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Victory for Gay Cop

at Gay Pride Parade!

6/7/2011 5:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred knows how to get results.  The California Department of Corrections has just folded like a cheap suit and will now allow a gay corrections officer to march in uniform in Sunday's West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade.


Officer Andrew Johnson and Allred held a news conference today and filed a complaint, alleging the Department was guilty of discrimination based on sexual orientation when it refused to allow Johnson to march in uniform, on grounds it would be a "discredit" to the Department.

The Department now says, "CDCR acknowledges that [its policy] is outdated and requires careful revision.  Therefore, Correctional Officer Andrew Johnson will be allowed to wear the CDCR uniform in the upcoming Gay Pride Parade..."


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Fallopia Lopez    

@en Todo: I realize you're just a troll, but you epitomize mental disease, ironically. Please move to Iran.

@Baby: I wish you the very worst in life, and I'm sure you'll get it.

1231 days ago


I don't know maybe I am getting old but is there not a common sense rule that applies at some point.

When I was growing up in Canada my dad would take me to the local legion. Upon entering one time I forgot to remove my hat, lets just say it was removed for me and I got quite the tongue lashing about respect. Flash forward to 2001 and I am again in a legion and who walks in but a minority police officer with a turban on his head with his badge attached to it.

I am not bashing gays, minorities or anyone else but seriously show some respect. Dude that's your work uniform if they tell you not to wear it don't, respect the decision and move on.

Now our tax dollars are going to go to another ethics committee to review tons of polies in this regard further......give me a break.


1231 days ago



'You don't lose your Constitutional Rights of free expression just because you serve the public.'

Actually you do. i would get my a$$ chewed if i showed up to a gay rights parade wearing my military uniform. it's just not professional. now he will probably have alot of problems w/ inmates questioning his authority. thats why we are not allowed to do these things, it just leaves us open to unnecessary danger. im all for gay rights and freedom of speech but as a public servant unfortunately we are not allowed to have the same rights as civilians. he knew what he was getting into when he took the job....

1231 days ago


LA LE had zero credibility before this so I don't think it's going to hurt. Apparently the gay community is hungry for the respect shown the LE community. Respect my authority!!! Hahahahahahahah!

1231 days ago


People generally don't care who sleeps with who but when you want to force people to accept your personal lifestyle, whatever that is, it goes way beyond tolerance.

1231 days ago


Fire his

1231 days ago


Interesting that Johnson the Screw is at a women's prison. No issues of fraternization. And please stop calling him a cop. He isn't one.

1231 days ago


Hi Hellnurse - Good to see you - still love your dog!

1231 days ago


freaking nasty gay men make me sick

1231 days ago


sounds like the ultra, electric zoo, coachella of the gays. :)

1231 days ago


What's next? Uniformed officers stripping at nightclubs?

1231 days ago


That's great that Officer Johnson can march in his uniform for Gay Pride =)I don't agree with (baby, bring back recent posts!, en Todo Momento!!, nor realist).
As for baby, very low of a comment. Obviously you have some inner issues and don't have the ability to open up your mind so you must have lots of problems.
Now, for bring back recent posts!: It just show's you haven't gotten any.. why bash on the gays? just go bash yourself.. well.. you've probably have already by now XD Get Some! and as for your second comment there's no such thing as "f/a/.g.g.itism" just shows your ignorance and stereotypical mind, get over it. Oh! and.. learn how to spell please! I'd rather be gay than no knowing how to spell properly.
And.. realist.. I bet he'd be able to arrest your ass right then and there if he was on or off duty. I bet your probably ashamed of wearing your McDonald's uniform huh...?

All the other comments, thanks for your very well appreciated comments and will be cheering for Officer Johnson as he marches through West Hollywood =)I have much respect for law enforcement.. gay or straight.. they keep us safe. Learn to appreciate other for what they do!

1231 days ago


@Roast Beef,

I think they already do that - - It's called Chippendales. ;-)

1231 days ago

JulieN AZ    

Outdated is an understatement. I do not understand how gays do not have 100% equal rights in this day and age. Blacks wouldn't tolerate being a second class citizen and gays shouldn't either. 100% PRO GAY RIGHTS!!

(I happen to be hetero, but I didn't choose to be either...)

1231 days ago


Next the guy will be expecting to be paid OT for wearing his uniform in the parade?

1231 days ago
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