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Victory for Gay Cop

at Gay Pride Parade!

6/7/2011 5:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred knows how to get results.  The California Department of Corrections has just folded like a cheap suit and will now allow a gay corrections officer to march in uniform in Sunday's West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade.


Officer Andrew Johnson and Allred held a news conference today and filed a complaint, alleging the Department was guilty of discrimination based on sexual orientation when it refused to allow Johnson to march in uniform, on grounds it would be a "discredit" to the Department.

The Department now says, "CDCR acknowledges that [its policy] is outdated and requires careful revision.  Therefore, Correctional Officer Andrew Johnson will be allowed to wear the CDCR uniform in the upcoming Gay Pride Parade..."


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Prince Von A-Hole    

This aint equal rights. They caved and now are making an exception for the gay guy. But the straight guy still cant wear his under similar

1198 days ago


kelley about an hour ago

And now they will find some way to fire him.
Got that right. I think he is bringing more trouble upon himself than necessary and I still don't understand why he wanted to march in his uniform? I don't get that.

1198 days ago


Uh, he's a correctional officer at a womens prison...what a joke on all those horny, captive!

1198 days ago



1198 days ago

Gsharon 710    

TheMarshmallowMan 22 minutes ago................ Gsharon 710 less than a minute ago

Don't come crying to us when your prisoners accuse you of being bias. That uniform is worn to respect and protect everyone, now it is just sick.

I don't believe him if he says he is a proud gay because all you would need is to have yourself at the parade.

I guess the system is running like a biotch and scared Gladd might demand paid fines. It does not make people any more tolerant of you, nor like your life style.

I hope the REAL policemen will not hesitate to arrest any pTheMarshmallowManarticipant who feels free to be half naked and get close and cozy with another in our streets........the streets where children are constantly. One faqqot word said at a ball game and so many pretended to be concerned about our children, yet you rub this crap in our faces.
Grow up
Perhaps I do need to grow up, but I betcha I know an exit from an entrance. Now back up off my leg.

1198 days ago


Sooo...what is the actual standard for which events are acceptable to wear your uniform to while off duty and which aren't? Not that i care about this guy marching in a gay pride parade, but what if someone else want's to participate in a white pride parade, nothing racist about other ethnicities mind you, just a parade for white poeple to express their pride in being white?

That'll be OK right? If not what about a black pride parade, or a latino pride parade?

1198 days ago


Disgusting, not because the officer is gay, but because the gay parade is an exercise in sexual exhibitionism, and the only people who should be wearing an official police uniform are the oficial police on duty at the event. Americans are basically screwed-up in the head. Common sense evades you.

1198 days ago

David in Bangkok    

Check with your sources. This attention whore is a prison guard not a police officer. While he does have limited police powers essentially he looks into the body cavities of men all day. If I was a prisoner I would prefer a professional guard without ulterior motives to be staring at my junk. He found the perfect job to live his dream...

1198 days ago


David in Bangkok, Better check your sources. He works at a women's prison.

1198 days ago


mannequinn-no one is forcing you to accept anything-i accept youre an overweight redneck hillbilly-you WILL accept that gays will have full equality just as your uneducated a.s.s. if you dont like it, bigot, then leave

1198 days ago


Would it be ok for him to attend a NASCAR race in his uniform when he's off duty? No. He's not that dumb. He knows what's appropriate conduct for a police officer. He's not a vet, he's not a hero and I don't give a F* what his orientation is. He's a public servant who should have to follow the rules like everyone else.

1198 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

They only changed their minds when the cop got himself Gloria Allred and all the media attention..that was when they changed their minds. Good for him and the balls he got by getting a lawyer involved and media attention.

1197 days ago


i believe uniforms should be worn while on duty only.
its ok to demonstrate, participate and be an activist on ur personal time but leave the uniform for work

1197 days ago


I'm a special education teacher...I have toleration for all and everyone...
I'm married to a wonderful man and mom to 2 sons who serve in the military....
I also have friends who are gay/bisexual...
They keep it behind closed doors and don't shove it in anyone's face...
If he wanted to march...then march in civies...

1197 days ago

Hershey Bar    

Good for him. Sadly, I am sure they will try to find a way to fire the poor guy now.

1197 days ago
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