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Camille Grammer: Kelsey's Daughter is a Spy!

6/10/2011 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Camille Grammer believes her divorce with Kelsey Grammer has gotten so ugly, Kelsey may have stooped to making his eldest daughter a spy -- someone who would actually steal confidential divorce documents from Camille.


TMZ obtained the latest docs in the Grammers' epic legal war.  Kelsey wanted his eldest daughter, 27-year-old Spencer and her new husband to vacation at the Grammers' posh Hawaii estate, beginning today.

Camille's lawyer, Neal Hersh went to court yesterday to block Spencer from using the house, and now we know why.  According to Camille's declaration, she's the one who has been spending a lot of time at the house with their 2 young kids, and Kelsey hasn't been there for a long, long time.

Camille believes if Spencer and her hubby use the house, they would have access to a lot of personal stuff related to the divorce and might just steal it.

Camille seems particularly bitter because Kelsey has banned her from their Bridgehampton estate.  Such rich people problems.

The judge ruled the only way third parties could use any of the Grammers' various homes is if both Kelsey and Camille signed off. 

Don't hold your breath, Spencer.


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Camille you are a crazy person! But have either one of you thought about how this is affecting your children? They are the ones who need legal assistance in this mess

1237 days ago


Their daughter, Mason, was born in 2001. Something is wrong about those do***ents, thats not something easily mistaken.

As for the Spencer part, I think she's just being crazy. If she is so worried she should just get the do***ents herself.

1236 days ago


That should be my biggest problem. Fighting over a one of my extra houses in Hawaii. Poor thing.

1236 days ago


camille you are a piece of work. After watching you on housewives i see why your husband drpped you on your a--.i had a good laugh.who would want you anywhere what have you done?oh yeh,shake your ass on mtv.theres a credit. Whay dont you treat all his children equal.its not like you were not the previous wrecking ball.his eldest daughter was your daughter when it was to your advantage for 12 years you selfish _itch.why do you have papers in a vacation house.what no safe? you are a lier too!

1236 days ago


Tammy 3 days ago
@MoonDust - Kelsey is older than his wife's father!!! This chick has serious daddy issues and I wonder about her relationship with her father as she's screwing a man older than him.
OH YUCK!!!!!! that girls does have Daddy issues!! BAD!

1236 days ago


It's nice to see these woman who get completely screwed over stand up to these pig men. More women need to do this. Men with money, celebrity or power feel they can do as they please. Lying about everything to cover their asses and as with Kelsey, Arnold, Mel, Weiner etc....eventually get caught because the ego clouds the judgment. Stay strong woman, stay strong.

1236 days ago


Kayte, the Grimace called, he wants his chompers back...No really the Joker rang he thinks you may be related?? Must be the eyes..:)..Seriously though, Wonderland needs you back home...All kidding aside, cough up the canary!!!!....Smile--Say Cheese!!!...Pac Man is lonely with you gone....You must catch a ton of flies in that trap....You give a new meaning to talking out of both sides of your mouth....You could easily get that pie hole around at least five(5) of Kelsey's turgid members...balls and all...gobble, gobble......

1236 days ago


Get your prenup fellas...did nothing to acquire this property besides spread her legs for Kelsey and now his own flesh and blood is being inconvenienced...marriage is a crazy idea, it just doesn't make any sense anymore to get married if you have money.

1235 days ago


I think it's only smart that Camille had a surrogate to have kelsey's kids. It just goes to show that in H-wood men will leave 75% of the time for someone younger and if your body is wrecked when he decides to leave, then you will be left with obviously only one great thing...the kids. Camille & her children deserve all the money and property the settlement can bring to their life to make it as happy as possible after their husband/father has left them for a new family. Good luck.

1225 days ago
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