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'Hangover' Face Tattoo

To Be Un-Tyson'd for DVD

6/9/2011 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Warner Bros. claims Ed Helms' face tattoo will be digitally altered when "The Hangover 2" goes to DVD -- after the artist who designed the infamous Mike Tyson tat sued the studio for ripping him off.


The studio filed new docs on Monday in their legal battle with S. Victor Whitmill -- who inscribed the tribal face tat on Tyson back in 2003 -- claiming, "Warner Bros. does not intend to make any use of the allegedly infringing tattoo after the film ends its run in the theaters because Warner Bros. will digitally alter the film to substitute a different tattoo on Ed Helms’s face."

As we previously reported, Whitmill sued the studio back in April claiming copyright infringement -- but a judge refused to block the movie's release.

Whitmill has been threatening to take the matter to trial ever since -- but now that Warner Bros. plans to alter the offending ink ... the studio insists a trial won't be necessary.


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if you look at the tatto real close they are not identical if its a little altered can he still sue ?????

1177 days ago

Silverado Mom    

As a former graphic designer, I can tell you the artist is deserving of credit in the movie and compensation for his copyright infringed design. If he was working for the studios and the studios noticed some guy designing this tat, you better believe they would put out a cease and desist letter on him. The fact that they are modifying the DVD to exclude the design, in my mind, is an admission of guilt. They owe him big time.

1177 days ago


Report Silverado Mom 3 minutes ago As a former graphic designer, I can tell you the artist is deserving of credit in the movie and compensation...The fact that they are modifying the DVD to exclude the design, in my mind, is an admission of guilt. They owe him big time.


I am almost certain the studio offered a compensation package to the artist prior to the court ruling. The graphic designer probably rejected the offer hoping for a bigger one but lost leverage when the judge ruled the movie could be released. The artist has little leverage anymore for the DVD because there will be enough time to alter it digitally.

If the graphic designer had been a better negotiator this would not have happened and now there might be nothing left on the table.

1177 days ago


So if he uses someone else's creation and makes a profit he should pay them correct? Well I think George Lucas needs to be paid!

1177 days ago


I'm pretty sure 'Parody' is covered under the fair Use clauses of the Copyright act. they are not trying to represent the copyrighted material as their own design, they are parodying the fact that some loser put that 'emlem' on his face - forever!

1177 days ago


How stupid this is. That tat did not make the movie money. I bet there is not 1 person out there that said they just had to go see this movie because he has a tat like Mike! Get over it.

1177 days ago

johnny vegas    


1177 days ago


Noone owns a tattoo. If you took a picture into a shop then they would do it. he does not own a tattoo.

1177 days ago


How could the studio be so danged stupid to rip the guy off in the first place? They deserve to pay through the roof on that alone. And digitally alter? That's a bluff. No way can they afford to do that. Pay off, dumbos. Fire the idiots responsible. And stop ripping off artists!

1177 days ago


I think its that any photo has to be changed 30% in order for you to call it your own or something like that.

1177 days ago


Ha seriously! Give the artist the mil you are giving some other guy to change all the footage! He probably deserves it anyway.

1177 days ago


corrupt hollywood judge. Oh you plagerized a book that was well promoted ok go ahead and release it! *gag* Kick him out

1177 days ago


Yes they look the same, identical they are not.
I saw someone with a star tattoo just like mine, time to sue. No, wait a minute that nonsense of BS lawsuits doesn't exist here in Canada.

1177 days ago


look this is just snother broke ass mutha tryin to get a pay check and for all you people backing him up...SHUT THE **** UP!!! the movie was great and ummmm heeelllooo tyson didnt mind and i think if he didnt mind then rock that **** till the wheels fall off!

1177 days ago


Love my fans - He's a frickin tattoo artist you moron! Hahahaha..yeah I really by the "blacklisted" BS! There isn't an actor/actress in town that would be able to blacklist a tattooist! I'm sure he will be just fine and his business will probably do better now after all the publicity. Get a life man!

1177 days ago
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