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Cops: Teen Says Weiner Was Not 'Inappropriate'

6/11/2011 8:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Delaware police yesterday interviewed a teenager girl who exchanged messages with Congressman Anthony Weiner -- but she did not tell them anything that would indicate anything "inappropriate" went down between her and Weiner.

Both the girl's mother and Weiner's rep maintained the messages were not of an explicit nature, her mother telling the NY Post, "Representative Weiner never tweeted her anything inappropriate."

New Castle County Police interviewed the girl yesterday and issued a press release, saying, "Detectives have conducted an interview with the teen and she has made no disclosure of criminal activity nor inappropriate contact by the Congressman."



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This must be the only good news he's had in days.

1233 days ago


Explain to me why a newlywed man is tweeting an underage girl? I don't care if it's explicit or not.......resign you creep!

1233 days ago


Good on her for not being a rat. Too many WOMEN selling men out now. It's nice to see at least one female that ain't in for the money.

1233 days ago


secretly he was THINKIN about in though.
he cant be trusted. what a azz.

1233 days ago

Cheryl Cole    

I saw on PIX11 news last night asking whos more obsessed with this guy. The public or the media?
feel free to answer

1233 days ago


Is crook Rangel & this pervert Weiner the best New York City has to offer?

1233 days ago


He was tweeting her because she's following him politically! This is all more hype to make it appear as if he's not only a cheat but a pedophile. Sorry people, there is a huge difference between the two. Let his wife deal with him. The USA kept Bill Clinton, might as well keep this guy too.

1233 days ago


Not a surprise but I think given his initial lie about the hack it has created the kind of atmosphere where people don't know what to expect next. That said, the assumption that because he had virtual flings with some women, therefore he must have had flings with all the women (and an underrage fan) he contacted, is pretty stupid. One has to wonder where the police complaint came from and whether it was politically motivated, because it doesn't look like it came from the girl or the mother.

1233 days ago


How does she even know whats inappropriate? 17 yr-old's today think anal sex on the first date is appropriate, lol.

1233 days ago


Is Weiner someone you would trust with your children? What a skuzzball.

1233 days ago

PRO US    

Some people trying to make this guy look worse than he is. Doesn't he look bad enough? Funny if New Yawkers will reelect him. Wonder what drugs he's on, if any. He's entertaining.

1233 days ago


To HUMA: Look, Denise Richards was smart enough to leave that whack job Charlie Sheen when she was seven months pregnant. Why Can't you step up for the benefit of your child. Even when you husband was asked if he was excited by the pregnancy,(not that kind of excitement) he said, "No Comment."

HUMA: Please get a grip. For the benefit of your child.

1233 days ago


"At the end of May, Weiner sent the 17-year-old high school junior three private messages via Twitter, one of which was a response to her comment on a YouTube video of him giving a speech where she wrote “My true love.”

"Weiner wrote to her in a private message: “I came back strong. Large. Tights and cape.”

The shocking “super hero” reference is almost verbatim what he sent to the 40-year-old blackjack dealer Lisa Weiss on September 20, 2010 when he was sexting with her.""

i call it flirting. why would he go out of his way to respond to her??????? good lord. you don't see obama tweeting 17 yr olds. maybe some of u pple will understand how this upsets pple if you have a daughter, niece, or cousin. yea it's his personal life but it's not like he is working at wall mart. he is trying to be president.

1233 days ago


Finally Anthony Weiner has some good news. If the worst is out he should be OK riding it out....A La Bill Clinton and Barney Frank.

1233 days ago


Weiner should pull out, though I feel that all the special attention has created a swollen head. Perhaps he'll keep a stiff upper lip while everyone is pounding him.

If you ask me, he's a king sized ****!

1233 days ago
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