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Dirk Nowitzki DETHRONES LeBron in Cleveland Beef

6/14/2011 1:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Talk about adding insult to injury -- a day after LeBron James' dreams were dashed to pieces, one of the biggest delis in Cleveland renamed its famous "King" sandwich ... after Mavs star Dirk Nowitzki.

TMZ spoke with Earl Stein -- the co-owner of Corky and Lenny's in Cleveland -- and he tells us, the deli redubbed the $10.50 sandwich in honor of Dallas' victory over Miami Sunday night.

What was once the "King Size Corned Beef Sandwich" is now the "The Dirk Nowitzki Corned Beef Sandwich."

We haven't tasted it ourselves -- but it looks delicious ... and probably goes real well with an ice cold can of spite.

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No Avatar

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Now THAT'S a nasty picture!!!

1190 days ago


Agreed! Talk about some gross man-boobs.

1190 days ago

billy cema    

For a minute there, I thought he was goin' Lady Ga Ga on us.
I admire him for playing, foolishly?, with a 102 degree temp!

1190 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

Really? No one said it? Fine i guess it is up to me.

Send one of these sandwiches to Mr. James with a note asking "How does my Dirk taste?"

1190 days ago


that looks like a cancerous tumor cut in half,,yuck

1190 days ago


corky and lenny's is the best restaurant in beachwood, ohio!! just as good as nate & al's. i've been to both.

@sluzzy- we are so over lebron. what's wrong with a little fun at the expense of someone who never even told the owner he was leaving? happy tuesday ☺

1190 days ago

Tamara H    

@Tom it sounds like you guys are NOT over him! But that sandwhich does look kinda gross!

1190 days ago


Ya, that's it, name a heart attack-inducing sandwich for fatties after a professional athlete at the peak of human fitness.

1190 days ago


I want to go to there.

1190 days ago


You know what is sad about this. Dirk is a VERY humble guy and has nothing but good to say about LeBron or the Heat. And the whole LeBron thing is already getting old. I mean what do you expect from a guy that was basically given the world on a silver platter. He's green. Hate fair weathered fans! Basketball should be a team sport and fans should remain loyal to their team no matter what the season.

1190 days ago


what a classless city.

1190 days ago

I am Spartacus    

People need to get over their hate for Lebron. What he said after the game was 100% correct but even still people twisted those words to make it out like he was bragging about being rich and famous. He said everyone that took so much pleasure and energy into hoping he fails still have to wake up the next day with the same problems they have, those dont go away just because Lebron lost so there are bigger things to worry about in life than that. He is still going to wake up, do what he wants to do and get better for next year.

Its amazing how much the media controls people. Prior to this year every fan out there was kissing Lebron's a$$ begging him to come to their city and the media was in love with him. Heck ESPN was so in love with him and saw the ratings they could score that they approached him to do a show to announce where he wanted to play. Everyone watched.

When he didn't pick their city everyone turned on him. The media jumped at the chance to turn him into a villian and everyone jumped on the Hate Lebron bandwagon. The media loves to build up stars to knock them down so they can see if they can rise back up.

But its so funny how he's obviously still the best player in the NBA, has never been arrested or done something negative off the court (other than The Decision since that blew up in his face), yet everyone hates him more than someone like Vick who murdered dogs.

I'm glad he stuck it to Gilbert. Dan Gilbert has showed his true colors with his childish responses. Good luck finding a big name player that actually wants to sign and come play in a loser city like Cleveland for a loser owner like Gilbert.

Most people didn't think Miami would make the Finals this year, they thought Boston would so theyre already ahead of schedule. They'll win at least 2 of the next 4.

1190 days ago

Tamara H    


1190 days ago


well a peace of sh*t sandwich for a peace of sh*t guy. Dirk and the sandwich look the same and looks like he won't have trouble eating that sandwich with them big ass horse teeth!

1190 days ago


@I am Spartacus - and LeBron still woke up with his same problem, still failing at what he does with no ring.

1190 days ago
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