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Kim K Issues $2 Million Statement to Bret Lockett

6/9/2011 3:48 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Despite Bret Lockett's claims that they had an affair, Kim Kardashian sauntered into LAX today from London still wearing her $2 million engagement ring from Kris Humphries.

While Kim has fired off a demand letter to Lockett telling him to retract his accusations, it appears her engagement is still solid as a rock.


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@mike 8 minutes ago

Most blacks are on the down low . If they wear a diamond earing they like DUDES .

No I don't think is just blacks on the down low. Visit any "trail park" you would see, it isn't just whites but lots of men who are afraid to say they are gay or bi, just cowards in my opinion.

1200 days ago


italians white? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha again,its like saying egypt is black just cause its in africa. My god people fallen hard on their heads

1200 days ago


Im biracial but im gonna call myself asian cause i look more asian than indian. Thats just dumb. You are who you are

1200 days ago


Look she says she did not cheat than she did not who cares anyway it not like us the public marrying the guy so who cares.

1200 days ago

Patrick W.    

don't get me wrong, if I had an opportunity to nail this slut, I would. doggystyle. I would be the 2 pump-chump on this bitch.

1200 days ago


She wore that SAME ring about 2 years ago when she dated Reggie Bush. A jeweler gave it to her for publicity and she made it seem like Reggie gave it to her as an engagement ring. That ring was not bought by Chris so I have read. Do the research...

1200 days ago


I think most of you are mad at the KARDASHIAN'S because they like that BIG BLACK SCHLONG! AND NOT LITTLE VIENNA SAUSAGES!!!!!!!

1200 days ago


From what I heard about her video, she prefers anal sex with Blacks, not with half Blacks or half Whites. That's her business; selling sex tapes of herself, that's her business, or one of them. Classy!

Doesn't matter, she still likes cream in her coffee whether she gets anal or not! He's still black, thats why she's with him. She doesn't enjoy white meat! I really don't care, I was just making the point, that people were calling Chris "white" when he's clearly not full white!!!!!!

1200 days ago


Really Who Cares...

1200 days ago


Holy ****, nobody cares who you ****** anymore. Tell your mom you're just really tired, the ass implants are hurting, and just marry yourself into 4 months of obscurity. Then divorce him in celebrity court and smoke some more obsidian pole.

1200 days ago


She is sooo not worthy, dudes makin' a big mistake.

1200 days ago

angela nickles    

OK people she is a pretty girl,but tell me why is the kardashian famous, i really would like to know. TMZ or PAPARAZZI if y'all can make the kardashian famous then do me and my six kids the honor by making us famous i know we will get more rating in one season then they got an all their seasons combined...lmao

1200 days ago

Mrs. Mathers    

I LOVE KIM----seriously ur ******* i n annoying! stop copy n pasting ur stupid 3 page letter against kim, it was funny the 1st time but now ur just dumb....ANYWAYS!!! Hes dumb. Hes saying I would have lied if she acknowledged she knew me? And u guys believe him after saying that? Besides Im sure it was a set up, if not she probably told Kris this is a set up for the show and not to worry.

1200 days ago


I'm sure she did and I can't wait to see the photos and texts when they are released and then we'll hear how depressed she is and sad that her relationship is over. Who F-ing cares.

1200 days ago

Yep I said that    

This is just more b*llsh*t pulicity from this no class trollop. Interest in her wh0ring around and her effed up family of skanks is dropping off so any publicity she can drum up keeps her on the radar. Hey you cheap no class ho your 15 minutes of "fame" or notoriety is over

1200 days ago
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