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Weston Cage -- I'm Pressing Charges!

6/9/2011 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Weston Cage wants to press charges against the man who beat him to a bloody pulp in the middle of a Hollywood street ... TMZ has learned.


According to a Cage family friend, the man who unleashed the beating -- Weston's former trainer Kevin Villegas -- has since been fired ... and has become the target in a police investigation.

But law enforcement sources tell us, the LAPD is also investigating Weston himself -- after he allegedly incited the fight by attempting to roundhouse kick Villegas outside the Hollywood restaurant where the incident took place.

0609_weston_mini_launchWeston hasn't filed anything yet with officials -- but he plans to make his move as soon as possible.


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Wow! Kevin Villegas also writes books!

1198 days ago


I got in a fight one time with a really big guy, and he said, "I'm going to mop the floor with your face." I said, "You'll be sorry." He said, "Oh, yeah? Why?" I said, "Well, you won't be able to get into the corners very well." Then I ran.

1198 days ago


Well, the way I see it-he deserved the azz kicking he received. I'm sorry, but if I went up to you and tried to come at you all crazy-would you not defend yourself?

Weston-cut your hair and grow the f^ck up. You look like a douche who forgot it's not cool to be goth anymore......

1198 days ago

pap rat    

There was no strike on cage`s part just a move as a show of a learned move which should have been a trib to the trainer but his ego broke and he showed he is no trainer at all no master of even his own self will plus dumb as dirt to strike a cage who is paying him major mooka in the first place.Reason itself would dictate that he would take any and all strikes and than either sue or leave and he would still have students and a job he`s the weak one in this case of egos..cage could`nt have hurt him if he was a real master anyway

1198 days ago


You complete wuss! You started the entire thing by going nuts on the guy, doing a roundhouse kick and he took you down. so now you are going to press charges because you picked a fight with someone and he beat your ass. You complete embarrassing for your dad...but he seems like a total douche i guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

1198 days ago


Hey Wes is my friend...all know is what someone told TMZ...there is a lot more to the story...just to set the record strait...Wes was not on any illegal substance...and just because someone is in a pissy mood and has an argument that escalates to a little bit of physical contact, doesn't mean that they need to go that far.. if you watch the will clearly see that he had Wes pinned in such a way that he couldn't possibly move or defend why did he hit him 13 times? think maybe someone got the story backwards...maybe Weston wasn't really trying to fight him as much as you think...maybe he was just having a Really Bad Day...
I'm just sayin' ;-/

1198 days ago


Good! This trainer went to far. For someone with training, he has no self control. The video is damming proof that the trainer attacked him when he was no longer a threat. hope this trainer goes to jail.

1198 days ago

nuclear winter    

AH sooo no kicky or punchie RICH man so SOrrrY grass hoppner forGETTIE 2B 2much nice 2 RICH SOB BB SOB SOB SOB now wahtIE I shall DO? wokie4TMZ IE??? too much nice2 harvey?

1198 days ago


What a weirdo....just like his Dad.

1198 days ago


he is just as stupid as daddy.and he is mad that he missed and lost

1198 days ago


Weston got what he deserved - a high quality butt kickin'. If Weston would have stopped resisting the butt whooping would have stopped sooner, but no, Weston wanted the premium butt whooping. Well, he got it. Go to court Weston, you'll lose. Weston may say he fired the dude but the bottom line is he would probably have quit anyway. Who would want to work for a loser like Weston? Answer = no one.

1198 days ago


I sure hope that you are alright.

1198 days ago


Why do all guy junkies wear mascara?

1198 days ago


Too bad we all can't line up and give him a few more for good measure.

1198 days ago



Why do most women cover their faces in makeup?

1198 days ago
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