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Matt Damon & 'Office' Star -- SURROUNDED by Guns

6/10/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Damon and "Office" star John Krasinski got in touch with their American roots on Wednesday -- hitting up a guitar/gun/grocery-selling gas station in Upstate New York. Seriously, the place exists.


It's called Dick's Country Store & Music Oasis in Churubusco, NY -- and we're told, the Hollywood duo stopped in to scope the place out for an upcoming film project.

As far as we know, no guns were purchased. America! F**k yeah!


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yeah lets get rid of all the guns...and let the criminals buy ones smuggled in by other criminals..would be a great world with the criminals armed and the law abiding citizens lefties need to buy a clue.

1195 days ago


I think the comment "Seriously, this place exists" just goes to show how insulated most L.A. people are. You would think at least some of them have grown up in places like this.

1195 days ago


No, Mork12, he/she wasn't mocking TMZ, he/she/it was definately mocking America. Just read some of his/hers/its America-phobic tirades on other threads (like the scathing lashing he dished out on a Weiner thread about stupid Americans and how Republicans "are the lowest species of Americans"...because they believe in God.)

No...he/she/it is just some bitter little creature, hunkered down safely in front of his government approved computer in his/her/its government subsidized home, ranting ignorantly about a country he wishes he/she/it could live in and degrading a people he obviously envys.
But he/she/it and his/her/its country men have capitulated heir lives to their nanny-state government, whoring their individual dignity for free stuff (that other people pay for).

1195 days ago


Thank for the correction Lonnie

1195 days ago


For AMBER @ '6 hrs ago'.....STFU! You make everyone in that area sound like rednecks & YOU ms.btch are full of this need to be all over the internet thinking you matter. Every time you comment on this & the local media site you show your ignorance just alil more. You tell wacky tales about yourself that are not only untrue,nobody cares,accuse others of the most ridiculous crap all while trying desperately to come off as some authority on whatever the subject matter is.Since I know who you are,let me clear up this notion you try to put out that you actually know anything. You didn't see these 2 actors,you have no idea even why they were in the area,not to mention ,'the area' is 20+ miles from where you live.

1195 days ago


Stores such as this exist in small and mid-size towns across America. Real people shop at them. If any TMZ'ers would like to go target practicing/shooting at a range, I would be happy to hook you up and show you the ropes! Marksmanship is a true discipline and the science behind ballistics engineering and gun manufacturing is fascinating!

1195 days ago


to "RAVEN"
I never said i saw them personally?? i saw them in a friends photos... and thought that friend i found out there were here for info on wind towers... i do think you might have me confused with someone else cause this amber lives right down the road from that store like 2 mins seriously ?? And that was the first time i have ever posted on this site or any site of this kind for that matter... the only other site i would posted on would be my FB... all the things listed i do and have fun doing… so I am sorry but you must have me confused with someone else

1195 days ago


Shouldn't you point out that's Jon Lovitz in the second picture?

1195 days ago


For those of you who think this area is only for country bumpkins, get your head out of your ass. In a 10 mile radius this area has 4 colleges, One that is ranked among the top Universities in the Country in both Engineering and in Business. Clarkson University has produced many fantastic hockey players as well as business men and women, Patrick Naughton being among them. For those of who don't know who this is he is co-creator of Java programming language. Sounds pretty redneck to me! A second school in the area has a great art school and one name you may recognize that graduated from there is Kirk Douglas. And how many of you have seen A Nightmare on Elm St.? BECAUSE GUESS WHAT?? That was based on Potsdam, NY! That's this same area! However, for you ignorant people that think we are all married to cousins and sisters, go f*** yourselves. Come visit the area. You might be surprised by what this country bumpkin little towns have to offer!

1195 days ago

A Real Upstate New Yorker    

Really? You citified uneducated upitty morons are useless. This is a real down to earth town in a beautiful country setting - not a disco lounge in sight, very refreshing. And the intelligence level of us "rednecks" would leave you in the dust (eating it, I hope). How ignorant you sound, us having to fight off the wild Quebecois, and all the other non-sense remarks. Go back to bed.

1195 days ago


For the record, ****** Country Oasis isn't in a middle of a neighborhood or even a town, there is basically nothing around it except the windmills and farm fields. Seems people will just assume its like a 7-11 on the corner selling guns and guitars, its more or less a gas station in the middle of nowhere, literally.

1195 days ago


This is a real nice area to visit. The windmills are a great site to see. All of you City folks should come and see if you have what it takes to live here. A great place. wouldn't leave it for a minute.......

1195 days ago

Nikki L.    

I love that this occured. I grew up not far from that store and the people there are great, helpful, and friendly. So what if it's a multi-task store? Isn't that what Walmart is? Because I'm pretty sure Walmart carries guns and groceries. We're not all back-woods, and we don't all carry guns. But hunting/trapping, and country music does play a big part in most people's roots that live in the Churubusco/Ellenburg area. There's nothing wrong with "country folk" we don't imbreed, and we're not all stupid..I know lots of people from this area who've done quite well for themselves, AND still have all their teeth! So, before you go pointing the finger..take a look around you, we're all human beings, we all deserve respect, and the place you might live call your home - Guess what? So do I, and I'm proud of where I come from!

1195 days ago


I may cry..I like a half hour away from there and I love John Krasinksi. this is upsetting.. :( I wish I knew he was up here!

1195 days ago


I know the store. Awesome. I just wonder how they knew about it, as it's so remote.

Oh, and Clarkson isn't the only school up there to produce great hockey players--Rich Peverly of the Bruins played at SLU a few years ago. :)

1195 days ago
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