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Dr. Phil 911 -- Help! He's Having a Heart Attack!

6/12/2011 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call placed by Dr. Phil last month -- moments after a family friend collapsed at the doc's Beverly Hills mansion ... during a tennis match with Phil's wife.


Dr. Phil made the frantic call on May 19, claiming, "My wife is down on the tennis court. I think someone down there has had a heart attack."

Of course it wasn't as easy as asking for an ambulance -- Phil's house is so big ... the doc had to give the 911 dispatcher special instructions ... just so the ambulance could get inside the Bev Hills compound.

As we first reported, the man was transported to a nearby hospital and released shortly after -- and we're told, thanks to Dr. Phil, he's "doing fine."


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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Isn't this the 2nd time somebody had to be taken away by ambulance?

1228 days ago


This was a great story the first time, a month ago.

1228 days ago


Um, I walk past his house everyday. It's not that freaking huge. It's not like the castle that Tom Cruise has Katie locked up in. If the EMTs couldn't find their way into his house then they were blind. His front door is 15 feet from the sidewalk. Plus this is such old news.

1228 days ago

Gloria Unread    

"Is there a doctor in the house?!? No, Phil.. A real doctor!"

In defense of TMZ: The original story might be old, but the tape of the 911 call might have only been recently obtained. That's why this would be *new* news.

1228 days ago


Why wasn't there a 911 called when the dog attack happened? Why is this being hushed so much? I am sure if it was Dr. Phil that was the one that was attacked you would hear some noise.

1228 days ago


thanks to dr. phil?
what the hell did HE do.
he called 911. period..
blow hard, big headed ass.

1228 days ago


"Well you see, here is your problem, you not willing to admit you have a bad heart! You are just laying there on the tennis court in total de-nile!"

1228 days ago


Thanks to Dr. Phil???

is he a real medical doctor? no how about saying thank you EMT's for getting there while dr phil sat around doing nothing and panicking? Not a Dr. Phil fan but since his ego is so huge i'll say thanks to these guys even if the patients husband is a moron.

1228 days ago


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1228 days ago


I'm with Cartman as this is old news!!!

1228 days ago


Who'd he hand his phone off to, the butler? And SeanyP67, are you talking about Dr. Phil's new house? I know his old place wasn't that huge but I read where they recently put that home on the market and now live in a ******* $30,000,000 house. Only in America.

1228 days ago


WOW!! this is such an exciting story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf cares

1228 days ago


Emily 27 minutes ago

Charles I know you are a NY guy and a Yankee fan but this is now the United States VS Canada...or
all of us VS DAX!!! Can you give the Bruins a shout out for Game 7 tonight in Vancouver!

This is NOT a Canada/US thing. This is hockey game. The best overall team are the Vancouver Canucks. They should win tonight, especially with home ice advantage. Shout out to all the great players and fans.

1225 days ago

Unusual Suspect    

At the very end he says "OK thanks honey, bye".

1222 days ago

Helga Harders    

Dr, Phil, My name is Helga, but we want to remain anonymous please. We have a serious problem with my son Caesar, he is 46 years old, and some time ago, he started having problem sleeping, and is getting so bad, that he screams so loud that it can be hear very far, and his throat gets very sore. This could last for days, and he gets hurt and we get tired with no sleep eather. We need your help so bad, we do not know what to do, we do not have any money even to take him to a Dr. visit to get medicine for him to go to sleep. I am scare he might go crazy with the lock of sleep.
We really appreciate your help, we are desperate and hopping he can find releave with his illness. God Bless you.

1220 days ago
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