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'Pawn Star' -- Bargain Deal for SICK Maserati

6/13/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Those "Pawn Stars" guys are BALLIN' ... because Chumlee just bought a BADASS Maserati -- and he used his haggling skills to knock a ton of cash off the sticker price!!!

TMZ spoke with Chum who tells us ... when he walked into the Vegas dealership Thursday, the guys wanted around $100k for the jet black whip. But Chum was able to drive off with the car for only $85,000.

The Old Man would be proud.


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pap rat    

85 grand for a DOG LEGGING wreaked pile is dumber than dirtpoohpah`ss phootass shoot.The poon shop is BS they make thier livin sell dope for hellyboogers at timmy ZzzzzzZzzzSS DUDE

1196 days ago


That's a great way to piss away your money. Sorry Chum, your 15 minutes is almost up...

1196 days ago


I bet paying for the insurance will be fun.

1196 days ago


If Chum bought this Maserati at a legitimate automobile dealership trust me he didn't get over on them!!! Car guys never lose in the art of the negotiation!

1196 days ago


So on his IMDB profile. (TV)Pawn Stars:Dumb Guy played by Chumlee. Not to many acting parts for those type of guys. Maybe fill in for Harvey when he goes on vacation.

1196 days ago

pap rat    

I can buy the same car for 50grand

1196 days ago

Kàt the little piggy went to market.

1196 days ago


Wow look at the haters.. who cares its his money so let him buy a car..

I guess people will alway*****e because they are f'ing weak

1196 days ago


If you believe Chum "haggled" the salesman down to 85K from 100K I have some swamp land in Florida you'd be interested in buying. Either A) the boys at the shop negotiated it for him, B) they knocked some money off the sticker because they love the show, C) they knocked some money off the sticker because they're going to get a free plug on an episode, OR D) they only wanted 85K for it to begin with regardless of whatever the "alleged" sticker price was according to Chum (possibly a combination of the above). Anyone's who's seen the show knows Chumlee couldn't negotiate his way out of a paper bag and he's got an IQ no higher than his age. I have no doubt that if he attempted to haggle with them they'd talk him into paying MORE than what they were originally asking lol. SERIOUSLY!

1195 days ago


He still ain't getting laid.

1195 days ago


"Wow look at the haters.. who cares its his money so let him buy a car.."

I agree, John. A lot of envy oozing out here. The only thing wrong with Chumley getting something nice is that it isn't any of the tolerant, considerate folks posting here getting it.

So lambast the object of your envy, right?

I'm not so sure that it's an act on Chumley's part, either. I like his personna. He seems obliviously content to be the fall guy that helps prop up the egos of the other three.

The Old Man: sour old curmudgeon.
Rick: self-assured know-it-all.
Big Hoss: a--hole.

1195 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

If you refer to a car as a whip again, I'm outy. Seriously, you guys are the biggest uncomfortable-making geeks around.

1195 days ago


Fools and their money are soon parted. 'nuff said. Although, I do watch the show with my children and point out that Chumbly is what one becomes if you don't have an education. Plus, you could stuff that fat, stupid pig in anything and he would still look like a fat, stupid pig.

1195 days ago


cool whip! bye fallopia! and jim way to make your kids losers! congrats on failing as a parent!

1195 days ago

Auntie Lu    

Wow. Love the disparaging remarks about Chum. Who is he hurting and/or treating so badly that he deserves these unkind remarks? He wouldn't know me from Adam. I'm "just sayin'."

1195 days ago
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