain annoying. Better yet, try to shove a chili dog in his mouth next time he acts like an ass. Sorry, but it had to be said...

1235 days ago


I agree with MM. I cannot believe Harvey is trying to say he does not see the difference when someone is making a movie nude and someone putting out a sex tape.

1235 days ago
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