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Lohan -- Two-Year Protection from Obsessed Fan

6/8/2011 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just scored a huge victory against the man she claims is a dangerous stalker -- a judge has ordered him to stay the hell away from the actress for the next two years.


Moments ago, an L.A. County Superior Court judge ruled David Cocordan is not allowed to go within 100 yards of Lohan. Lindsay was not present during the hearing -- she was at her Venice apartment ... still serving her house arrest sentence.

As we first reported, Lohan claims David has been stalking her for years ... and recently sent her sexually explicit text messages, including one which read, "F**king n sucking wit u kkk i need it more thn."

LAPD's Threat Management Department is on the case -- and officials are convinced Cocordan has mental issues and is schizophrenic.


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I think TMZ should change it's name to I Hate Linday Lohan. Would more accurately reflect the main obssession both the site and commentators have.

1235 days ago


darkrage6 9 minutes ago

Jay-And you're a worthless f*cking piece of sh*t! Anyways i'm glad this sick motherf*cker is getting restricted further, but what he REALLY needs is to be locked up in a damn psych ward for the rest of his life!

His sentenced should be locked away with Lindsay bin laden. For a year.

After that stint he would never stalk her again.

Or community service should be do her laundry. eeeewwww just threw up in my mouth

1235 days ago


@Lu about an hour ago

How the hell is she gonna get her meter read now?

This made me LOL!

1235 days ago


There's something not right with this stalker story. I can't put my finger on it, but it just seems odd.

1235 days ago


the lohans must of bounced a check with the stalker company.

1235 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Oh great, Lindsay just got an order against her last real fan!

1235 days ago


This is a quote from another gossip site:

Soooo, basically this David Cordordan is doing everything that Lindsay did to Sam Ronson two years ago. Ha HA, Lohan. Now the coke shoe is on the other foot.

1235 days ago

Hot Farts    

TFCS has further trouble (needs some frickin story to stay on the blog line) news at 11.

TFCS has several personas (non grata)in its' posse back online. I am sure that between 8 hour naps round the clock this b^tch is bored.

1235 days ago


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john smith about an hour ago

The stalker can post as many comments on TMZ as he wants under multiple identities, he just can't go within a hundred yards of Li LO.


Well, that's reassuring (not), John Stalker Smith.

1235 days ago

Hot Farts    

G.C. - last fan (lol) TFCS is troubles boo hoo

1235 days ago


LANative, thanks for the clarification. Darned but TMZ's stupid habit of letting users use the same name is frustrating. You are absolutely correct, and I stand corrected.

Some of us have opined that Nicole might have been Eleanor or the Lohan PR person who got canned prior to her new PR coming on board. I think we can all agree that it's no coincidence at all that Nicole disappeared and the new PR person came on board at the same time. Nor will I ever believe that Nicole was just a "fan" with no agenda, for that very reason. She was either a Lohan, a friend of a Lohan or else an employee. Nothing more, nothing less.

1235 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

lou, zip code, haha on the JS reappearance and awesome share on what the stalker can and cannot do....

1235 days ago

Hot Farts    

If it is nicole =c word, she will show her real personality. I know you like her but I do not trust who she is and her agenda and she antagonizes and lies.

GIRD YOUR LOINS FOR TFCS's JULY (whatever the hearing date is or a couple days thereafter)RELEASE

1235 days ago


Darkrage6 raged:

but what he REALLY needs is to be locked up in a damn psych ward for the rest of his life!


Maybe the same could be said for Miss Lohan. She's certainly not playing with a fully-loaded deck.

1235 days ago



Quite a few have disappeared recently (although, unfortunately, DarkRage is back):

Nicole - last commented 17 days ago
Susan - last commented 23 days ago
Delmar - last commented 42 days ago
FriendofLindsay - last commented 49 days ago (guess she's no longer a friend!)

1235 days ago
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