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Willie Nelson

$500 Fine In Marijuana Case

6/7/2011 12:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Willie Nelson can breath easy again in Texas -- TMZ has learned the singer struck a plea deal in his marijuana case ... and will NOT have to do any hard time.


Sources close to Willie tell us ... Nelson agreed to plead no contest to misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia ... stemming from an incident last year, when cops say they found weed on the singer's tour bus at a border checkpoint.

Nelson was originally charged with marijuana possession -- but the singer worked out a deal with prosecutors in which they agreed to reduce the charge in exchange for a no contest plea.

As part of the deal, Willie has also agreed to pay a $500 fine -- and if he can stay out of trouble for 30 days, the judge will dismiss the case entirely.

Nelson's lawyer, Joe Turner, tells TMZ, "Willie is glad to have it all behind him. Everyone was very fair."



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Yeah Willie, let him smoke (and the rest of us).

1234 days ago


Thank God! It was a stupid charge.That's why Willie should move to Massachusetts.If we get caught with under an ounce,they give you a $100.00 and send you on your way,just make sure you're always carrying under an oz.

Hell,you don't even have to pay the ticket!There is NO consequence for not paying the ticket,at least not yet!

1234 days ago


WOW John! I agree with LonnieB
If you are from the great US of A, shame on you for your lack of patriotism. If you NOT from here and came from your no deodorant wearing-towelhead-cover the women and treat em like ****-land, then I suggest you get on the first plane outta here. We don't need ******** like you in our great country.

1234 days ago


LEAVE WILLY ALONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1234 days ago


John 4 hours ago BullSh&t americans...typical fine your best, no wonder the world hates your country. Bunch of crap, free world, we stand for freedom, USA is the biggest hypocrytical country in the freeworld, you send your own nations sons and daughters to war to fight for freedom and die yet you bust your icons on such ****. Typical american justice, you people are idiots, and you wonder why the rest of world hates you, think about it

WOW John! I sure hope you don't live in the great USA because somebody might have to kick your a$$!! What an ******* you are. Go back where you came from or don't ever set foot on our soil!

1234 days ago


he looks like such a burn out..............

1234 days ago


Yeah his music sucks so bad he's made tens of millions of dollars singing, performing and publishing it since he embarked on a music career in 1956.

So you don't like it, as if anyone cares.

The Beatles made billions enough said. Tens of millions for a career since 59 and being as popular as him. Did you know Barabra Streisand and Celine Dion made ****loads of money too and lady gaggag as well, which No I dont like and I didn't like New Kids On The Block either.

Go ahead and name his best tune and try to convince me he doesn't suck because the masses disagree with me!

All music is not to be enjoyed some of it plain sucks. Nickelback.. anyone?

Why should I research some raspy old stoner to make a comment.. mainly about how 500 bucks is nothing to him?

He sucks! Insane Clown Posse Sucks lots of popular musicians suck. Thats mainstream music for you.

1234 days ago


if this was me, i would be in jail.
what a croc.

1234 days ago

What's that? A couple of ounces?

1234 days ago


Will somebody somewhere please give Willie Nelson a hot bath, a razor, a comb, a tooth brush and a flea dip...STAT!

1234 days ago


OMG... SO WHAT,... we all know alochol is way worse, so who care anymore about pot! SERIOUSLY!!!!! This is ridiculous!!!

1234 days ago


Whoopty Doo!!! Who Cares, he's not hutin anyone,... leave the guy alone!!!

1234 days ago


They did the right thing..Let Willie

1232 days ago

johnny tee    

I'm glad Willie was treated decently by the legal system, but he is the exception and not the rule. Here are some stories of lives destroyed by the prohibition against marijuana.

1227 days ago

Classic News    

“First Country Outlaws Didn’t Get High”
See video

#1 KWBC.FM says ….
“Way to go Mr. Marvell! What a positive role model we have here on KWBC.FM! He and his partner were the first Country Outlaws but they didn’t get high! Let this be a lesson for all of you children while listening to that music that promotes sex, drugs, and other perversions. You do not have to be a gangster and do drugs to be a success.”

1225 days ago
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